Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and our savior, and
commander in chief. Stay your course my brethren. Don't let anybody shake
you or move you from your post with God. Many of you reading this letter
right now have very awesome and powerful destinies given unto you by the
Lord. Many of you love the Lord and will do anything to obey him. Many of
you are sitting in churches where you are being persecuted and your gift is
not recognized or acknowledged, but you know that the Lord wants you to
use your gift within. Many of you are misunderstood by the masses around
you, but it is because they don't understand your gift. Hold tight, hold your
course. The Lord will direct thy steps in this hour. There's coming a shift, and
the Lord is about to shift you out and into your destiny, and you will see clearly
how your gifts will be used and administered. For the Lord says, I give thee
clarity and understanding in this hour, and I bring you into divine connections,
says the Spirit of God!


                                                   STAY IN FAITH,

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