10/16/2008 Cote d'ivoire, economic prosperity, says the Lord!

Nigeria, new government, a strong church arising in the midst of persecution, and a new
role in world leadership, says the Lord! I see a multitude of powerful and very influential world leaders
rising up out of you, both political and ministry wise. The nations shall come to you, says the Lord,
because you have known my name, says God!

Belgium, new finance reforms, says the Lord. I also see a new world leader coming out of
you that is swift in politics and mighty in business and economics.

Russia, there shall be a strong and rather unusual earthquake never in the likes of all your
history as a nation, says the Lord! This thing is revealed. I also see a sudden change in governmental
leadership in Russia. New structures are forming and new governments are arising fast, says the Lord!
Be aware of a shift in power and unilateral alliances, says the Lord! (
Note: if the people of the Lord
there will pray, then what looks like chaos and turmoil will actually bring forth good and a lot of good
things there, says the Lord!

Kazakhstan and Mongolia, often times rather quiet and like to keep to yourself, but I see
you taking a greater political role in your regions, as well as, among the nations. For you are rising to
a greater political authority, declares the Lord, and your names shall be known among the nations!

Mali, I see flood waters on your horizon; take cover and head for higher ground, says the

Finland, I see your arm forces being made strong; for you shall strengthen your armed
forces in the days ahead.

Germany, there shall yet be a rise in your land in the automotive industry. Some form of a
new technology and invention shall come forth out of your land and shall impact the nations once
again, says the Lord!

Italy, there shall arise a strong diplomatic power out of your borders, says the Lord!

Zimbabwe, there shall be a sudden and abrupt change of power, says the Lord, and all
remaining strongholds will be smitten by the Lord of hosts.

Pakistan, there shall be many converts to Christians even in a time of great persecution and
hostilities, but the Lord says that I shall place my name there and I shall pour out my spirit upon the
government and the peoples of the land and I shall give them a sudden change of heart and mind,
says the Lord and they shall turn towards me, declares the Lord!

Uruguay, there is oil under your coasts, says the Lord!

South Africa, get ready for the Lord says that I am taking you from the back to the
forefront, and you shall be a light and a beacon; for I shall make you an example to the nations
wherein men shall say how are they doing that, says the Lord! Wow! I see heavy economic prosperity
coming to your nation and I see great, great change coming to your land, positive change. And you
shall shine among the nations and you shall pass nations in economic success and prosperity, even
great nations of old, says the Lord; for I have hidden wisdom within you. Wisdom is inside of your
borders, says the Lord!

Brazil, many evangelists shall be raised up upon your coasts and shall be sent out to the
nations and political reforms come to your governments there, says the Lord!

Cuba, years of hostilities and tensions shall leave your land and you shall make peace with
your neighbors around you and you shall become a strong and respected voice to the Nations and
within the United Nations; for I make you the voice of peace to the Nations, says the Lord!

New Zealand, the righteous shall take the Nation, says the Lord! Great political and
economic reforms are coming your way, declares the Lord; for I make you an example unto other
nations where my light dwells, says the Lord!

Australia, there shall be scientific research there shall even prove to the Nations that my
name is real, says the Lord!

Egypt, a Nation of old, you shall be aligned with my people, declares the Lord; though I had
to judge you in the beginning, I shall restore you in the ending, says the Lord!

Syria shall be mine, declares the Lord; for there is a pot of gold and silver hidden within
your borders, says the almighty Lord of hosts!

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