2011 is the year of the lion’s roar, and in 2011 war
escalates dramatically worldwide. Many countries
will form and declare a new alliance. I see Nations
that were once divided that they will merge and be
as one again. I see catastrophic business failures
and catastrophic government failures and total
government collapses around the world. Shake,
rattle, and rumble; many things crumble. Inflation
will begin to rise at an unprecedented manner in
many different places around the world, and major
food and supply shortages will become inevitable
due to severe natural disasters on a catastrophic
Isaiah 33:6 will be more real than ever before
as the people of God and many people around the
world will be forced to live by faith, because of the
sight of their natural eyes and the natural outlook
will be grim. The instructions that you follow that
the Lord is giving you now to store up a reserve of
resources will be a major key to your survival and
perseverance in 2011. When the Lord gave Joseph
the interpretation of Pharaoh's dreams during their
times saying that there would be seven Prosperous
years followed by seven years of famine, so it is in
this time, but we have already been in a long time of
famine that is slated to get even worse. Many of you
probably did not even know that we were in a time
of famine, because you have been so tremendously
blessed by the Lord and you have seemed to have
fared well because of your prosperity. I see many
government based help programs stopping and
coming to a complete end due to a severe lack of
financial funding. I see
chaos in many governments.
You will need wisdom. I also see many computer
glitches and crashes coming in 2011. I see cosmic
disturbances on the horizon and increasing greatly
enough to get worldwide attention and worldwide
media coverage. I see many troubling things going
on, but yet I see hope for the ones that are putting
their trust in the Lord and believing for him to make
a way for them. I see many governments that people
were expecting to succeed and prosper that will go
under and fail badly in the worse way, and yet I also
see many other governments that people thought
would soon end and come to a national demise that
will come out stronger emerging from the rubble of
trouble and standing tall and strong out of the midst
of the fire. A lot of nations that were considered a
third world nation or country will also begin to arise
greatly and shake off that status as the hand of God
begins to move through their land. There is a shift in
the Nations. New energy resources will arise and
will become common and very popular. Economic
prosperity will belong only to those who have faith,
whether in the Church or outside of the Church. I
see a new Kingdom arising out of the midst of the
darkness. Circumstances and the hand of God will
force a lot of his people to live by faith as there is a
shift in progress. You will not be able to get by in
2011 without faith, and those who refuse to live by
faith will find the carpet being pulled out from under
them along with all of their man made security nets.
As for those who put their trust in their wealth, you
guess it right, they will be in for a big surprise?
Isaiah 57:12-13
. Many people in the earth will find
themselves in deep trouble, because they are not
listening to the Prophets and they are continually
refusing to obey the voice of God, even when they
know his voice and can hear him crystal clearly.
See Jeremiah 29:19. Rejection and refusal will be
the down fall and the demise of many. Holding on to
something that God said to release will cost you
everything for refusing to give it up, and what you
refuse to give up for God, you will eventually lose
anyhow. This is not a prophecy that is intended to
scare you, but when you know what is coming, then
you will know how to properly prepare yourself and
not be a fool to let your foot get taken when the
winds blow through. These are the days where men
will lose all remaining strength and energy to fight
or prolong a losing battle that was predestined to
happen anyhow.
See Luke 21:22-26, Isaiah 2:2-22,
and Isaiah 57:15-16, Isaiah 40:30-31
. Many people
shall cry and weep bitterly due to the repercussions
of their own disobedience, but lets see; they are not
listening to the Prophets anyhow, but why would
they listen to the Prophet if they won’t even listen to
the Lord and obey him, his commandments, and his
See Amos 3:7, Hosea 12:10, 13. They only
want to hear what sounds good to them.
See also
2 Timothy 4:3-4, Matthew 13:11-17, 2 Thessalonians
2:9-11, Revelation 22:9-11, Revelation 20:11-15,
Luke 13:1-5, and Revelation 3:15-22
. Do you have a
set of hearing ears and seeing eyes for 2011. The
Church and the people of God are not exactly going
to be exempt from the shaking, but it is your faith
that will cause you to be able to stand and to pass
the tests of the times. The Church as a whole and
its Leaders have already been being shaken since
Mid 2010, but it will greatly intensify in 2011,
especially with those that like to Lord over God’s
sheep in a cruel, unruly, and evil manner.
Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34
. You will also see many
leaders fall that take upon themselves a role that
the Lord has only reserved for himself, because
they are lifted up in pride and a title and they exalt
themselves above all people, but not by the hand of
God. They are even more famous than God. They
consider themselves big time, but God wisdom is
with the lowly, the meek, and those that are humble.
Pride is one of the most evil and wickedest
characteristics of Lucifer/Satan.
Take a look at
Isaiah 14:1-27 and Ezekiel 28:1-26





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