Stand up and take control of your neighborhoods and communities where you live.
The only reason that the drug dealers have taken over and that murdering demon has
ran rampant in your community is because you have not stood up to take authority
over that spirit that has been wiping out the youth and adults. Every man that is
reading this letter, I charge you now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to take
authority over your neighborhoods, cities, towns, and states right now. Take authority
in prayer first. Then, organize prayer rallies. Next, gather other men that are sober
and love the Lord and share that same vision with them, then go take the streets
back. Tell the drug dealers, the whoremongers, and everyone else about the Lord
Jesus and the difference he can make in their lives. The Lord has blessed you and
empowered you to do something about the mess, instead of just talking and praying
about it. Take some of these young men under your wing and mentor and disciple
them. Tell them about the Lord and lead them to Christ. God has called us to change
the world, not just to talk about it. Get the ladies and your wives and the church
mothers involved with the young ladies out there in the streets and teach them and
show them a different way. If it be that God has made you strong, then take over and
make other brothers strong. The Lord will empower you to empower others that you
come in contact with. God has called the strong to make others strong. You may be
reading this and saying, “I’m not that strong. God is not talking to me.” Yes he is.
He'll strengthen you if you will make a decision to strengthen others. Stand up and be
accounted for, men. They will listen if you move in faith and love. Preach to those
that give their ears to listen. Take authority over the devil and kick him out of your
cities, towns, and communities. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.
There is a power coming upon all men right now that will say yes to this assignment
and call. There is an enablement from on high coming on you now if you are saying
yes. God always gives the power and strength to all those that will say yes to him and
answer the call. If you are reading this letter, then the Lord is talking to you.

                                                  WITH KINGDOM LOVE,
                                                  RODERICK GRIMES

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