2013 is the year of the fist of fury and the wrath of God and his hand will let
down heavy upon the Nations. In 2013 everything will be centered around
the Middle East, Israel, and the ancient nations of the Bible. Many Nations
and territories to include Israel, Syria, the Palestinian group, the Gaza Strip,
the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, Libya, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan and all of the countries surrounding Israel will be in the spotlight.
There will also be conflicts with the Asian Nations and a battle brewing in the
Middle East and the Asian Pacific that will seek to spread throughout the
entire world, but the prayer and the faith of the Saints will help dismantle and
disarm many of the works of darkness that will seek to destroy the world
and to continue to contaminate the world with its poison. It will be vitally
important in the year of 2013 for the Saints of God and the prayer warriors
and the intercessors to pray and to constantly pray and to intercede on
behalf of the Nations, because tensions will be on the rise and flaring high,
and there will be some shifting in this nation here in the United States even
after the Presidential Elections; things will take a sudden shift in this nation
and you will see many things coming and many things going. There will be a
great shifting in the land says the Lord! Thirteen is the number of rebellion
and 2013 will be surrounded by rebellion and revolt and even insurrections
against Governments and against order and it will be a completely lawless
time; it will be a very dangerous time in general, but at the same point this
will be the greatest time for the outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the earth
and for multitudes upon multitudes and many souls to be saved and for the
harvest of souls to come in during a perilous time and a significant time as
the shaking of an olive tree in the land; for there will be great shaking in
2013; much, much shaking will come, but keep your head up and stay
focused and work in the vineyard for the Lord even as a the Lord now takes
you to a new beginning. Now getting back to the region of the Pacific; the
focus will also be on the Asian Nations around the Pacific Rim and the
islands in which war will erupt, hindering trade and further disrupting the
global economy and global stability. 2013 is also a year many will be caught
off guard because they did not listen to the prophets because they did not
believe their words so therefore they did not put any oil in their lamps and
they did not prepare for what was coming and it will be like a door closed
wherein you cannot get in. 2013 is a year wherein leadership of the nations
will strive to prove who is the toughest among the nations resulting in many
unnecessary conflicts; at times it will seem like all Hell is breaking loose but
yet the Lord says I am the strength of my people and I am their refuge in the
time of the storms. In many cases it will seem like the bottom has dropped
out, but the Lord says for many I will take them from the bottom to the top.
Even though there will be many, many catastrophic events taking place all
around the world, the Lord says the blessings of God will still be flowing to
my people and those that are in faith and my people shall have a place of
refuge and a hiding place from the storm and the perils of darkness that will
seek to take over the earth. I have positioned my people and I have even
ordered my commanding generals within my Kingdom to take charge and to
lead my people through a dark and a perilous time, and with anointed
prophetic leadership and insight, they will be able to see their way in the
darkness and navigate to that place of light and they will shine as the stars
of the firmament even as many during this time will call on my name and will
find me as a Savior in the midst of chaos and a time of unprecedented
shaking declares the Lord!

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