11-9-2014 I hear these words for the nation of Luxembourg, the
Lord is saying I am singling you out as a nation as a sign and a
beacon to prosper you in a time of economic downturns, turmoil,
and financial chaos all around you. You will be a sign to the rest of
them that I can both rescue and prosper the small, as well as the
great if they trust me.

Saudi Arabia, I hear the Lord saying there is a time of
shaking that is coming upon you, but if you would humble yourself,
repent, and seek after me, and turn from things that are idols, I will
hear and bring a time of refreshing upon you in the midst of the
shaking, says the Lord of Hosts. There is a righteous remnant there
that bear my name and I will even protect you in the time of
trouble, says the Lord! Please do take this word very serious, so
that you can fare well in these things in the coming days ahead of
you. The Lord delights to save and protect and not destroy.

Lesotho, the Lord says your answer is under the
ground. There are valuable resources under the ground that will
produce money and your money will be a source of power to be
used as a tool of leverage.

Bahrain, there is a new type of government forming in
the land that will come forth. I heard the Lord says reform, but it
won't be the norm.

Iraq, the Lord says your answer is going to come from

Argentina, you will reach a short-term deal and a long-
term deal on your economic affairs and orders, and things will begin
to financially pull themselves together in the days to come to get
back on a solid financial footing.

Greece, I hear the Lord saying some new reforms will
put the nation back on a solid economic footing.

Ukraine, I hear the word of the Lord saying to you "you
cannot make peace with a nation that wants to make war with you,
so you must change your stance to deal with that policy, but know
that I am raising up a standard to deal with the thorn in your side
even as you have tried to make peace there was none, says the
Lord! Restoration of all things is coming, says the Lord! There is a
diplomatic shift that is coming that will change things to work in
your favor. There is a change coming in leadership outside of your
own borders that will bring about a lasting change and to cause
things to work in your favor, says the Lord!

Thailand, I hear the Lord saying "let reform take place
and you will see my grace. The thing that you fear is not what shall
be, take a step back to see that I have paved the way for you to
have victory, says the Lord! I see a unity coming and arising out of
the ashes and the dust, even as both Brothers and Sisters in the
land begins the process of recovery and reconciliation, says the Lord!

European Union and Europe, I hear the Lord saying
you are working with a short window.

1-1-2014 For
Russia, I hear the Lord saying breaking point.

1-1-2014 For
Syria, I hear the Lord saying turning point.

1-1-2014 For
Israel, I hear the Lord saying boiling point.

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