This will be a year that the Lord will be cleaning up and clearing up
many things
in your life. This is a season where the Lord God will be
cleaning up and clearing up debt
in the lives of many of you. This is
a season where long standing judgments and conflicts that had been
launched against you will be cleaned up and cleared up in your life
by the
hand of the Lord
. The Lord says, this will be a year where I am putting
the finishing touches on many things and this will be a time where I finish
cleaning up many things that remained out of order and refused to come
into alignment and balance.
This is a year of the Seer and those with
the Issachar anointing that have understanding of the times
. They
will be sought out and sought after by many, even nations will need help
sorting many things out and putting many things in order, says the Lord!
Because of the chaos and confusion in their land,
they will seek the
ministry of the prophets,
particularly those with Seer’s abilities,
because what they are dealing with will be way beyond them and they will
be forced to seek a higher power, which is the Lord, because all of what
they trusted in and knew before time will fail them, says the Lord! This will
a time of shaking and revealing, and for some others it will be a
time of healing and recovering from the wounds of life that it brought to
them. It will be
a time of restoration for some, but judgment for others,
particularly those that have made their pathways crooked to the point that
they have blood on their hands, declares the Lord! This is a year and a
time where
the fire of the Lord will come down. The fire of his glory will
come down and many nations shall see the fire of the Lord’s glory. This is
a year and a time that you must not resist God’s process in your life, but
you must allow him to clean up what he desires to clean up in your life,
because this year represents a
major turning point for you in your life,
in your career, and in your relationships. This is a year and a time where
the Lord will cleanup those
generational curses in your life and those
familiar spirits in your family that had tried to attach themselves to your
life to try and cause misfortune and keep you stuck and not really moving
forward and progressing. The Lord is also going to cleanup those hidden
webs in your life by clearing out and cleaning up all of those soul ties with
unhealthy and unproductive relationships that have had you bound and
bruised for so long.
Be ready for the change, be ready for the shift.
Change is coming to shift you into those good things that the Lord has for
you. He will not allow the enemy to subdue you, suppress you, overpower
you, and keep you back and hold you down as a captive any longer. This
is a season for you to gain victory in many different areas of your life. I
see where
many people will get new and affordable houses this year
for the first time in their lives by the hand of the Lord, and in times past
where many of you could not get houses because of your bad or poor
the Lord God is going to cleanup and clear up your credit and
some of you will wonder, “How did I get this perfect credit score?” It won’t
be by your hand, but it will be because of
the hand of the Lord, because
he is going to
cause the credit rules to change for certain things and in
many places,
new laws will be passed, and the Lord God says I will use
righteous hands and minds to bring about this thing. Get ready for
properties and new businesses
, says the Lord! Many nations will find
themselves in the cleanup mode and in the cleanup process as well. It will
be a time of house cleaning and getting some necessary things in order
for many. Many things will have to have structure and order so that those
nations can move forward in a way that is sustainable and those nations
that yield to God’s ways will find themselves being lifted up higher, but
those nations that rebel and resist will find themselves in peril and in a
place of "
Cease and desist" by the order of the Almighty God. New
technology will come forth in this season
that will not fall into evil
hands, but it will be used to blessed people in major ways that will gain
notoriety for its helping hand of expertise. However, there will be the
collapse of some tech giants, and new innovative companies that have
righteous values will take their place. Large harvest of souls will come
forth of the nations into the Kingdom of God in this season, and the Lord
is going to shift some rogue governments this year and the people that
were held captive and in bondage by such governments will finally go
free. Some nations that were slow to make the shift will be forced to shift
in this season by the hand of God. This is an hour of my power, says the
Lord, and the people of the nations will hear my thunder as it roars in the
heavens, because it will be my sign and my signal that I am doing a new
thing, says the Lord!

                                       Posted 9-13-2018


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