They can't block my flow this year in 20__.

Satan's nor his demons cannot block my momentum and
forward progress this year.

I will not be hindered.

I will not be moved, but I will move forward this year in my
calling and anointing.

I am getting myself prepared for something greater,
something bigger, and something brand new.

I have the wisdom of God dwelling on the inside of me for
this year.

The counsel of God dwells within me.

I am anointed and equipped to conquer this year.

I will conquer everything in 20__ that has been trying to
conquer me.

My foes cannot stand against me this year, for my God is
with me.

The strength that I have this year comes from the Lord.

The wealth that I have this year comes from God.

I am blessed with the blessing of the Lord that has no
sorrow attached with it.

The sword of the Lord protects me this year.

The sword of the Lord fights against my enemies this year.

The sword of the Lord cuts away debt, insufficiency,
poverty, lack, and any health issues this year.

This is a year for me to succeed and prosper.

20__ will supersede all of my expectations this year,
in Jesus name!


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