2015 is a year for you to be tightly aligned and to keep your Kingdom
connections tight. Whenever screws are loose on a part or a piece of
machinery, something falls apart. Likewise, it is not a time for you to
be loose in your covenant connections and relationships that God has
ordained for your life. This is not a time for you to be loose in your
thinking, loose in your morals, loose in your standards, or loose in
your character. This is a time to tighten up all the loose screws in your
life, and close all access points and doors to the enemy, so that you
can become tightly aligned and close all gaps. In 2015, the fear of the
Lord will be in the earth, because there is a sword of judgment that
will be traveling throughout the earth. This is a time for you to fortify
those important relationships, and solidify those close connections
that God established for you in the previous year or two. In 2015, you
will see the return of strong alliances, and many new alliances will be
formed in the earth to be a counterweight to the things that are. There
are certain doors that were not meant to be opened up for you until
now, and you will see your doors, but it will be totally up to you to walk
through those doors that the Lord has opened up for you without any
fear or hesitation. Faith should be your motivation. 2015 is a year for
you to be proactive versus reactive. It is a year for you to plan ahead
and think ahead and not wait to the last minute to do things. It is not a
time or a season for you to just sit back and wait until things grow out
of control, before you address them or do something about it. Waiting
and wasting time could cause some things to become permanently
damaged, due to your own inaction and inconsistency. This is a year
for you to improvise at times when you feel like you do not have
enough of certain things that you feel you need to get started. The
Lord says I have given unto you creative wisdom. There is creative
wisdom on the inside of you, says the Lord, and you have been gifted
with the ability to create and make some new things. This is a season
for you to connect the dots. This is a season wherein, I am bringing all
the different pieces of the puzzle together in your life as you properly
align yourself with my order, says the Lord!


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