Father God, in the name of Jesus, we lift up Ensign to the Nations, and its
leader, Roderick Grimes, and his family members. We pray that your hedge
of protection is around them today. We pray that Roderick is focused on
doing your will. We pray for every need in their lives to be met, so that there
is nothing to distract or take his focus off of the things of God. We thank you
Lord for using him and speaking through him to us, the Body of Christ, and
to the nations of the earth. We decree favor and blessings over their lives.
We thank you that they are in perfect health and in perfect peace every day
of their lives. We thank you that nothing distracts Roderick and others from
his own personal relationship with you so that they can always put you and
the Kingdom of God first place in their lives. We pray for him to have favor
with God and man, and to be able to spend quality time in your presence.
Give him the ability to fully be able to manage their time wisely and prudently
so that nothing is out of balance or out of order in his life. We bind up every
hindrance, every distraction, and all evil and wicked forces from operating
around him. We loose and release the angels of the Lord to encamp round
about them daily, in Jesus name. We command the warring angels of the
Lord to go forth now to fight on their behalf and to protect them from all
harm, hurt, evil, and danger in the name of Jesus. Now Father, we thank
you for the anointing that you have placed upon the man of God, Roderick
Grimes, and we do thank you that we are partakers of that same anointing
that you have placed upon our leader, the people’s leader, your leader, and
we say that he is covered by your grace, and he hears from you for all of us
and for the corporate Body of Christ, and for all of the Nations in a new way
that is practical and easy to be understood in this hour. We thank you Lord
that no one is offended with him or his teachings or words. We thank you
that everything that he writes, that he speaks, and that he teaches is
orchestrated and lead by your Spirit. We thank you Lord that he enjoys
plenty of favor with God and man, and that he is not hindered in any way
from serving you or hearing from you perfectly and accurately every day of
his life from this moment forth. We ask that you continually bless his life,
and we thank you dear Lord that we too are partakers of the blessing that
you have placed upon his life. Now that we have prayed for him and the
Ensign Team and Family Members today, we receive our daily bread and
daily provision from you today as a prophet's rewards for being a prayer
warrior, intercessor, and partaker in the ministry of the man of God and of
Ensign to the Nations. We thank you Lord that you will do something special
for us today as we have lifted up your servants before you in prayer and in
faith. We send forth strength and courage to the man of God and we send
forth our love, and may it come back to us more than double and more than
one hundredfold now and in the days to come. We pray all of these things,
in Jesus name! Amen.


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