12/3/2007 India, for you are like a sleeping giant that was waiting to be awakened, but now I say to you
arise and go forth in great power as the bear with the claws out stretched. Fro I shall use you to pull
down strongholds and to break the backbone of oppression. And many shall seek unto you for the wisdom
that I have hid in you that is ancient and of old, says the Lord of host! Many shall be turned unto me in
your land, says the Lord!

United Arab Emirates, viewed by many as small, but yet so great is your influence. For I shall
use you to influence many nations in the right direction and you shall have great power and authority over
your brethren in the region, says the Lord! For you are small, but yet I shall make you great, says the
living God!

Yemen, rich with oil, but yet I will change your destiny and you shall bring many gifts unto
me, and you shall know my name, says the Lord!

Costa Rica, many that were poor there shall be made rich. Many entrepreneurs shall come out
of thee and many will dominate real estate, says the Lord! For I make my shift, say the Lord!

Venezuela, oh tossed and tempest, unsettled rest. I bring a settling to you and a change in
your government in the days ahead. For I have made you a voice for me, a voice to defend the poor from
the oppressor. Yet, many voices shall come out of you that shall impact the nations for my cause, says the
Lord! Things that you have relied on in the past shall be shaken, but my hand shall stay upon you. For I
bring a new order, says the Lord of host!

Zimbabwe, stability comes, says the Lord!

Spain, a Nation of old; I shall revitalize you from the inside out, says the Lord! And where you
have fallen short and have forgotten my name; I shall cause you to remember the ancient of days and my
name shall once again be heard in your streets, even in the midst of perilous times, says the spirit of God!

Canada, you shall rule with dignity and honor. I put in your hand a rod of iron to smite the
nations on my behalf, for you are a Nation that I have made strong and very courageous. Many thought
that you would run, hide, and retreat, but I have called you to the battle. Only be strong and of a good
courage, says the Lord! For I shall use you to change Nations, says the holy one of God!

Norway, cold winds does blow upon thee. Cold winds do overtake thee. Do you not remember
me, says the Lord! Does not my name come across your mind? Do you not recall the sweet fellowship and
counsel that we once had together, says the Lord; for I shall stir up an east wind that shall travel across
your nation that will remove all things that offends and uncover the secret parts that have lied in
darkness. I shall cleanse and purify until there is a sound like me, and a voice like me, and a spirit like
me. And the aroma of heaven shall burn within thee and I shall cause a new smell to go forth out of thee,
and it shall be like the sweet smell of fragrance of the cedars of Lebanon, says the Lord! And I shall send
forth revival out of thee into the entire region that shall touch Russia to the west and the United States to
the east. Then you shall know that I am God and the nations shall say "the place that was once dark,
great light now goes forth from thee." for I the Lord have spoken it and I have purposed it and my
counsel shall not be annulled, says the Lord! For my roots are in thee, says the Lord!

Chad, you shall have a new government that shall take you in a new direction and bring new
reforms, says the Lord!

Ukraine, fear not says the Lord! For I am raising up a new voice there that shall speak my
voice to the nation and my church shall become a strong voice there, says the Lord! You shall stand
strong in the midst of persecution, says the Lord!

Mexico! Mexico! Many storms have come your way, but know that I am the builder and maker
of all things, says the Lord; for this shall not be to your demise, but my favor is upon you and your coasts
shall see prosperity like never before. They shall be beautified like the meek with salvation. For prosperity
shall hit your coasts unlike anything that you have ever seen before, says God! For I bring great change
unto you in this hour. And I shall rebuild you myself as the Garden of Eden, as the garden of roses. You
shall be sweet like the cedars of Lebanon, says the Lord your God!

China, the rise of a great one; for you shall grow up to be very strong in the land, says the Lord!

Uzbekistan, the Lord is saying reform is coming to you. Things will change in a moment's time.

United States, this Nation must pray. For I am bringing a shift and a change, says the Lord! For
many winds shall be blowing in your land because change is on the horizon, and you will begin to see a
change in your government, for I am bringing complete and new change in the high places of your
government. For I am restructuring my order, says the Lord!

Kenya, shall come into great reform, says the Lord of hosts!

7/31/2007 In this hour, you shall see
North Korea and South Korea become one nation again. They shall
merge and return back to their original state of oneness and unity and the hand of the Lord shall prosper
there. The Church there will explode in great growth and heavy financial prosperity. There will be great
economic development there like never before. Watch out! For
Korea is on the rise, says the Lord!

7/29/2007 You will begin to see that spirit of murder and rape begin to leave
Sudan, Rwanda, and the
Uganda area and the terrorism there will begin to cease, says the Lord! For I am releasing a new Apostolic
Order there in these nations, and the church will begin to grow and arise and become a very powerful
voice for me, says the Lord, and I will cause my people to prosper in a dry and barren land. Those that
put their trust in me shall see my hand, that everyone around them shall experience great change. For
great change shall come to these Nations, declares the Lord!

7/29/2007 My hand is upon
Uganda for good and I'm bringing change in the governments there, says the

7/29/2007 I am shaking
Ethiopia again says the Lord and great harvests of souls shall come forth to me
from the land. For Ethiopia belongs to me, declares the Lord! Ethiopia shall see my rain, declares the Lord!

Ghana, There is coming a time of cleansing and purification there, says the Lord! And I will
begin to cleanse you of corruptions there; for my eyes have seen the secret things of men and at this
time my hand is moved, says the Lord!

United Kingdom, I am bringing reform to the Church there. Get ready for a season of
reformation, says the Lord!

Russia, this has been a dark hour for you, says the Lord, but my hand and my favor shall be
upon my people there, says the Lord!

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