2017 (5777) is a year of enlightenment. It is also a year that is going to be associated
with thunder or the thunders.
It is a year of thunder. The thunders will be over the cities.
You will see his lightning in the clouds more than ever.
See Revelation 10:1-7, Psalm 29:
3, Jeremiah 10:13, Jeremiah 51:16
. It will be a time where not only will corruption and
fraud be exposed
in the governments of the nations and in the corporate world, but it
will be a time where there will be
mass prosecutions everywhere as a righteous remnant
comes to power in many nations that seeks to do right by the people of the land. I also see
some kind of
Great War involving many more nations and I see missiles flying through
the skies, but it won’t be the nations that many were expecting to clash. There has been
constant war somewhere since
911, but what I see is a lot bigger and different to some
degree involving many nations, but there will be an intervention from the Lord to calm
some things down. War will finally cease in some nations that have seen only conflict for a
long time. Don’t let war fool you, because
2017/5777 will be a time of great restoration and
recovery for many people and for many nations. Those that have suffered injustices and
were framed and setup will be vindicated and exonerated. The Lord says, I hold the hearts
of kings in my hand, and I can turn their hearts at any time to favor you and to favor my
people. This year will also see major revival in many lands and in many nations around
the world.
Keep your eyes on China, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan among many other
nations, because the Lord will be moving mightily in the land in those nations. The Lord
says, I will move upon the leaders and many heads of state and bring them to repentance
and draw them into the fold. Changes in leadership structures in many nations will bring
about a positive change in quite a few nations, and it will be like the domino effect. Certain
wars will cease when certain leaders are changed in nations. I heard the Lord say, there
will be a change of order in and among the nations of the world. I even see where some
nations will face a
coup d’état and an uprising. There are millions upon millions even
into the billions around the world that are fed up with corruption and oppression with their
governments, and it has reached a breaking point and is boiling over in an unprecedented
way in
2017/5777. This is a time for the people of God to trust in the Lord like never
before, because there is no other option. Some things that were kept secret and was a
mystery to you and for many, will no longer be a mystery anymore.
The Lion of Judah
has roared and will be roaring in the Land
. See Amos 3:7-8.

For the nation of Israel, this is a time of a major turning point for you. This is a time of
the Lord’s visitation for you. This is a time of a major turning point for you and there will be
some shifting, but the Lord says, you are secure in me.

                   WRITTEN BY: RODERICK   OF   ENSIGN TO THE NATIONS      

                                       POSTED ON:
11-5-2016 (5777)


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