12-13-2012 I specifically hear The Word of the Lord for the segments of the Church that is in Russia, Egypt,
Nigeria, and China; the Lord says stand bold in the face of adversity and I will make your face strong
against your enemies in the time of persecution and I will lift you instead of sift you, says the Lord!

Burundi the Lord says get ready for a transition.

6-6-2012 The nation of
Georgia will resolve their differences and many long standing conflicts with the
breakaway provinces of
South Ossetia and Abkhazia and they will become as one Nation again.

Burkina Faso I have made you a mediator of peace and I have created a place of power for you at
the round table of the Nations and I will use you in many other ways and you will have great diplomatic
influence even at the United Nations and I will use you to mediate more than just the affairs of a region,
but I will give you world power and world influence and you will be called to many tables and you will sit at
many tables; for I have created a spot for you there; for I release my mantle of peace upon you, says the
Lord! You are a chief Nation among your brothers declares the Lord and I will lift you up even in the area of
economics and even in the financial sector, says the Lord!

Somalia I see that you will have plenty of water on its way in your future. I see waters coming in
abundance; I see the abundance of waters.

Maldives there will be a reversal of some things there. Several things will be reversed.

2-13-2012 As for
Trinidad and Tobago I see revival coming to your Nation. The Gospel will be preached
again and things will begin to pick up economically.

Burundi things will begin to stabilize for you in this season and there will be peace with warring

1-6-2012 For those of you in
Nigeria the Lord says I know you and I recognize you and I have heard you
says the Lord; for your prayers have made it to Heaven and your prayers have come up before my Throne;
your prayers and your faith have touched Heaven and I will answer says the Lord!

Afghanistan, a sudden shift will turn things around in the country and reconciliation among
brothers will stabilize the Nation and bring stability to the land that has never been seen before and you go
on to finally become a strong Nation that is able to stand on your own feet and many things will now
happen for you suddenly.

Panama, New trade deals and a sudden rise in new business will take the country up higher and in
a new direction. Sudden economic prosperity is now about to hit your borders.

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