On the world scene…...…

There will be a false peace in many places around the globe. I see many
more catastrophic events taking place in the earth. New technology arising,
but some used for evil purposes against the citizens of their nations.  War
arises in many other Nations; the negotiating table is hot in
2013. There will be
some Nations that will not seek United Nations approval for any of their
operations because the United Nations will be at a stalemate and a deadlock.
2013 sparks a Global arms race like no other time in history. Intelligence
communities will not be able to believe what they are seeing and what is being
shifted around inside the nations and even now that is already true. Teams
are being chosen and every nation will have to decide whose side they are on.
The people of the nations will be at great conflict, because it will be the
governments of their nations and a select few loyalists that wants to wage war
and fight against other nations at the cost of the lives of the citizens of their
own nations. Governments will seek to enslave their own citizens and it will
cause rebellions and civil wars to erupt in many places. It will become very
dangerous for people to protest and demonstrate in many nations, because
many nations and organized groups from the outside will take advantage of
the division and discontent and invade them while they are weak and
vulnerable. Divisions and chaos will show signs of weakness. Many will find
Christ in the crisis and many will find that true peace within through him to help
them to overcome the turmoil and strife that will be plaguing the world. In
Cyber Warfare increases
all the more targeting Banks, Government
institutions, Military installations, Airlines, Businesses, Colleges, Schools, and
Law enforcement between the Nations. In
2013 war escalates dramatically
all over the world. There will be more and more talk of a new world order.
There will be the fall of Nations but yet stability will come in others. The
economy on the world scene will falter all the more because of wars and
government manipulations. Many people will be caught off guard by economic
things because of false data and false reports and things that were done to
falsely prop up and manipulate the economies of the world and kick the can
further down the road, but it will be like a D-day. Businesses that are rooted
and founded in faith will do well in the troubled times because they are
anchored in a Kingdom economy and it will be like having light in the land of
Goshen during Joseph’s time. Many things are coming, but many good things
are also coming for God’s people that follow instructions and obey his voice;
there is always a ram in the bush for his obedient ones that believe and trust
in his power. The light upon his obedient ones will be bright and radiant and
certain voices that were silenced, hidden, and limited will be called upon and
sought out by the masses and even governments to hear the Word of the
Lord that is in their mouth and they will be sought out for a solution and
answer to the crisis, and they will finally be acknowledged and respected
because of the answers and wisdom that the Lord has placed in their mouths
to bring stability, true freedom, and liberation from the darkness.

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