12-12-2017 The Lord is saying to the United States and many other
nations, especially western nations
, Do not let your guards down; for
many surprising things are still coming that you need to be ready and
prepared for, declares the Lord!

9-1-2017 The Lord says to the United States, the shake up is not for
your break up, but the shake up is for your wake up. Awake and arise
and see the new identity that I am calling you to, and move in a new
dimension of unity, faith, and power, says the Lord! It is your choice,
declares the Lord!

9-1-2017 The Lord says to you Germany, it is time to make the shift.
You have to decide whether you are going to continue on the same path
that you are on or whether you are going to make the shift and become
a nation of destiny with a new identity that will shape the path ahead to
become the new model for a multitude of many nations. Shift now and
prosper or continue down a dead path and perish in the ways of the old,
says the Lord!

9-1-2017 I hear the word of the Lord for Japan, the Lord says rise up
from the ashes of the past and become strong and mighty; for I have
called you to lead now in technology and become a leader of nations
with the next generation and wave of innovation and technology. Bring
those things forth that will change entire nations. The next level of security
is within you now, and you shall birth forth a security that will change the
nations. I hear the Lord saying, "cyberspace Giant." That is what the Lord
has declared over your nation. Your security will be seen in every aspect
of your nation, even in the military, and you will have one of the strongest
navies and militaries in the entire region. Security leader is your portion
says the Lord, and nations will come to you for security and to duplicate
your model of security in their nation, declares the Lord! I also see some
kind of new skyscrapers and buildings that will set an example for many
other world cities and markets to follow.

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, a shakeup is coming in France and in
all of Europe
, especially on the political front, and I will do a new thing
in Europe. New leaders will emerge with different views that will begin to
take Europe in a different direction. Europe may have been known to be
cold in some areas, but I heard the Lord say, I will visit Europe and will
vacation there and park there for a while and will bring about a revival
like none have ever heard of, and I will visit the cold hearts of men and I
will turn up the heat there and in France, and do something completely
different than what many others were expecting, says the Lord! The Lord
says, don’t count Europe out, and don’t count me out in Europe, because
I am not done there yet, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will make the
hearts of men to rejoice there in these lands once more, declares the
Lord of Hosts!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, "the emergence of Prophets from
;" the Lord says, I will bring forth prophetic voices from China and
my prophets there will emerge to make a dominant effect on the Body
of Christ globally. I have raised up prophets that will speak to you and
deal with the persecutions in the land there will my Church, and I use
Chinese prophets even worldwide; for I have placed a talent in them
that will stun nations, because they will be my glory carriers and my glory
bearers, says the Lord! The strange thing or the strange twist to all of
this is that the government there will be in agreement with the arising
and emerging of my prophets there, and I will turn and even change the
hearts of government leaders there to come into agreement and align
with my will and what I am doing in China and will bring to the nations of
the world through China and the voices that I have raised up there, says
the Lord! The Lord says, the economy there will change for the better
when my prophets there arise and are able to speak freely without
hindrance, repercussions, or reprisals, says the Lord! The Lord says, I
love the Chinese people, and I will make them into a people of peace
and balance, declares the Almighty!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, I am doing something totally new in
Malaysia and in Vietnam, and my Body shall arise there to be a light
and a voice to the nations, but I am also visiting the economies of these
nations and there will be a heavy economic boom there in those places
and the discovery of some new medicines that will bring about a major
medical breakthrough even in science there that will be sort out and
sought after worldwide. I do a work in some of the strangest places on
earth, says the Lord, and discoveries are made and breakthroughs
takes place as I visit nations and walk through them, because I am all
the way good and I choose to be good, says the Lord!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, something good and something special
is about to come forth out of
Brunei and my Spirit shall be placed there
to bring forth a new Kingdom mandate from that land, declares the Lord!
Shifts in governments there and in the governmental realm are a part of
my plan to reform and change many things that will be a major center
piece of my will for what lies ahead in days to come. I will expand my
Kingdom there, and a new airport is in the works to come forth, because
many people will want to visit there to come and see what I am doing
there. You want to see what I am doing there, you will have to come and
see, says the Lord! You will have to come and see the mystery
surrounding what I am doing there. There is a secret plant that will be
discovered that will make news and it will function as some kind of new
healing medicine that will provide a medical and scientific breakthrough
of some sort, but I see the Lord also doing something with cotton there
too. Agriculture there will also be brought into the spotlight, because
there will be new methods coming forth that the other nations will envy
and say “Why didn’t I think of that before,” and they will soon pattern
themselves after it. The Lord says, what I am doing in Brunei will be the
start of something big, because I also visit the technology realm there to
bring a new life to the Country, says the Lord!

3-10-2017 The Lord says, watch what I do in Somalia. Many people are
watching and waiting for utter destruction there to take place because
of terrorism, but I will move upon the terrorist factions there and I will visit
them and reveal myself to many of them in visions and dreams and I will
bring about my salvation, and I will get something good out of what looks
like a bad situation there, says the Lord, and what was once called the
horn of Africa shall be called the horn of my Salvation, declares the Lord
of Hosts! 

1-1-2017 Malta, you will have to take some extreme measures to
eliminate some extremists threats within your borders, and it may be
necessary for you to reach out from beyond your border for some
external help to ensure that things are secure. I also heard the words,
“Political heat waves.” There will be a political mess for a while, but
things will stabilize once you hear the voice of what the people are saying
to you as a whole. You were built from within and you will remain strong
only by hearing from within and not from the outside how to run your
national affairs.

1-1-2017 Lesbos, you will make news because of a turn of events
concerning royal events. You will also be known for some kind of rich
resources found there that were never discovered before and that will
put the spotlight back on you again. I heard the Lord say, Two in one
year’s time frame.

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