2016 is slated to be a year of miracles. There will be miracles everywhere.
Many miracle restorations and healing will take place. There will be many
strange and somewhat unusual healing miracles all over. It is a
year wherein strategies will come forth by the hand of the Lord, and where
you did not have the wisdom on how to do certain things this year in 2015
or in the previous years, the wisdom from the Lord will now come forth on
how to make those things manifest and become a reality for you.
It is a
time where certain key and strategic relationships will be restored
. It
is also a time where you will see the sudden rise of online churches.
also see a sharp increase in the rise of professional and accredited
online schools, colleges, and universities
for learning in a safe and a
secure environment, due to certain security threats that will seem to be
plaguing more and more college campuses in the natural. You will also
more schools of ministry online as the Lord touches the hearts of
certain key and strategic leaders to expand their visions to include these
types of things, and even now it is in the hearts of many leaders to bring
these things forth, says the Lord!
2016 will be a time where the word of
God will increase all the more like the Book of Acts (
See Acts 6:7) and
the quality of the words that will be coming forth will be rich, powerful,
strong, and wholesome. In
2016, there will be many governmental shifts,
you will see a lot of power and authority shifting back to the
as a whole, and many areas and nations where the Gospel of the
Lord Jesus was blocked out, hindered, and even covered up will now be
opened to the Gospel and hearing about the Lord Jesus Christ. This will
be a time where you will see certain key and strategic nations around the
world reconcile with one another. In a lot of places, hostilities will come to
an end and new structures will arise that will not be prejudice or impartial
to some of their citizens, but there will be unity among many brothers that
many thought would not ever happen.
This is also a time where the
nations will align in a new way
, and things will shift into high gear all
over the world.
2016 will be a strategic year for many breakthrough
(See Proverbs 8:12 and Deuteronomy 8:18). It will be a
time to shine
for many people and nations that were previously counted
out and overlooked. This is a time where the minds of many great and key
people will be fertile, and lifesaving, planet saving ideas will come forth.
Though it will be a year of many mighty miracles, it will be
a strong year
of inventions, and a time of blessings
. You will also begin to see the
Lord moving in
Afghanistan and doing something great there. A lot of
Christians will come forth in
the Middle East, even key leaders that hold
great power will be openly converted to become Christians.
Watch the
Lord and how he moves in the Middle East by mid-summer
. Libya is
also on the Lord’s radar to do something great and very special there in
the land. I heard the Lord say for many nations that saw uprisings, wars,
rebellions, and diseases, that there is healing after the pain and restoration
after the gain.
You will see a lot of new key alliances formed in the
, of which, many shall be professional but yet strong and powerful in
their dealings and in their handling of business.
A thirst and a hunger for
the Lord will break out in schools worldwide
, because Jesus is doing a
new thing; yet I hear the words, “
sudden turnaround.” Distractions will
leave the minds of a lot of kids, and where drugs, violence, crime, and
certain temptations have sought to obliterate them as a generation, and
you will see the hand of the Lord move in their midst, and the enemy that
has sought to rob them of their destiny will be pushed back, and many of
them will even begin to see the plots and the lies against their lives from a
system of evil, and many of them will have their eyes opened to reject
certain music, because they will see the evil intents behind it and turn away
from it.
This is a time to watch the Lord’s grace. 2016 will also be a
time of mercy for some that have messed up
pretty badly in 2015 and
previous years, and the Lord will restore them, refresh them, and renew
their souls.
2016 is a time where the Lord’s mercy will triumph against
, and some that were deserving of Judgment in their lives will
receive a full pardon from the Lord as they repent and give their hearts
totally over to him, and for some when they rededicate their lives to him
and make a fresh commitment to him. 2016 will produce many miracles in
families that were long-time needed and long-time waiting for, declares the


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