9-7-2019 (Reposted from Let The Prophets Declare What They See
And Hear section of the Website
) The Word of the Lord comes to
Pastors in the
Bahamas that have lost everything in the storm; the
Lord says, Job was tested in the beginning and it appeared that he had
lost everything in Chapters 1 and 2 while he was being tested, but do not
forget that in Chapter 42, I vindicated him in the eyes of all of those that
falsely accused him of doing something wrong, and I made them come
to him with an offering in their hand, and I gave him double for his trouble.
The Lord says, this day know that I give double unto you and you will
have double than what you had before and you will be an example to
many as a sign, a wonder, and a testimony. I have seen your works, your
service, your dedication, and even your faithfulness to minister to others
even while you are afflicted and your sacrifice will not go unnoticed and
unrewarded, declares the Lord! See Zechariah 9:12, Isaiah 61:4-7,  Job
42:10-12, Ezekiel 45:4,  Genesis 47:22 & 26, Hebrews 6:10, and 2
Chronicles 15:7-8. Now
the Word of the Lord comes to the people of
God in the
Bahamas that have lost everything in recent events; the
Spirit of the Lord says, watch how I come through for you and show you
my glory and my faithfulness. You will see a restoration that you could
not have imagined. Some of you have even said that I never saw this
coming on this level and magnitude, and I never imagined it was going
to be this bad, but the Lord says I am a provider and a God that restores
and makes whole again, and I heal the broken hearts. In this season, I
will turn your words to say I could have never imagined that God would
be so good to me. This will be your testimony when it is all said and done.
Be still and know that I am God, says the Lord! Deuteronomy 6:10-25 &
Deuteronomy 8:7-18.

South Korea, a chain of recent events and unfolding events
in the near future will force your hand and will force you to think outside
of the box and to look elsewhere for trading partners and economic
partners, which will liberate you from a tight in the box situation where
you had limited yourself to. In the coming days ahead you will find new
connections and new trade partners in
South America, Europe, Canada,
and many other parts of the world as you take your place as a leader of
nations on the world stage. It is because the Lord loves you as
a nation that you will find favor and grace among the nations, and you will
be used to evangelize nations with the Gospel as you go forth even in an
economic capacity, says the Lord! I see 21 news deals and major deals.
The Lord says the crushing and the shaking up was necessary in order to
get you out of a regional mindset and into a more global way of thinking
to bring forth the excellency of what I have put within you for the world to
come forth at this time and in the days ahead. The Lord says, you will
find yourself in an even greater alignment with Israel and you will lock
steps in the technology realm to advance technology among the nations,
declares the Spirit of God!

3-8-2019 The Lord says, watch how I turn
Somalia. Watch how I
suddenly turn it from a place and safe haven for terrorists to a place
where my name shall arise there, and I will draw many unto me in that
nation as I move through the land and as I move by my Spirit, says the

Israel, prepare for a great influx of Jews from many other
nations as revealed by the Lord. Some new rifts within those nations will
be behind the sudden growth and influx of Jewish people.

Ukraine, the Lord says, I will give you strategies, boldness,
and confidence to deal with matters at hand, and I will put a bow and
an arrow in your hand that will give you victory over some long standing
things that have been a thorn in your flesh. Written on 11-30-2018, but
posted 1-1-2019.

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