9/12/2010 Iraq, you have been like a bleeding wound, but in this season I shall move across your land
and bring healing and stability where things have been hostile and violent, says the Lord; and this Nation
shall know my name, says the Spirit of the living God!

Iceland, I chose to use you as a Prophetic sign to the nations to give them a glimpse of what
the smoke from the bottomless pit that is as a smoking furnace spoken of in Revelation chapter 9 verses
1-12 will look like at the latter times. This also serves as a sign to all men to turn from sin and repent,
because the fires of hell are real. This also signifies a five month window for men to repent and come to
Christ before some major turn of events that is coming afterward. Iceland you are a prophetic sign post
to all men in the earth, says the Lord. Even great revivals shall break out all over your land, says the
Lord, even as there is a great economic shift within your borders, says the Lord, and you shall even be
fully joined with your neighbors, declares the Lord! This also serves as a covenant reminder to the
promises to the people connected to Abraham. It also serves as a sign of the fullness of iniquity in the
earth. (See Genesis 15:12-21)

Guatemala, as a sign that I am shaking your nation, you shall see many drug Lords turn
preachers as I transform the nation, says the Lord, because the righteous there have prayed. There are
also many missionaries there that have prayed for this day to come and for the Lord to give them the
nation for salvation. The Lord says, I have heard your prayers and I am now moving in the area, says
the Lord!

Chile, peace and patience, says the Lord! I have heard your prayers and I have heard your
cries, and now I will lift my hand to restore, says the Lord!

United States, I have given you time to resolve your differences and to break the cycle of
division in your between rival parties in the political arena, but you have failed to complete the task, so
I will now intervene for the sake of the multitudes of souls that are stake in the land of your nation that
are constantly crying out before me, even as major agendas are over looked by the spirit of division,
strife, and competition. I will begin to judge those that are not for the sake of the people, and for my
causes. I will begin to judge those that have another agenda for the nation versus hearing my heart for
the people. Those that will seek to destroy a nation and the lives of innocent people for the sake of
worldly gain have my hand against them and they will not prosper in this hour. I will judge between lean
cattle and fat cattle at this time. I will stand up and arise for the poor, needy, and defenseless of the
land. I will now arise for the sake of the children of the land, and I will have mercy on whom I will; for
who will be able to stop me, says the Lord! (
Saints of God, please pray for America)

Haiti (Emergency Word), if you will not give up in your hopes and attempts to rescue, I will
still bring people alive from the rubble; for I am a God of miracles, says the Lord!

Haiti, a quick recovery, says the Lord!

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