11-16-2013 The Lord says China is starting to open and this is the sign and the time that many were
waiting to see the latter day shift. China will be strategic in bringing in the latter day harvest of souls
into the Kingdom. The Lords says look now again and see how I have turned the heart of the King.

Liberia a new order is coming to your borders.

Nigeria the Lord says I require more of you because you are like the Judah of all the Nations
around you and you are like a big brother to the nation to the ones around you and you are more in
number; I require more of you says the Lord; even as the tribes of Israel would come before me and
inquire who should go up first to battle and my response was Judah so it is with you. Judah represents
praise and strength, but Judah was also more in numbers and had more men of war than the other tribes
of Israel. I keep hearing the Lord say more is required of you, because I have made you strong, says the
Lord! I also see where the Lord will give you a victory inside of your own borders as sow outwardly to
help your Brethren in those neighboring countries around you; the hand of the Lord comes on Nigeria in
a new way this day, in Jesus name.

Zambia the Lord says for you to look within; instead looking beyond your borders for help to
come; look within your own borders and see all of the many valuable resources that I have placed under
the land just for you; look within the waters and see precious things that I have provided as a new
stream of resources for you to have new success and economic victories and prosperity within your own
land, declares the Lord!

Tanzania there will be new resources discovered under your land that will lead to an
economic boom.

Laos I hear the Lord saying reform is coming to your government in the land and new
systems of living will soon be on line. The Lord says get ready for change is on the horizon.

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