9-9-2011 As for the United States, I see two gates over the Nation. There is a south gate and a north gate,
and the Lord says enter one or the other. You have been outside of both for a while and in a divisive state
long enough and the Lord says you must now make a decision to crossover and enter a gate as a Nation.
Division is the way down, but enter through a gate will take the Nation in an upward spiral. There are two
choices and two decisions that must be made with the next 28 hours that will the Nation forward 14 years or
backward 28 years, but there is a mantle of time standing over the Nation and the prophetic time clock is
ticking and it awaits you to enter the next season of your destiny as a Nation. I hear the Lord saying that
Judah must go up first as a leader of the Nations. Find out what the word Judah means and you will know
what he is saying to the Nation. As for the citizens of this Nation, pray for the soul of this Nation to be right
with God. Every Nation has a soul and the souls of many Nations are cold or sick right now. Pray that the
soul of the Nation will be right, because if the soul is right, then the right decisions will be made by the
leaders and the people of that Nation.

Indonesia, you will have to abandon several of your islands due to a sudden rise in flood waters
due to the rising of the ocean in the low places.

Syria, there will be something major that will start on your borders that will affect the whole
world and after that there will be a very quiet shift in the country and the government will be in a time of
major transition for several months until the forming of something new.

Japan; I hear the Lord saying "reach for my hand and I will show you my plan. I see a rapid and
extreme rate of growth in the Church there in the coming days that will help put the Nation back on a solid
footing; for you are not a land on a list that should experience extinction, says the lord; for there is yet hope
for and within your borders, declares the lord!

Israel, there is now a Prophetic shift in seasons upon you and you will see many new changes
and things will shift in the comings days. There is now a change in the Prophetic season upon you and the
world focus will be on Israel in both natural and spiritual matters as a new light comes on in your borders.

Bolivia, you are like fresh water upon the lilies and glorious things will blossom in your midst and
many good things will come out of you; for I see a major change in the atmosphere and your borders will be
open to truth and corruption will flee your borders and new things are now set to arise. I see many new
structures and new government structures as the tides are now starting to turn in the favor of the people as
a whole. There may be some turmoil, but overall things seem to be looking up and starting to the look good
for the people of Bolivia. These changes will be brought on by doors that I see opening for the gospel of
Jesus to be preached.

Burma (Myanmar), you to shall experience a new government and a change of name. I see many
soldiers marching through your streets.

Vietnam, I see a new government even as a shift takes place.

Libya, I see more than just new reforms, but I see a new government structure rising out of the
smoke, but not without some massive bloodshed and an overthrow. There will be a sudden change of heart
in the leaders of your nation and new changes will take the country in a new direction, but there will be
many outside forces coming into your borders to try and take a piece of the pie, but the nation will overcome
a very bad and vulnerable spot to become stabilized again after the fall and cleanup of much rubble.

Bahrain, there will be a shift in foreign military presence in your country and there will be a
sudden change in your own military command forces and structure. There are many new changes on your
horizon, some good some bad, but you will find yourself at the center of an outside conflict of some sort that
is going to bring about a healing and a unity of your people once again as the storm clouds clear.

Australia, you shall enter a season of drying out and a time of recovery and renewal. You have
been in a season of cleansing and purification and you have had to deal with many troubled waters, but in
this season you will see my bow in the skies and you will see my promise in the clouds. (See Genesis
9:11-15, Isaiah 54:7-9 and now read Verses 10-17) I will bring a shift in leadership even as I have chosen
to place my name there and the sounds of my Spirit and the sounds of heaven shall be heard there again. I
had to purify to bring forth a change in the land and with this change also comes a revival. You have been
through the fire and been through the flood, but know that I have ordained you to be a wealthy place, says
the lord! (See Psalm 66:10-12 now verses 13-14, Psalm 18:11-19, 2 Samuel 22:2-29) It might have looked
like you have gone through Hell, but I hear the Lord saying that all will be well. (See Zechariah 8:9-15)

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