2015 A YEAR OF
You will have to learn to adapt quickly with a
lot of things, as things will be moving quickly.
One moment it may seem like it is all out war
and the next moment nothing. One minute
the Lord will tell you to do something, and the
very next minute he will shift and tell you to do
something totally different. (
See Isaiah 38:1-8
for a good example of how quickly the Lord
can change his mind on a matter
.) It will be a
time of
testing your faith and testing your
like soldiers in a drill, but endurance will
be the key
, because you will only find that he
will be
testing you for promotion and not to
make you mad or sad. The end result is that
you will be made glad as the tables will
turn in this season
to work in favor of the
saints. Don’t get nervous because it seems
like a lot of the old is drying up, because
streams will appear that will push you
through the year
. This will be a season and
a year of "
out with the old and in with the
." In 2015, your mindset will have to
change in order for you to navigate through
the changing times and seasons. Some
people and some teams and ministries will
be required to relocate to adapt to a shift in
resources, and they will have to find their new
brook, because the old one will have dried up
like with Elijah, because the Lord will have
commanded a shift. Some people will find not
only a
new wellspring of water, but they will
find a new wellspring of life and refreshing.
few strategic leaders will be required by
the Lord to be extremely flexible and to
open up multiple campuses in order to
accommodate the fullness of the vision
that the Lord has placed before them
, but
all in all,
this will be a season for the Body
of Christ to look up
. It will be a season and
a time to look up constantly to see what the
Lord is doing in the Heavens, because he will
be doing many things in the heavens (
in the skies
), but he will also be doing many
things in the earth, and you do not want to
miss either one.
This will be a year and a
season of
dream pattern, and the Lord will
give many of his people warnings, insight,
and answers through their dreams. You will
go to bed not knowing what to do, but you will
have a dream from the Lord that tells you
exactly what to do in the dream, or you will go
to sleep not knowing what to do, but by the
time you wake up in the morning you will
know what to do, and there will be an answer
in your spirit or an instruction telling you what
to do.
Do not ignore that voice and that
when it comes to you, because that
will be the stepping stone to a
new future for
Many things that were delayed for
you for your safety and protection in 2014
will now manifest and come forth in 2015.
Some things could not come forth in 2014,
because there was an enemy there waiting
and lurking in the balance to devour your
harvest as soon as it was birthed, so the Lord
of the harvest held back your major blessing
to protect you, and until he destroyed the
things that were seeking to destroy you.
you'll see all of your enemies destroyed
and you will see the freedom to maneuver
swiftly and quickly without further hindrance
or delay. This is
a year of revelation, and
you will have revelation of things like never
before, and you will have revelation of some
things that will scare you, because
your eyes
will finally be opened to see those things
that you could not see
before, understand,
or comprehend.
You will now begin to see
yourself in the light of who God called and
created you to be.
2015 will be a year of
, and you will redefine yourself to
align with God’s Kingdom vision, and you will
come into full Kingdom alignment.
In 2015
you will see the doors open and you'll see
your windows of opportunity
when they
come, and you will know to align and get into
the flow without missing the movement of the
Lord when he passes through.
2015 will be a
year for you to fully align so that you will
not be blind
. In 2014 you could not see or
many things, because you were
not fully aligned, and because you were not
fully plugged in, so therefore your vision was
distorted and blurred. Those things that you
desired to see you could not see, because
you were not plugged all the way into the
socket to draw your full power to turn the
lights on so that you would not walk in utter
darkness. Blindness of heart and confusion
of face only existed for some in the year of
2014, because they made a decision to do it
their own way when the Lord was flowing in a
different direction,
but the Lord says in
2015 you will live, survive, and thrive, if
you will flow with my order, get in my
movement, align with my victory, and
connect with my hand. As you connect
with my hand, you will feed from my plan,
says the Lord!
In 2011 you saw the chaos.
In 2012 you saw the aligning of the
In 2013 you saw the fires. In 2014
you saw the floods, but
in 2015 you will
see my glory, says the Lord; for these are
glory days, and my power and my might
will be displayed mightily upon the earth,
says the Lord!



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