Things are going to come to a complete standstill in 2011. 2011 is a year of the double of
the double. It is going to get harder and harder for the Airline industry to make money and
significant profits around the world Because of wars, threats, natural disasters and global
terrorism. Many airlines will close and many more will be forced to merge to survive the
onslaught of the times. 2011 is a year that we must mature in the faith. There is no need of
crying over spilled milk and yesterday’s mistakes, because even yesterday’s mistakes are
the wisdom that you needed to learn from to propel you into a wiser and brighter future.
Your sense of discernment and your prophetic awareness, prophetic abilities, prophetic
insight, and the prophetic in general will greatly increase in 2011 in your life. The Lord’s
mantle and urgent pressing for intercessory prayer will  greatly increase and intensify in
your life this year. This is a season that he will need the mature to pray boldly and pray
boldly in faith knowing that what they pray and say will come to pass. It won’t even be an
option to waver and doubt your prayers in 2011. This is also a year to fight and take more
territory. Keep in mind that this the year of the lion’s roar. The lion’s roar represents a year
of vengeance and a year of the sword. The kingdom of God will arise like never before and
be seen in the strongest manner all over the earth than at any other time in history. The
kingdom of God will not be able to be missed and it will definitely not go unnoticed this year,
but the entire world will be forced to recognize the Kingdom that once was once hidden and
wide scale hidden from the eyes and minds of the people of the earth, even as this Kingdom
arises in a Strong and Highly noticeable way to the world. God have raised up, saved,
preserved, and reserved some of his strongest ever soldiers and troops for his cause for
these last days, and 2011 will reveal them to the world and the Church as a mighty force in
the land to be reckoned with in the earth, even in a time when the systems of this world will
continue to fully crumble and fall in a catastrophic way. Kingdom Law and Kingdom order
will be set in the earth. 2011 is a heavy year of
Church beyond the four walls, and there
will be a unity among the Churches in many cities and regions like never before as they
band together to stomp out persecution and all repercussions of changing times. You'll see
billionaires begin to be openly revealed in the Body of Christ and you will see the wealth of
the Nations begin shifting into the Kingdom of God in this year in an unprecedented way
like never before In Church, Kingdom, or World History. Watch for it, because what I am
saying will be surely be seen and reported on even in the news. You will also see many
stars, famous people, and people of stature that was once in the closet Christians begin to
come out and boldly proclaim their faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ like no other time in
the History of the Church and the World, and they will use their wealth, power, and fame to
promote and advance the Kingdom of God and the cause of Christ in an unprecedented
manner. Eyes will be opened all over the world both spiritually and physically and many
will be turned to Jesus and ushered into the Kingdom of God. It’s Harvest time for souls
and finances. Churches that remained through the struggling times of reformation will be
strengthen and even greatly reinforced. Many people that have been struggling financially
for years will be suddenly lifted before the eyes of many that looked on and watched. Many
rewards will be passed out this year from the Heavens, both good and bad, according to
the works of man. There will be many Blessings poured out in the midst of storms and the
shaking of a troubled time. This is a season of the tables turning. This is also a year of the
Prophets. One word from a Prophet will stop entire wars in a region. There will also be
many surprise restorations happening all over the earth, because the hidden Kingdom is
now revealed….....……  

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