9-9-2016 Philippines, I just really hear the Lord saying for you, this is your
season to rise and don't be caught by surprise; for I will move in your land,
and suddenly will reveal and unfold my plan. I will cause my gates to open
over your land, and I will use you as a light and a standard to all of the
nations of the earth. I will stand by you as you venture through some dark
times, and I will cause my face to shine on your land and bring about a
swift form of restoration, and you will finally be able to put the past behind
you. As I look into the Spirit, I see a bright golden shining star over the
land. The Lord's favor be upon you and many blessings will now begin to
be poured out upon your land. I see all sorts of healing miracles taking
place in the streets, starting in Manilla and then flowing all over the nation.
I see people being healed, delivered, and set free, and where recent
things have cast a shadow of negative light over your nation, I see many
great things in the Spirit that God is unfolding in the land by his hands.
What the Lord is releasing and unfolding will take precedence over what
has happened there in recent months and weeks. I hear the Lord saying,
first you had distractions to deal with that would try to over power and over
shadow what I was about to do, now comes the real thing as I move by
my Spirit, says the Lord!

1-26-2016 Germany, I really hear the Lord saying you will even grow
strong again and be even mightier than before and will take a more
stronger and forceful tone in the earth among the nations.

1-3-2016 United States, prepare for a time of severe tension and testing
as a nation. This is a tricky time for you as a nation, but persevering
through those that are faithful to pray, believe in, and trust in the Lord will
help bring you all through this time of testing.

1-3-2016 Iraq and Syria, it is a time of a major turning point for you as
nations, says the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Europe, this will be a serious time of
testing for you, but the Lord says this is your time to show a serious
resolve in the face of many adversities, and this is a time to put minds
together to come up with some quick solutions to many pending issues.
The Lord says, when the path of wisdom is followed, your outcome will be
sure, and put things back on a solid footing for all nations of the continent.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Africa, the Lord says this a time of
recovery for you from many years of being used and exploited by other
major nations for all of your valuable resources. The Lord says this is a
season for you to awake out of a long sleep and open your eyes, and see
the greater potential within you collectively as a unified continent. You'll be
able to overcome all struggles when you listen to the wisdom of the wise
and the ancient.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of North America, your resolve will be
tested in this hour heavily says the Lord, but as you come together and
work together in a more unified fashion versus being more isolated on
matters, you will see that there is nothing that you cannot overcome to
better the hemisphere in your region and effect matters in the whole world.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of South America, coming together in the
form of some kind of economic alliance and regional block of cooperation
will keep things afloat as a continent, and make a greater mark in the
world as a unified voice, says the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Asia, the Lord says this is a time for you
to put aside many of your differences in the region as nations, and be at
peace with one another so that the economies in that region can be
strengthened. When you settle things peacefully this year, you will see
your economies grow as a whole, declares the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Australia, the Lord says your influence
will grow all the more, and you will become very great, and you will see
that you have a voice to the nations that will help to shape and influence
things, especially in crucial times, declares the Lord! Also I hear the Lord
saying that you will need to integrate more with other alliances and nations
to form a more perfect union to get things done on a regional and global

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