A lot of things won’t be spoken too loudly this year and in this season as prophets
spoke loudly in times past liken unto the voice of a trumpet, but many key and great
things will be spoken rather with a whisper in this season and this year. The Spirit of
God will come as a whisper and the words of the prophets will too be as a whisper.
Many of you will be looking to hear the audible voice of God on certain matters, but
your answers will come from within in that still small voice as a whisper. The Holy
Spirit will whisper to you, and he will nudge
you to do certain things, and he will
create impressions on your heart to symbolize the urgency of certain things. This
will not be a season for you to be about bragging and revealing all of your personal
details out loud to the enemy for him to hear your plans and create roadblocks on
your path to stop and to try to shut you down, but this is a time for you to ponder the
path of your
feet and be careful who you share certain things with and be careful
what you share with certain individuals. If the Lord don’t tell you to say nothing, then
it will be a matter for you to wisely conceal until the time for it to be known and to be
revealed. Your talkative spirit brought you a lot of opposition in 5779/2019 in the

name of making a decree and making declarations of faith, but in 2020/5780 you
will have the wisdom and discernment to see how to move incognito on many things
until they come to fruition so that the enemy don’t know your plans and how you are
maneuvering. Let your enemy be taken by surprise as I lead you by a quiet whisper
says the Lord!
There will be times where I will position you around certain people in
seasons and at certain moments and you will know by my Spirit to let your
words be
few around those people. There will be a season where you conceal and
the next where it will be revealed, says the Lord! On the world scene, I will expose
high levels
of corruption that have been hidden, kept secret, and covered up for the
last 20 to 40 years, but I will go back in time and allow the covers to be pulled off of
several government administrations in many nations, even in the corporate world in

the United States and in many other nations. I will even do it in the churches. I will
show you and the people openly their backdoor deals and how they have corrupted
themselves. I will show and expose how many bribes were taken to talk a certain

way, to vote a certain way, and to sponsor certain bills to bring forth an agenda that
was perpetuated by bribes and corruption. Even certain of the news media will use
this phase and say, “This is the belly of corruption and the very embodiment of evil.”
Many people will be shocked and will stand in awe of the reports that are coming
across the news desks. Even many prominent journalists will be shocked at what

they are seeing and hearing and having to report on and will be at a loss for words,
and many w
ill say that, “I honestly did not know and I honestly had no clue, and I
defended them and regret ever doing so.” This will be a shocking time. The level of
corporate corruption in the financial sectors and tech sectors will astound many to

the point that some of the people that were doing corrupt things will be shocked at
the level of corruption don by this bunch of corrupters. 5779/2019 was a year and
the time of the cleanup process, but there will be even more cleaning, clearing, and
cleaning of house in 2020/5780, and I also hear the Lord say that 5779/2019 was a
time of the start of the cleanup process, but in 5780/2020, it will be a time of

continual cleanup, but also removal. The Lord says, I will remove many corrupt
politicians from office around the world by many different and various means, and I

will set righteous people in their stead that will not compromise or budge one inch
under pressure from corrupt and wicked forces. The Lord says the thievery was

great and of great, vast, and of epic proportions, but my exposure and judgment will
be greater than anything that anyone could have ever imagined. You have been
looking for man to be the one to clean
things up, and I will use man to some degree,
but be it known, says the Lord, that I will be the one doing the cleaning up; for I will
march through the land in fury and I will march through the nations in my wrath, and
all those that ignored my call to repent
and cast my words behind their back will
soon regret. My words are not to be ignored and that which I speak through my
prophets are not to be taken lightly, says the Lord! Ther
e are many that have
aligned themselves with a foreign spirit, a wrong spirit that is not of me, but don’t be
fooled by the scales of leviathan, says the Lord! The scales may look beautiful on

that beast, but it is a piercing serpent that operates in trickery and mastery, says the
Lord! I will open blind eyes in this season of those that got themselves entangled in
something that they thought was of me, but was after the working of Satan, and they
will see what they have agreed with and will be ashamed.
I will give them another
chance to come to repentance, says the Lord! The Lord says
I will take nations
known to have reputations as corrupt and terrible beasts, and I will make them as
soft as a pillow in the wind and force them to humble themselves. The airwaves will
change, but I will have my way, says the Lord! I hear the Lord saying to the prophets,
“Speak while it is yet day; for the night cometh! The Night cometh,
" says the Lord! In
your assignment will be your alignment and in your alignment will come confidence

in your assignment. I will align many of you to take the place of others that I have
deemed needed to be taken out and replaced, says the Lord
; for I will replace and
remove, and I will reassign and realign many people in this hour. I will be shifting
many of my prophets to new regions, cities, and nations, and those places will serve
as a place of refuge and provision for you, and you will speak as my voice in those
areas to bring new life to an area that was silenced and abandoned by those that
would not obey me, says the Lord! This is a season and an hour of my power, and

I will bring in new prophets that will be faithful and that will speak my word with
boldness and accuracy with humility, and my fear will be in their hearts, says the
Lord! You will see the total collapse of some nations in this hour, even some
prominent ones, because they forgot my name, says the Lord, and through the
humbling experience, they will find their way back to me, declares the Lord! I see in
the realm of the Spirit that things will get so bad in some nations that the

governments in some of those nations will literally beg real prophets to come to their
nations and speak to them about the Lord and what he desires of them as a nation.
Some leaders will turn to prayer openly and on TV not caring about being politically
correct, because they fear those things that they see coming on the earth, and they
will be fearful at
that which is high, which is the MOST HIGH GOD! There are some
people and some nations that I am not going to speak to anymore, because they

have already been warned numerous times says the Lord, and I will bring my swift
surprise suddenly
upon, says the Lord! Righteous companies will be raised up as
corrupt companies
that have robbed folks, including the poor and the innocent falls,
never to rise again, says the Lord! The shaking in many areas will be great, but I will
use those things to open blind eyes and to bring about repentance. People in many
areas, territories, and nations that have worshipe
d idol gods will see will sudden turn
to fear me and seek
after me after they see devastation and the waters rise on the
land in a season of frequent happenings. I will cause a righteous remnant to be
raised up in those places and I will get fame and honor in those same lands that
ped their idols. They will come to me through the massive floods unlike
anything they have ever seen
before. They will honor when the seas rise and pull
back and come in again, says the Lord! The remnant will be frightened and will

serve me, says the Lord! They will seek out evangelists and prophets of the Lord to
figure how to swiftly get saved, because
their idol gods won’t be working for them no
more, and even as Jonah was on the
ship on the run from my will, I will cause many
modern day prophets that are running from my will to have similar experiences. The
people of the land will seek out such a fellow and say, “Depart from us, because you
are liken unto a Jonah on the ship, because you are running from the Lord and

being rebellious towards his Majesty,” and they will speak those things prophetically
without having any natural knowledge
of what they are saying, but I, the Lord, will be
using their mouth to bring forth and to speak forth my will on my behalf. I also heard
the Lord say these words, “
Prophetic Clusters.” There will be clusters of prophets
grouped up together in certain regions
that will be assigned to certain works, but
they will gather together like in the days of old as companies of prophets to further
advance my Kingdom charges and my Kingdom goals, says the Lord! I will astound
people and they will be astonished by
how I am speaking through my prophets on
another level in greater details and with much greater clarity and on a regular basis

to the point that many will say, “This is not the Norm, and this is incredible.”
Righteous radio stations will arise. Kingdom Television stations will spread and
advance, even into areas that they were once blocked out of. I, the Lord, have

spoken, and I will do it, and I will bring it to pass, declares the Lord!

This writing was started on 7-30-2019 and unfolded over time and completed
and released on 9-27-2019. (Phase 1)

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