10-18-2015 Brazil, this is a season for you to climb up hill, and you will
take your spot on the world scene in a new way and in a new power and
with a new influence, says the Lord! It shall be said that there is a new
light, a new flame, and a new beacon in the earth concerning your nation;
for you shall come from the back to the forefront to lead in this hour, says
the Lord! New connections with the nations shall thrust you into the
spotlight, says the Spirit of the Living God!

France, the Lord says you'll become stronger, and you will
become a strong voice to the nations, and you'll be used mightily to
mediate situations on multiple fronts. You will become a mighty force to
be reckoned with, declares the Lord! I heard the Lord say, your voice will
be respected.

Indonesia, a strength shall be found within you that will give
you a new status and a new voice on the world scene. A new invention
shall come from within your own borders that will help change and help
impact the world.

United Kingdom, the Lord is saying this is a time of a new
beginning for you, and you will see that in many areas of your society,
even in government. The Lord says united you stand, divided you fall. It is
in your best interest as a nation to solve all internal differences with your
different ethnicities, says the Lord!

Bangladesh, the Lord says this will be a time of recovery for
you as a nation.

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