9-4-2018 After a very specific and a very detailed dream, the word of the
Lord comes to the nations of
Kenya, Mexico, and the US State of New
, because I specifically see these three areas where the exact
same things would happen for all three places. The Lord said and he
showed me that these places would become strong economic engines
with booming economies and there would be plenty of jobs coming to
those places and created in those places. I was able to see technology
upgrades in these places like no other in the world. I saw some
transportation upgrades and some transportation inventions coming out
of these places. I saw the youth being very active in taking part in this rise
and this economic boom, from the creation of the latest powerful apps to
new inventions that would be needed worldwide. I saw them actively
involved and engaged in the workforce. I see a new generation of young
leaders rising up in those places to make a difference and they had
another way and a different way of thinking and looking at things and it
caused things to prosper and get moving in a whole new and different
way. The Lord says, those three places will become models for the rest
of the world.

8-2-2018 I heard the Lord say these words for Iraq, I have not brought
you this far to allow enemy forces to take you over and take you
backwards that have their own agenda for the nation that is not my will,
but for a season I will shake things there to cause enemy forces that are
against my will to be removed and to retreat, says the Lord!

5-10-2018 Israel will only grow stronger and stronger, and the light will
grow from there and go forth from there. The sons of Jacob will have a
sword in his hand in this hour that will pierce and penetrate the nations
and you will begin to see a strong wave of the Gospel going out to the
nations again from that soil and land. They will gain strength and territory
that all prophecies spoken to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will finally be
fully fulfilled. It is a turning point for them as a nation, and many nations
will be made a spectacle at the power of what is coming out of the land
of Israel, the land of the giant. For the Lord would say, that I have made
Israel a rising giant and her ranks shall be increased. The Lord has come
down in this season to fight for her and to roughly rebuke many nations;
therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed. Malachi 3:6. The Lord
says, I will see you through any troubled waters. I will see you through
every battle, and give you victory even over every hidden and entrenched
enemy, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will expose every hidden and
entrenched enemy of yours, and they will not be able to withstand the fire,
says the Lord; the fire of my Glory, the fire of my jealousy for you, says
the Lord God Eloheinu. (Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha-olam).
See Isaiah 60:22. The Lord would further say that there is a technology
that will come out of Israel that none of the nations of the world has ever
seen. I actually saw many new and powerful technologies coming forth in
this hour out of the nation of Israel that the nations have never seen,
heard of, or imagined. In this season, the Lord comes down to visit
Jerusalem, the city that he has chosen as his own, and he will settle the
issue of Jerusalem in this hour and in this season, once and for all, and
will deal a stunning blow to the beast.

1-20-2018 Angola, the Lord says, you are slated to set a powerful
example of love and positive things to the nations. Your example shall
also fuel an economic engine in the nation that will in return yield
prosperity, declares the Lord!

1-5-2018 Gambia, I hear the word of the Lord saying economic boom,
economic rebound, and economic recovery for you. You will be a thriving,
not just surviving nation, and you shall become a nation in time that is
sought after and sought out by many. I will make you an example of
prosperity to all of Africa and many types of creativity will come of you,
even from the music to the arts. The Lord will raise up power preachers
in your midst to put his name there as he reveals himself to your people
in new ways that will even overshadow everything that you were
previously taught. Watch for the Lord to visit your nation and to come in
with a great force and with great power. The dawn of a new day is upon
you. The Lord has declared that his word will go forth there in abundance.

1-5-2018 The word of the Lord for the Bahamas, revival will begin to
break out all across the nation from island to island and creative miracles
of God will even be taking place all over the place. There will be healings
of every sort, and it will be a sign to the nations that Jesus still heals and
visits nations. Following this kind of revival, there will even be economic
revival taking place and the economy will flourish and many will start new
businesses, and new creative ways of making money will come forth in
abundance, as the Lord has declared it. The Bahamas will also be like a
refuge nation for the weary souls to be at peace and to rest, away from
the many storms of life.

1-1-2018 For the nation of Cameroon, I hear the Lord saying that
decades' old problems that has hindered the nation and stunted its
growth will soon come to an end, and you will begin to flourish and
prosper in a new way. I also hear the Lord saying to you, be my
watchmen on the wall. Stand in the gap for other nations, including the
nation of Israel, and even as you do and hold massive prayer rallies,
you will see a changing of the guards and the turning of the tide which
will cause all things to shift and to work in your favor, says the Almighty

1-1-2018 South Africa, the Lord says to you, I will take you through a
time of a complete transformation and many new things will come and
many old things will change. While I am giving you a face lift and a make
over, do not be weary with the process, because I am bringing you into
something good that will bring much good to my people there and to all
of the people. Watch for it, expect it, anticipate it, and call for it, and it
will surely show up, says the Lord!

1-1-2018 The Lord is saying to Brazil, you will rise up again as a leader
and will once again become a strong leader, and my Church there shall
become stronger and shall be a powerful example to other nations all
over the world. I have made you a light, and darkness shall not take over,
and I will use a remnant there to push back against the darkness and that
which was a remnant will greatly multiply and become a strong voice in
this world in this hour, declares the Lord!

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