3-22-2018 When a lot of pressure is being applied upon you, it is because you are
the one that the Lord has chosen to break through that thing for him as a pioneer to
lead many others into some new waters and new territory on his behalf. The demand
upon the life of Joshua was great as Moses' minister, but it was only because he
was the one that God had chosen to succeed and replace Moses after his death.
What are you chosen for?

3-21-2018 Let the process take place in their lives. Pray them through it. Prophesy
over them. Advise when called upon, but don't try to do everything for them, so that
they can come to their own senses and hear God for themselves and get back on
track in a meaningful way with him that will last this time, because if you try to do
everything for them like they are in that current state, then they will not repent or ask
the Lord to forgive them, because you are too busy being their god. The best thing
that you can do for them as their pastor and/or leader is to let them experience God
for themselves. It does not take faith and obedience on their part if you are supplying
all of their needs instead of them getting to know God and allowing him to meet their
needs by working their own faith. If you are the bailout, then Jesus cannot be their
bailout. If you are their master, then Jesus cannot become their master. If you are
their source, then Jesus cannot be their source, and he does not always use human
beings to do his will and to provide through. He fed Elijah with the ravens.

3-20-2018 The Lord says, the path that I am leading you to take is not a popular
path or one that is known by many, because I have called you to pioneer something
new and different that has never been done on that wise, and if you would follow me
wholeheartedly, I will make sure that all things is completed on time and that you
finish well in all things, declares the Lord!

3-19-2018 No matter the process, hang in there, because strength is on the way. All
of your help will come from the Lord in this season. It won't necessarily come how
you think that it would come or supposed to come.

3-18-2018 The Lord says, I have you on this destiny path and if you will continue on
this journey with me, I will further open things up for you to see with clarity and a
greater understanding of what I am doing with you in this season and what I am now
doing in your ministry, says the Lord! I am establishing a new structure and order in
your life and ministry, says the Lord! For some of you, it is business, and for some
of you it is all the above.

3-17-2018 Avoid disarray and chaos in your ministry and make integrity your first
priority and things will steer in the right direction. Never give up doing the right

3-16-2018 Having order in your ministry will avoid chaos, and having standards and
certain disciplines in your life will keep things in line so that you can experience the
greater blessing.

3-15-2018 Once your ministry and vision has been clearly defined by the Lord, then
you know what to call in and what to believe him for. You still have to trust him to
bring in what is needed in order to fully fulfill the Kingdom assignment that you are
destined and called to. Following someone else's model and blueprint just will not
do. It can inspire you and encourage you, but you have to seek the Lord for your
own model and blueprint the way he wants and intends for it to be. In ministry, you
can never compare yourself to another man or woman, because their mission and
assignment will be much different than yours even though there may be similarities
in a lot of things.

3-14-2018 Never commit to a ministry mission where your vision, purpose, and role
is not clearly defined. Always know what you are supposed to do and what your role
is in whatever you are endeavoring to do. If your mission is not clear from God, then
you need to go back to the drawing board and seek the Lord so that he can define
your mission and path forward in the clearest manner. You may even have to fast in
order to hear from him in the way that you really need to hear from him. Be still until
you really know so that you do not waste a lot of time, energy, money, and resources
on something that he did not call you to do. That could be harmful for you later when
you do find out what you are supposed to do, but you have wasted resources to get
it started on those areas that he never told you to touch.

3-13-2018 The Lord says, I have called many of you to help people get through
some traumatic life experiences, and I have given you such an anointing just for
that, and many will find hope, strength, and life through those things that I have
called you to do; only make yourself available to others, says the Lord!

3-12-2018 God gives you a vision for other people and not just yourself, and the
vision that he gives you is designed to liberate people, not put them in bondage. A
spirit of religion seeks to put people in bondage, but the leader that follows Christ
out of a true relationship with him is one that liberates and sets the captives free.

3-11-2018 The right type of leader is a teacher and a feeder, ones that hears God
to the point that it liberates others. Are you that type of leader today, or do you put
people in extreme bondage to you because of how you think and what you teach?

3-10-2018 The eagle leader rises up, but not only does the eagle leader rises up,
but he or she brings other people up right along with them. The Lord wants you to
be that type of eagle leader.

3-9-2018 As a leader, you always have to make sure that your heart is always pure
towards other people, especially towards those that you are called to lead. You have
to make sure that in all of your wisdom and knowledge that you do not become lifted
up in pride and begin to crush the little man or those that you feel are beneath you in
ranks, because if you do, the Lord will send you a sign that you are being foolish just
like he did with Prophet Jonah in
Jonah 4:1-11, and sometimes it is not a harsh and
crushing sign, but it is a simple sign like the illustration of the tree with Jonah. He
sometimes use practical examples to get you to see simple truths. As preachers and
teachers of the word of God, sometimes you can present God to others to only look
like a big bully in the sky like some leaders of today's nations and churches, but if
you do, you are only presenting one side of God, which is the judgment side, and
you are not being balanced, because you are not presenting the other sides, like his
love, his mercy, his compassion, his wisdom, his teaching side, his businessman
side, or his fathering and mothering side. In all things, you must remain humble as a
leader, and the higher you go, you must never lose respect for the low man or the
little man, and always remember where the Lord raised you up from and never allow
yourself to be lifted up in pride. Be thankful for the people that follow you and be kind
to them and pray for them, and if you see error in their lives, pray for them and very
patiently correct them and advise them in the right ways without condemning them in
their faults. Sometimes you have a test to pass before God in all of this and Jesus is
definitely watching you and paying attention to what you do, not to be a bully, but to
see how he also may correct you in your attitude in the ways that you are wrong or
being impatient with others, because sometimes you are wrong as a leader when it
comes to dealing with people. Sometimes leaders don't always have the right
attitude when it comes to dealing with other people and you have to be in such a
position with the Lord God that he can correct you if you are in error and just having
a bad day. You should love the Lord because he teaches us kind little lessons all of
the time, and I hope you see that in your daily walk with him. Sometimes as a leader,
if you are not shown love by others, it is easy to become bitter and angry with them,
and then you act like a bully towards them and present God as a bully and as a God
of judgment only, when you don't need people to see God how you see him and how
you see life through the windows of your eyes, because you have allowed your soul
to become bitter. Don't do that. Just allow God's love to come to you today and melt
your hardened heart if this message finds you there today. Learn to forgive people,
because you need forgiveness too for stuff that you have done to others that you
may not be quite aware of yourself, so be easy, and stop bullying the flock of God
simply because you are frustrated, mad, or impatient.
See 1 Peter 5:1-4. Don't be
lifted up in pride and in your knowledge that you crush the meek and the lowly ones.
See Jeremiah 51:17, Jeremiah 10:14, Jeremiah 10:21, Jeremiah 10:7-8, and
then 1 John 1:9

3-8-2018 The Lord says, I would not have called you to lead and to feed if I did not
think you were capable of getting the job done. I called you to do it, because I knew
that you were able and capable of getting the job done and getting it done right and
properly with a spirit of excellence and perfection, and you are the one for the job,
declares the Lord!

3-7-2018 The Lord said to tell you, and for you to tell the people under your care,
that unless you break old and negative cycles that history will repeat itself in your
life or at least attempt to. You must break off the familiar spirits of the past and the
old paradigms and shift into the new thing that the Lord have set before you in order
to be able to process the new thing that the Lord has in front of you in this season.
Then I heard the Lord say, tell them, "What you allow is what will come to you, good
or bad, and what you tolerate is what will manifest in your life, good or bad." You
control the gate, says the Lord!

3-6-2018 Oftentimes in life, before you experience great growth in your ministry, you
go through a season of decline or decrease, because of a purge. That is an indicator
that you are about to explode in growth and expansion and the decline season and
the decrease is there to test your faith and your commitment to the Lord, but if you
will continue to walk with God and be faithful, not only will you come into a time of
recovery, renewal, and restoration, but you will come into increase, gain, prosperity,
and great growth. The question is, can you pass the tests when they are set before
you and when things don't look quite so encouraging?

3-5-2018 The Lord says, I am using you to start something new and to cause a new
multitude to enter into that new thing, declares the Lord!

3-4-2018 As a leader, some people you will be able to reach, but some people you
won't be able to reach. Jesus even taught us that with Judas. Judas walked with
Jesus all of those years and never seemed to enter in and really connect with Jesus.
None of what Jesus taught ever resonated with him, but yet it had some impact on
the other eleven disciples. Jesus even promoted Judas to be an apostle right along
with the other eleven disciples that he promoted to be apostles.
See Luke 6:12-16.
What this lets us know is that no matter what title a person hold and no matter how
high they go and no matter how close they may walk with Jesus, some still could
end up falling from grace and falling by the wayside even after you have poured
yourself heavily into them as an apostolic leader. Jesus' ratio of success when it
came to disciples with other leaders that he was grooming in his inner circle was a
success ratio of 11 to 1, which was not that bad, because he had a super majority
of leaders that did make the bar. Never feel bad if some of the people that you
mentor or disciple do not continue the path that you taught and trained them to
follow. Put them in God's hands and leave them there. Say a prayer for them and
move on, and let the Lord have them and let him take it from there.

3-3-2018 The Lord says, I have not called you to fail, but to prevail. I have not called
you to quit, but to equip. Equip others with the knowledge that I have given you for
them. I have called you to assist me in carrying out my will, plans, and purposes in
the earth. You are my beloved and you are my chosen. I can depend on you says
the Lord, because I see your heart and I know your heart. Your heart is to please me.
I have seen how you have surrendered to me fully, and I have heard you say that "I
am willing to do whatever you want me to do, and I am willing to go wherever you
want me to go Lord." I will honor you for your heart, and I will honor you for your
selfless commitment, and I will bring you into a season of rewards, says the Lord!

3-2-2018 The Lord says, continue to reach, continue to teach, and I will give you
the grace to feed and lead in a new way that others will gravitate towards you and
be drawn to you all the more for my purposes, declares the Lord!

3-1-2018 The wisdom that the Lord gives you is designed to take you the distance
in life and in your ministry, but it is up to you to grab a hold of what he has made
available for you. Sometimes what he has called you to do, you cannot follow the
blueprint of someone else, but you can learn some of the principles and disciplines
that they operate in and incorporate them as your own and that portion will work for
you just as well as it worked for them.

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