POSTED ON 9-22-2017 I heard the Lord say that 2018-5778 is a year of balance. I even
heard the word, “balance of power.” The Lord says, this is a time where I am aligning
the nations to bring things into balance, and where things have been out of balance in
the nations and in your own personal life, things will begin to balance out. A heavy
load will lift off of you in this year as things come into alignment and order in your
life, in your career, in your businesses, in your churches, in your ministries, in your
marriage, in your family, in the schools and college institutions. That pressure is
coming off of you this year. The Lord says,
I am completely purging an old system
that is outdated and that no longer works
, and I am bringing something fresh and
new, and I am restoring my order and refreshing my name in many places. It will be a
time of equilibrium for you, and it will also be a time of equilibrium for many nations,
governments, states, places, organizations, institutions, systems, and structures. In
this hour the manifestation of the sons of God will come forth and will shine forth in
a way that has never been seen before since the earth was created, says God! The
Lord says,
I am aligning the nations and realigning some nations to flow according
to my purposes and plans
, and where some nations and people could not see how to
hit the reset button and be refreshed, I will bring them into this time, says the Lord! I
hear the Lord saying these words, “
The strength of Streaming.” Many things will be
streaming and many people will be live streaming, and even many things will be
streamlined, declares the Lord! It will be a very strategic and designated time of live
streaming, and people everywhere will feel the need and be compelled to livestream
my glory; for my glory will light down upon the nations and will be seen in the
My glory will be seen in the sky and in the clouds. My glory will show up in
hospitals and mental institutions, and people will be straightened out and set in their
right minds; for I declare my restoration, says the Lord! Yes, restoration will come to
many lands, because I am creating something totally new, something different, and
something beautiful, and my people will begin to build again, and they will
rebuild the
old waste places and the ruins of many generations
. They will be used by my hand to
restore the foundations of many generations that lie desolate and waste, and things
will flourish and be nourished, and become like the Garden of Eden in what appeared
to look like a desolate wilderness. Watch how I link things up, and watch how I link
up the nations. Even the nay Sayers and the gain Sayers will have to acknowledge
my might and will have to acknowledge that these things are now
being done by the
hand of God
, and many news agencies will even report that this is none other than
The Finger of God.” That is what they will say and that is what they will report. I will
show myself more in
2018/5778, and a great and effectual door will open up for my
people in the earth
. Yea, it is already opened in Heaven, says the Lord! Refreshing
will come
, times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord. The anointing
my Spirit will even sit upon the tops of the heads of those that broadcast the news
and the weather
, and there shall be this tangible anointing on them and on everyone.
My Spirit will indeed be poured out upon all flesh, and many will not know what it is
that they are feeling and experiencing at first, but sudden revelation and acute
awareness shall come to them to know that it is my presence. It is my Spirit, and my
Spirit will cause all things to
be renewed, renovated, and revived. Look for it. Watch
for it, pray for it, and believe for it, says the Lord; for you shall surely see my glory
and see things balanced out in your lives, declares the Lord!


In 2018/5778, the Lord will expose and put his finger on human trafficking, child
trafficking and child pornography, and sex trafficking and the sex trade industry
, and
not only will he expose it, but
he will bring those things full circle into judgment.
There will even be found some
major figures, prominent people, and certain high
level politicians
that will be taken down in these raids and stings that will be found to
have ties and direct connections and investments into these things, and have held
their positions as a cover and to cover for those types of operations around the
world. Some of them will be those that have been the most vocal critics of the
president and other world leaders about their policies, but yet they will be found to
be hypocrites and guilty of being fully involved in the trafficking business. In
2018/5778, these things will be massively exposed. I heard the Lord say, things
fraud with college tuition will be exposed, especially with online
schools. I see
overcharging, excessive fees, and made up fees will be the main
center of focus. I also see where
wage fraud by employers will come under
investigation and the extent and the scope of the fraud will be shocking and massive.
I see where the cover is being pulled off, but in the midst of that, I see an increase in
wages and bonuses coming forth, and I see fair wages coming forth. Watch for it and


This is a time where the Lord is bringing down that crooked and twisted serpent. I
saw that
Leviathan spirit come and fall, and it fell hard with a big splash. Watch the
waters in this season
as this spirit comes down. The Lord says, I will judge the spirit
of leviathan. I will judge the
spirit of python. I will judge the spirit of Jezebel and all
false prophetic orders. I will judge the
spirit of religion and that spirit of legalism this
I will judge oppression and turn back the afflictions that misalignments have
caused to come into the lives of many, and I will set you back on a right path. I will
judge the spirit of corruption hard, and all these things will come into judgment, says
the Spirit of the Lord! I also see demonic structures coming down left and right all
over the world. I see a clearing of those demonical clusters in the spirit realm like
what Daniel dealt with that have sought to block the progress of the Church and the
Kingdom of God in the earth, those evil powers that have long sought to cut off
communication between the Kingdom of God in Heaven and the people of God in
earth, those evil and demonic principalities that had gathered in the heavens against
the Saints as a demonic blockade empowered by the prayers of occultic powers in
the earth that have sought to sever ties between Heaven and earth, between God
and his people, are now falling and being cut off. I see demonic princes falling.
Everything that has blocked your door and has tried to block your path is being
violently removed by the Lord and will be contended with by the fire of the Lord! The
Queen of heaven falls in this season. The Lord says, I am judging her, because she
gave power to the rise of those
ancient spirits of old that sought to take over the
earth. The Lord says, I will bury her myself.


I see where the Lord is going to deal with those deceitful and wicked political spirits
that have sought to divide nations and influence the minds of vulnerable and
confused people to get them to resort to
violence and misguided types of protests. I
see a time where the leaders behind the scenes of these events will be exposed and
held accountable. This is a year, a time, and a season where the Lord is going to fully
contend with those political structures in nations that have harassed and persecuted
his Church. There was an appointed time set in Heaven for this judgment to come
forth and it is now. Many former and current leaders will be brought into a time of
Judgment for the works that they have done and pushed upon his people, and he will
make an open spectacle of them that others may look upon and fear and have a clear
sign and a very clear understanding of why you should not touch his church or mess
with his people. This time frame begins to usher in
the Great Day of The Lord, which
is a period of time. Watch for it, says the Lord!


Specifically, the focus will be on Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year, and Baton Rouge
will somehow stay in the Spotlight this year for one reason or another. Specifically,
Bangladesh will be a nation in the Spotlight this year, and so will the nations of
Malaysia and Cuba. The spotlight will be heavy on Cuba this year. Specifically, there
will be a huge, a major scientific breakthrough this year that will reverberate around
the world. Specifically, there will be a clear focus on and a whole lot of talk in the
news and in forums about the
strategic balance of power among the nations.


There will be a strategic balance of power in militaries across many nations along
with their linked alliances with other nations. That principality over
North Korea will
come down this year, and I see a united Korean people praising God together. The
Lord has revealed that there is a strong praying church in North Korea, yes there are
Christians there, and the Lord says, I will bring forth the answers to their prayers
that they have long time been praying for and I will preserve them through the fire,
even has I have done all this time in the midst of their persecution. The persecuted
church all around the world will put on their battle armor and arise and gain a new
victory over oppression and persecution. The Lord will even bring a
new balance in
the news media
even as he cleans up the controlled corruption. Even the “New
shoes will make a resurgence in popularity this year in the year of balance.


This is a season for you to wade into the healing and refreshing waters of the Spirit
of God and let him bathe you with a
new mantle of the fragrance of his Spirit. He is
going to put a new smell upon you, and you will walk in a new aroma. The Lord says,
I will love upon my Beloved, and you will once again
be the apple of my eyes and my
desire shall be upon you, and the growth that you experience over the next several
months will put a strategic smile upon my face, declares the Lord!


The Lord says, where you seemed to have slipped, tripped, and lost your grip, you
will regain your focus and get your balance back, and where things were out of place
and so unbalanced in your life, you will now be given new and fresh strategies that
will put you back on track. The Lord says, you will not need to do a whole lot of
fighting and talking this year. You just need to say yes to my will, and I will fight for
you, and I will speak on your behalf, and I will shift things on your behalf. I will shift
things into position for you, and I will shift things to work in your favor, and where
things have worked against you in times past, I will cause those same things to work
for you, and I will cause all things to align well in your life, and to bring you to your
destination and desired end, says the Lord! If I were you, I would shout as loud as I
can right now, and say, “I believe it. I receive it.”


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