11/27/2009 Saudi Arabia, you shall be a leader of change and reform among your brothers, says the
Lord; for I have chosen you as a first fruit Nation in the Middle East to lead the change that shall bring
many to my name. In times past, you have known me as the God of Abraham, but you shall know me for
who I really am and you shall know my new name, says the Lord, and you shall be known as my
reformers says the Lord, your redeemer!

Madagascar, there has been a two headed dragon ruling your land for too long, and this spirit
has attempted to divide the land and keep the land divided and cause chaos, and wherever there are two
ruling structures there cannot be peace, but only division, but the Lord would say further that" I am
breaking that two headed dragon spirit and I shall bring forth a new order and a new ruling structure that
shall have dominion over the former and fear and division shall be a thing of the past, even as I bring
forth the new from out of the old, says the Lord! It is as if I see a whole new Nation being formed out of
the old Nation. There is definitely something new on the horizon. Watch and pray, say the Lord!

Indonesia, publish my word, says the Lord! Do not be afraid to publish my gospel, says the
Lord; for I am doing a shift and there shall be a great shift and change in faith and religious beliefs and
my Church there shall grow overwhelmingly, because my glory is in the land says the Lord, and I shall
take non-believers and make them into great faith people for my kingdom causes says the Lord, and the
righteous shall take the government, even as new governmental alliances are forming for my glory. I raise
up and give the thrones of the earth to whosoever I will as it pleases me, says the Lord! I see new
leadership coming (No offense to anyone ruling now, but when God is ready to change a land, he changes
its leaders first. Sometimes, it's time to pass the mantle and the torch to run the race to a new generation
for Kingdom purposes)

Philippines, you have been through many storms, crisis, and disasters and you have seen
your share of corruption, but I am raising up righteous leaders in the land that shall be strong and take
over the government and great stability and rest shall come as a result of my righteousness being in the
land, and I shall open up many doors for ministries and the gospel of my kingdom to come in. I am
sending a purging and a purifying anointing into the land to cleanse the land of bloodshed and corruption
to make way and to prepare the way for my glory to come in, says the Lord; and to the Church there, you
have been battered, shattered, and tossed to and fro by many various trials, storms, and afflictions, but
I say unto you, that you shall arise in great power and great victory as I, the ancient of days have sat on
my throne to move my hand in favor of my Saints; for I am he that rides upon the clouds of Heaven,
says the Lord!

Belgium, I see many new financial centers coming out of you.

Bhutan, you shall see a quick recovery, says the Lord, even as salvation goes forth in your

Thailand, unrest and civil disturbances shall leave and stability shall come, says the Lord! I
even see stability in government and commerce.

Peru, watch your border for invading armies in the days to come. Forces from the outside are
attempting to overthrow from the inside. I hear the word of the Lord saying "that the country shall go in
a new direction. Watch out for the tiger that lurks in the hills, says the Lord!"

Paraguay, I the Lord saying there will be years of reforming. Look to the mountains for a
signpost and a signal that will bring about a lasting change in the land.

Malaysia, watch for the waters as the earth shakes. Years of rebuilding are ahead of you.

Taiwan, new diplomatic ties shall bring about a permanent change in government as new
alliances are being formed, says the Lord!

Benin, I hear "cross the river." I also see new elections that shall take the country in a
different direction.

Iran, there's coming a total shift in Iran's government, character, plans, and policy, even
towards other nations. This shall happen at a sudden rate, so be watchful, and be eyeful, as there is a
changing of the tides, says the Lord! I also hear a shifting of the guards.

United States, division has plagued you and deep divides, lest the people of the land make
prayer and intercession on your behalf, then there will be a shift in the light and the power of the nation
and the glory that you once held shall shift to another nation, and another people that shall take up my
light, word, and power in this hour, says the Lord! Change is coming in the likes unheard of before, says
the Lord!

Sri Lanka, like the tiger that sits low and the bear that arise in the midnight so shall I restore
you and the people of your land shall know me. Have not I said that the isles shall wait for my law, and
now I say unto you that you shall hear of my law giver and you shall even experience me in my kingdom
and in my majesty, says the Lord God!

Namibia, 47 new species shall be found in your land that has never been seen before and you
shall gain worldwide attention, says the Lord!

Chad, I have made you strong and you are a strength to many nations and I shall use you as
an example to your brethren and neighboring countries, says the Lord!

Ecuador, revival and revitalization shall hit your land, and many that have seen poverty shall
see prosperity. Watch as I work in the hearts and the minds of men and I shall have a people come forth
of you to myself, declares the Lord of hosts!

France, you will have to deal with some form of rebellion.

Gabon, there will be governmental reform and restructuring.

New Guinea, there is some form of new leadership coming.

Korea=North and South Korea, there will be some form of altercation between the north and
the south, but out the cloud of smoke I see one nation, a unified nation of people on the Korean
peninsula. I also see a long standing conflict finally coming to an end with a united nation of people that
will be a voice to the nations. I see it as a unity between two brothers that has been engaged in a long
standing conflict; good will eventually come out of this altercation or situation, but there will be
engagement first.

Somalia, you have been long time unstable and unrest, but the Lord says I have raised up a
government in the land that shall be strong and this government shall help usher in a lasting stability, a
peace, and economic prosperity. That lawless spirit shall leave your land and there shall even be a
flourishing in the land because of my hand, and salvation shall go forth throughout your coasts. Look
beneath the soil; for the Lord says that there are all kinds of hidden treasures beneath your soil that shall
lead to an economic boom and stability, says the Lord!

Eritrea, bright lights over your skies for about a month.

Botswana, the Lord is liberating you from witchcraft. Your salvation from God comes.

Honduras, you will experience a spiritual revival like never before and you'll have renewed

Angola, oppression leaves and a people there shall be greatly turned to the Lord in the days to

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