You will never change, as long as, you have someone else that you
can blame for all of your faults and problems. You will never change,
as long as, you have something to blame your mistakes and errors
on. You know, that old scapegoat mentality. For every mistake, fault,
and error, you always find someone else besides yourself to blame.
You have actually deceived yourself into thinking that all of your
problems in life are somebody else's fault. Black brothers blame the
white man or the government for holding them back. Selfish wives
blame their husbands for not knowing how to lead them properly,
when actually that is a poor excuse for you to be able to say "that is
why I'm the way that I am." Husbands blame wives for the reason
that the house is not in order. Men blame their fathers for not being
there for them, so they actually think that gives them a legal right to
be ruthless and bitter towards everybody they meet, including
females. Women blame their parents for not training them properly
for marriage and home building. Children blame their parents for not
giving them a head start in life financially. Poor children blame their
parents for not being rich, and for their internal hurts and external
sufferings. Older parents blame their children for not taking care of
them, now that they are old. In every group of people, they are some
that constantly find excuses to blame others. The people of the
Church blame the Pastors for their miserable state and not teaching
what they want to hear, when they themselves know what the word
of God says, but they refuse to apply what they know, or in some
cases they blame the Pastor, but they don't even read their Bibles at
all. As a matter of fact, they can't even find their Bibles, and don't
even consider looking for it. It probably has 2 inches of dust on it if
they do find it anyhow. Pastors blame the members of the Church as
the reason for the Church not growing. They constantly compel the
members to go out and win souls, but they don't even go out to win
souls anymore. Wow! They stand up and say to their congregation
"what's on me will come on you." You are right! If you are not going
out to win souls anymore, then your Church members won't go out
to win souls either. What you sow is what you reap. You think "well
I'm a Pastor, I'll win souls from the pulpit inside the church facility,"
then the sheep say "well I don't have to go out to win souls in the
streets, because I can just win them in the Church too". Many of you
Pastors don't even lead anyone to Christ from the Pulpit. Some of
you used to do it, but you quit, because you got so spiritually deep,
and you became smarter than God. Again, you say that sheep are
supposed to beget sheep and not remembering that you are still a
sheep of Jesus as well. The only difference is that you have been
called out to lead as a Shepherd in the five fold line up, but if you are
not a sheep or don't consider yourself to be a sheep, then maybe it's
because you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. So in all actuality buddy,
you may be right after all. If you understand anything about the five-
fold ministry at all, then you do know that we are called to lead by
precept and example, and live as examples before the flock of God
so that they may learn, observe, meditate, and do. Many are so quick
to say, "Well I've done that already, or I have sown already," but when
you stop sowing or doing what you know is right, then automatically
you will cut off your own receiving. In order to keep on receiving in a
certain area, you must first be continuously sowing in the area that
you are looking to receive in. Sowing is doing, or the act of applying
principles to a set area; that too is seed time and harvest as well. If
you desire Church growth and for your members to go out and win
souls, then you need to be sowing in your personal encounters with
people in the public that you come in contact with, because you go to
the grocery store and other places too, so you're without excuse, and
you best believe God is watching you and holding you accountable
for the same things that you preach and require of his sheep. Let us
not be a hypocrite or a Pharisee. How is it that you want your sheep
to respect you, but you don't even respect them? Be not deceived,
God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, he will also reap. You
must walk in love with everyone at all times. Sad to say that there are
Pastors warring against other Pastors, and Pastors blaming Pastors.
The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion. Pastors that
walk in strife continually is not of God period, because any true Man
or Woman of God knows that you have to forgive and walk in love.
Why would that even be a struggle for you? I will tell you why. It is
because you are filled with pride, and you don't want to change, and
that is the truth and the bottom line. You have people holding the
title of a Pastor, but their fruit are the works of darkness. They may
preach a good message on backbiting and slander, but right after
service, they are out in the parking lot backbiting and slandering with
the rest of the flock. They slander member’s names and their lives,
as well as other Pastors names along with their character. They even
slander the lives of those members that have left their Church, and
they wonder why their Churches are not growing. The Church is not
growing, because you are not growing spiritually. You have not yet
figured out that you have been scattering the sheep by your own
slander, hypocrisy, and foolish way of living. You have not yet quite
figured out that if you sow persecution, then you'll reap persecution,
but if you sow love, prayer, and mercy seeds towards another, then
you will reap love, prayer, and mercy for yourself as a harvest. That
is the Lord's perfect will and established order, but if a person is
deceived, then their mindset says "God needs me, so he can't afford
to lose me no matter what". That's what you think! The devil needs
you too! You're trying to cast out a devil and he is in you. You are
trying to lay hands on someone to get healed, when you are sick. You
are trying to raise the dead and ignorantly not knowing that you are
dead and in need of life. You don't believe you can raise anybody up
anyhow before you even waste your time trying to do so. You are not
desiring to do those things for the glory of God anyhow. You desire
to do those things simply for your own selfish motives, just so you
can brag and say that you're the man. When you have that particular
attitude about yourself, then that is being just like Lucifer, because
you want to be the man. In other words, you want to take God's glory
in order to exalt yourself so that you can say that "I have done these
things." You even figure that this will make your Ministry grow and it
will help your name spread abroad, but only the Lord has the power
to make that happen. Oops! You forgot that it is God that testifies on
behalf of another, and that he alone is the builder and the maker of all
things. Deny yourself partner and die to your selfish ways, so that the
Lord Jesus can live out his plans through you.
Acts Chapter 12:21-23
says that the angel of the Lord smote king Herod for not giving God
the glory, because he allowed the people to put him in the place of
God and refused to make correction after they wickedly thought that
he was a God or God Supreme. He lost his life for taking God's glory,
when the Lord told us in
Isaiah 42:8 that he will not give his glory to
another. You had better think twice before you fall down and cannot
get back up again. We must never get lifted up in pride. It is so highly
imperative that we remain humble at all times and let the Lord exalt
you in due time and in due season. It ain't about you at all. It is about
the Lord, hero, and about what he wants. This statement applies to
everybody no matter who you are. Wherever the word finds you at in
life, it will cut you, but you must change in order to live. For every
generation that is brought forth in the land, the Lord expects that
generation to change some things such as the errors and mistakes
that the previous generations before it walked in. He expects us to
break every barrier and to learn from their mistakes and failures. He
expects us to do something differently by changing our thoughts, our
actions, our minds, and even our plans in exchange for his. He also
expects us to implement and bring forth new and fresh concepts and
ideas, as well as new methods. He fully expects us as a generation to
do all that he has placed in our hearts to do. The Father is trying to
do a new thing in the earth and in us by establishing his order for us
to live by. (
See Isaiah 48:6-7, Isaiah 42:9, Isaiah 43:18-21) Finally, we
must understand that we must change in order to live and not die, so
let us obey God by changing our own ways and helping to change
the World without blaming others in the process. One of the greatest
things that we can do to change in life is to first know that we need
to change, and then accept responsibility for our own actions and
stop being MVP in the blame game of life. We just cannot continue to
blame others for our own faults, short comings, or corrupt way of
living, but we must Man up, or Woman up, and own up to our own
mistakes, then make the necessary steps to change those fraudulent
and corrupt behavior patterns in our lives that we can clearly see that
needs changing. I hope that this writing has Blessed your heart and
that you read something that will provoke you to change and quit all
that blaming of others and start with yourself.


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