I see a lot of church mergers on the horizon and I even see transformation
coming to the Church as a whole this year; I see the Church recovering from
a severe time of shaking and beating as it has been tried by fire for the past
several years. I see a new doctrine and a new order; I see revelation now
being more abundant than ever before. 2013 will be a time of recovery and
regrouping for the Churches all over the world and the voice of the Church will
increase and begin to get louder and louder as it makes the shift in 2013 to
being a Kingdom Church versus just Church as usual. The Church will be very
strategic in winning souls and causing things to realign with God’s will and
there will be a connection to the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel like no
other time in World History this year. 2013 will be a time wherein the Lord will
be redressing the Church after a period and a season of it being stripped and
made naked and bare; after exposure a season of regaining your composure
always comes and that is what I see for the Church. I see the Lord making his
Church stand in a time of persecution and many outsiders will also join the
ranks of the Church in this season to beef up its ranks so that the Church as
a whole can march into something new and exciting. The shaking in the world
will once again begin to fill the Houses of God all over the earth and the
Church will arise in new places in the earth wherein in times past that was not
possible. This will also be a time where every joint will now begin to give
supply to the greater and expanded cause on a global basis, and the Church
as a whole will begin to come together as one. There will be a greater
interaction between the Churches in various countries with one another and I
see many leaders and groups traveling to each other's nations all the more to
impart the part of the Gospel that was committed unto them to the Body
abroad in other regions and segments of the Church so that no part in the
Body goes lacking and so that they can perfect that which is lacking in the
faith of the Saints in certain regions and segments of the Church as a whole.
There will be an obvious separation of darkness and light within the Church as
a whole and in the Churches local and abroad in which it will become clear
who is really serving the Lord and who is not. There will also be a clear and
distinct difference between the watered down word and the true meat of the
Gospel. The anointing will be very strong as you begin to approach real
houses of God and this will also be a time wherein the sinners of the land will
even find themselves even making their way after hours just to sit on the door
steps of the real Houses of Worship where the anointing dwells just to get a
peace of mind and to have peace. 2013 will also be a time of many new
Church plants, and new Churches will begin to spring up again in various
places on the local scene as well as all over the world. The Word of the Lord
to the Church is do not be distracted by the things that are going on around
you in the world, but reach out to the harvest that is remaining in the world
and compel them to come so that my house will be full and know that I have
called you to the garden to partake of my goodness this year even as I
overflow my people, my Church with my love and kindness, says the Lord!

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