More Strange Weather Patterns Increased    

2011 will come in rocking and rolling. There will be an increase in more strange storms and
crazy weather patterns.
Many scientists and meteorologists will say I can’t believe what I
am seeing. They will say I cannot believe this and many will be baffled at the sight of their
eyes. It will become almost common and the norm for them to say we are experiencing
weather disasters on biblical proportions. You will see
Luke 21:25-26 unfolding before
your very eyes in an unprecedented way.

The rise of the IT Technicians and IT Professionals

The War on technology will increase greatly and rapidly. There will be more system
glitches than ever before. There will be a rise in the demand for IT technicians and
professionals, because of the increasing war on technology and system glitches. There will
also be a
greater demand for Electronics technicians. Medical fields will see great
increases almost astronomical due to a sudden rise in health issues of which many will be
caused by man and some from natural disasters.

The Rise of The Prophets and The Prophetic Ministry

In the day of the great spy age and information age, there will be more computer problems
on the rise and
many new technologies being created to combat those problems. You will
see the rise of
smart technology.

Career Shifts and Careers Vanishing and Rise in Online Schools

In 2011, the Prophetic Ministry will rise and there will be an ever increased demand for the
Prophetic Ministry like never before in the church, in the world, in the schools, and in the
government, even governments of nations, state governments, city, county, and province.
People will want to know their answers and take full advantage of the hidden knowledge
that is made known. What was once the hidden Ministry of the Prophets will become a
powerful and a driving force in the earth to help combat some of the rising problems,
tensions, chaos, turmoil, and challenges of a new year and the beginning of a new era?

In 2011 Many will be forced to shift and make career changes, because their current job
fields will suddenly be no longer needed, because of a change in technology.
will be on the rise. Online School will have unprecedented enrollments and will become so
popular around the World than ever before.

I hope this has blessed you so that you can have understanding to be better prepared for
changing times, now watch your lane…………….



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