12-18-2013 (Corporate Word) You can remain sleep all you want as the church and refuse to
awake until things are just suddenly upon you, but those that are ready will hold the helm of
the ship steady as others get left behind that refused to put oil in their lamps as the loud
whistle was blown. (See Romans 13:11-14 & Matthew 24:42-51)

8-10-2013 (Corporate Word) In this season the world will begin to be severely shaken in an
unprecedented manner that has never ever been heard of since the beginning of time and the
Church has to be ready to receive the harvest as they start to come in the House of God in
abundance (OMG).

8-5-2013 (Corporate Insight) This is a season of very unique visitations of the Lord to his
people in this season, and you will notice the presence of God will be very high around you in
this season.

7-15-2013 (Corporate Word of warning) As the Church fails to go out and evangelize the
world and the nations around us, then darkness takes over and begins to rule and to reign in
every aspect of society to include both governments and the social and economic scenes, and
unjust laws are passed by the wicked to benefit the wicked when the Church takes a backseat
and just decides not to let their light shine anymore. When darkness enters the house of God
in the earth, then the light goes out and the wicked of the earth of multiplied and takes power.
The Church must become that massive voice of God again and make things a Kingdom issue
versus a race or a social issue. We must get back to Kingdom issues so that we can lead the
world and be a light versus the world leading us into more and more darkness. The light of
the world must shine again and lead the way in these dark and perilous times.

6-20-2013 (Corporate Insight) Things will now begin to shift in the world and in the Church as
the Lion of Zion arises to shake terribly the earth and a lot of the resources that have been
long time held up and in the hands of the wicked will begin to make its way back to the
Churches, and you shall see hidden supply lines for the Saints of God begin to open up so
that you can see what I have been doing and forming up for a long time, says the Lord! (See
Amos 3:8)

4-25-2013 (Corporate Word) I hear the Lord saying my people have to be able to discern
when it is a silent season in their lives in which it is time to work their faith versus trying to
seek a word of the Lord when it is not time for a word because I am testing my people's faith.
The Lord says you have to know the difference in order to progress rightly in this season.

1-8-2013 (Corporate Insight) I see many glorious things about to happen in this season; I see
the Lord pouring out his Spirit on so many people and using many people that you would
have never thought that he was going to use; I see him in this season using the Soccer Mom's
to get his word out even while their children practice and at their games and they will even be
heavily filled with the Spirit too. I even see him using the skateboarders in this season to
witness to others while they skate and compete and skate at their new skate parks that will be
popping up all over the place and I even see some golfing Evangelists on the golf courses
preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ even on some Sunday mornings to catch the ones that
never come to Church. This is a very interesting season and the best is yet to come, and
there are many other people groups that he is going to be using in this hour.  

1-1-2013 (Corporate Word) that which stepped on your toes and made you froze I will
unfreeze and put your mind at ease says the Lord!

12-29-2012 (Corporate Insight) in 2013 a lot of the legalism will leave the Church that has
keep it divided and at odds against itself and there will be more of a coming together because
the Churches will need to band together in unity to survive and overcome the onslaught of
the enemy; look at Daniel 7:21 and Daniel 12:7. I see a very strong remnant Church arises
out of the darkness to lead strongly as the light of the world with the eyes red like flames of
fire and with the strength of the Lion of Zion. See Revelation 1:12-15, Daniel 10:5-6 & Psalm

12-10-2012 (Corporate Word) what worked for you in the last season won't work for you in
this season because it is a new season and you will faith to work for you in this season and
you will need to develop a new set of strategies to progress in this season? The Lord would
even say many of my people are still trying to navigate and operate in this new season off of
an old strategy and a failed strategy, but for all those who would come before my presence
they will now get a fresh set of instructions that will give them the new strategy and blueprint
for this season to move forward in a new way that would free them from the snares of the evil
one, declares the Lord!

11-21-2012 (Corporate Word) the Lord says my people are now crossing over into a new
frontier and moving into some new territory and in this hour my people will transition into the
new by their skill and the gifting that I have placed on the inside of them.

10-26-2012 (Corporate Word) the Lord says this is another strong season of "there is nothing
hidden that shall not be revealed in this hour." (Look at Matthew 10:26-28)

10-22-2012 (Corporate Word) the anointing of deliverance and healing shall be heavily upon
God's leaders in this hour and a mantle of restoration and wisdom, but the Lord says this
anointing and those mantles are not limited to just leaders, but it is available to all that believe.

9-6-2012 (Corporate Word) the Lord says get behind prayer initiatives in the earth because
the Church is called to move things forward by prayer when the clear will of God is revealed
in a matter; the Lord say entire Churches need to pray about things that are affecting the
earth and there needs to be many regional prayer rallies to shift things in a new direction in
many matters of life.  

8-27-2012 (Corporate Word) there is coming a major shake up in the land; tell my people to
get ready says the Lord; tell them to put oil in their lamps!

8-6-2012 (Corporate Word) many in the realms of the Church will be promoted and exalted in
this season.

7-31-2012 (Corporate Word) the Lord has revealed that this is a serious season of shaking in
the Churches and this is also a heavy season of judgment in his houses and among his
ranks; the Lord says this is a season that I am bringing down pride and I am humbling all
those that are lifted up in pride and bringing them low so that they will get on their knees
again to worship me versus seeking to be worshipped and praised by others, says the Lord!
(1 Peter 4:12-19 and Isaiah 2:11-12 are the prophetic Scriptures for this season.) This is not
the season to be lifted up in pride or to be prideful; this is a season to remain humble and to
be very low to the Lord. This is a season to lay before the Lord prostrate at the Alter; see also
Joel 2:12-29.

5-22-2012 (Corporate Word) those that are not taught to have respect for Pastors and for
God's leaders in the Church and outside of the Church will suffer the consequences in this
season as revealed by the Lord!

5-7-2012 (Corporate Word) We are transitioning into a new season and this season will be a
time of testing for the realm of Church, but the Kingdom Churches will stand strong and stand
out in the time of testing and shifting into a Kingdom inductance from the normal ways of
doing things in the earth and it will no longer be business as usual and Churches will have to
follow instructions that the Lord is giving by the mouth of his Prophets just to survive the
coming storms and time of testing that is now upon us; there will be a resurgence of the
Prophetic Ministry in the Church and in the earth like never before, because the Prophets will
have the Word to move the Body forward. (See Hosea 12:10 & 13 and Amos 3:7)

4-17-2012 (Corporate Word) My words are Anointed to heal in this season and my Words are
Anointed to bring healing and life to all that would seek after these waters says the Lord, and
those that will seek after these waters will be both healed and restored at the very roots and
foundations of their faith and of their soul as well as their body, declares the Lord; for I rub my
hand upon you in this season and I smear you with fresh oil says the Lord!

4-8-2012 (Corporate Word) prepare for my release says the Lord, and prepare for a sudden
rise of my Kingdom in the earth says the Lord; for I am releasing my power that will now
enable my people to stand strong, rise up, and overcome the onslaught and the evil that has
been released in the earth, and my people shall take great power and great dominion over all
the affairs of the land; my strength shall make you strong, says the Lord!

3-17-2012 (Corporate Word) I hear the Spirit of the Lord Say "transition to a new mission."

3-4-2012 (Corporate Word) There are some seasons that the Lord tends to be silent on a
Corporate Word, because every instruction and everything that you need for this season you
have already gotten in the last season and now it is time to put it to the test.

2-14-2012 (Corporate Word) The Lord says I am bringing my people into a season of full
restitution of all things and you will see many things restored to you in this hour, and many
things that you thought was lost or that had got stolen will be returned to you now in this
season because there is nothing that is ever lost in the Kingdom, says the Lord!

2-6-2012 (Corporate Word) I'm pushing you into a corridor of the new, says the Lord!

1-3-2012 (Corporate Word) The Lord says for those of you that will follow all the instructions
that I am giving you, you will be among the ones that will see immediate increase and results
in 2012, and all the disobedient and fearful ones will watch you prosper and just marvel at
your elevation declares the Lord!    

11-6-2011 (Corporate Word) The Lord says I am causing the roots of my body to dig a little
deeper and you will be anchored in me, because I am still the vine and you are the branches
and without me you can still do nothing, but with me all things are still possible, says the Lord!
Now shift into the possible realm; for I am causing my people to cross over into the possible
realm and into the land of mighty and great possibilities.

10-7-2011 (Corporate Word) The Lord says the seasons have changed and there has been a
shift and I have made changes in my command structure within my Church.........

9-2-2011 (Current corporate word of the Lord) the Lord says this day and from this day forth
it is a season and a time of release and it is a season and a time of a perpetual release. It is a
time of an overflowing harvest in the field and in all avenues for you and his people. I hear
the Lord saying release, release. This is also a time where those that were bound by
crack/cocaine and other vicious drug habits will be released from that addiction. I also see
that many that are caught up in sex trade and the sex industry will now be made free and
they will now be released from the bondage and captivity that had once held them down and
bound, says the Lord; for I stand at the door of their lives and I am now saying to Satan
"release and release now, says the Lord!" I am now rebuking the devourer for your sakes and
many that are locked up and in prison will be made free and let go as I say to the prison cells;
release says the Spirit of the living God!   

8-29-2011 (Current corporate word of the Lord) the Lord says I am raising up a corporate
army to take nations for my glory and spread my message of hope and love to all the nations
of the four corners of the earth.

8-8-2011 (current corporate word) The keyword for this season is the word flash flood. The
lord says i am now revealing myself to my people through the power of a flash flood and I
shall come to my people like the power of a flash-flood.

7-21-2011 (current corporate word) You will need to use your faith like never before because
things are really about to shake worldwide like never before seen.

6/12-2011 (Current Corporate Word) This is a new season and the Body of Christ is getting
stronger and stronger. The lord is making his people and his church stronger and there is a
greater unity taking within his body and dividing barriers are falling and divisive men are
being pulled down and plucked up and new heavenly forces descend on the world and a new
light or his revelation is fully released in the earth and upon his body in a new way and the
church is going to look more like him. This is your opportunity to love on somebody and to
love on others around you; for this is a new season, declares the lord!

3/24/2011 (Strong Corporate Word) the lord says tell the intercessors and my people that if
they pray and petition me for wars to come to an end, then there will be certain wars that were
planned and slated to end many years from now that will suddenly shift and change and come
to an end and military families will get some rest and some needed relief if my people along
with my intercessors will pray, decree, and declare an end to wars, says the lord!

11/14/2010 (Corporate Word) Everything in the Church is being shaken all over the world,
because there are many things in the Church that is not like me and not of my will, says the
lord! (The Church will continue to be shaken until they graduate into the kingdom of god. The
Kingdom of God cannot be shaken, but the Churches can until they become conformed to the
kingdom. The Kingdom is for all of eternity, but the Church of is for a temporary age that is
fast nearing a completion even as the Jewish people begin to take the new role of the light of
the world as the church is taken out of the way. (Read and study Revelation Chapters 11 and
12.) God is separating the world from the church and he is in the process of thoroughly
purging and cleansing his floor. He is separating the sheep from the goat and the wheat from
the tares. The shaking is because the church must process into the kingdom of god so that
they can be taken out of the way or raptured so that the next dispensation of the age can
begin in the earth and the Antichrist system will begin to be established, but we are in a
processing time frame as a whole. Many won't understand this season of time and many
won't survive the shaking and some Churches will not survive the shaking, because there
entire foundation has not been founded and built upon Christ. (See Revelation 3:2) more to
come on this.............

10/28/10 (Corporate Word) The lord says I am about restore my fear in the earth among men
and in the church; for some lame minded men have disgraced my name and my purpose, but
i shall cause all men to look upon me and to see and to fear. This is the day all the tribes of
the earth shall look me whom they have pierce through again with harsh words and hostile
intents against my cause and they shall mourn, lament, and weep bitterly, says the lord; for in
this season I am bringing entire Governments to their knees and all men shall fear me at the
shaking of my hand as the shaking of an olive tree, says the lord!

9/16/10 (Corporate Word) We are going to make it Body of Christ even as the Church is
shifting into its final phase. There have been many things around you shaking, but you are a
part of a major Kingdom that can not be moved even in the midst of shaking. The shaking will
continue, but those of us that are rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ will weather any storm
and pass any test.  

8/16/10 (Corporate Word) This is a season of suddenly and immediately, says the Lord; and
things will happen quickly and fast for my people that are watching and waiting at my gates;
for my supply lines are opened in an unprecedented fashion, declares the Lord!

4/18/10 (Corporate Word) Go to the nations, says the Lord!   

2/12/10 (Corporate Word) The Lord has a lot of his servants to include many of his pastors,
leaders, apostles, teachers, and prophets teaching on the area of relationships and they will
continue to teach on them, because many marriages are in trouble and so many Christian
people are going the way of the world by jumping in and out of marriages and ungodly
relationships just like they are jumping rope. They don't seem to even know and understand
that we cannot function like the world. Many spouses have allowed the devil to whisper in
their ears and say just leave them. Don't worry about it, you find somebody else, but when
they live a life like that, then judgment follows and a lot of Christians are sick and dying
because of judgment from making bad choices. They don't seem to think that there will be
repercussions to doing those kinds of things. They don't seem to understand that you can't
just trade in a husband of a wife like a used car and purchase a new one. It don't work that
way saints, but many Christians are doing it and they are getting sick and departing out of
here just as fast as they do it. Nobody is saying too much about that part, but I’m going to tell
you the truth to save lives. I watch and observe many things, and I see the trespass, then I
see the judgments of the Lord that follows those types of actions. The bible lists these
judgments on such actions in a lot of places. It is called adultery. (Matthew 5:27-32)
Somebody might say well sister so and so did it and nothing happened to him or brother so
and so did it and he is not sick, but the minute that you deceive yourself, cross that line, and
do it, then you get gravely ill and depart from here. Don't base the righteous word and
judgments of God on somebody else's life because they are scriptures that explain that part
too. (See Ecclesiastes 8:10-14)

2/10/10 (Corporate Word) This is the wrong season to be cold in the kingdom of God, off
track with God, mad at God because things didn't go your way, mad at somebody else, bitter,
or missing the mark, because there are a lot of strong shaking coming in America and all the
nations of the world and the church realm that you have never heard of before or even dared
to dream that it was possible.

1/22/10 (Corporate Word) We are in an unprecedented season of two and the double
blessings. Many of you have been experiencing it and have not understood what was going
on in your life. In a strong season of two's and the double. All most everything in and around
your life will be doubled or appear to come in two's. For the kingdom of God and the righteous
people and those that intend to do right in life, both saved and unsaved will experience
double blessings. Two for the price of one. Many of God's people will experience a double
portion anointing that will attract double blessings. Everything in the news and on TV. Shows
and commercial will be in the double or two of everything. You'll go to get one outfit, but you'll
get two. You may be supposed to get one check, but you'll get two. For the kingdom of God,
you'll see double blessings and a double portion anointing, but the world will see double
destruction as a sign of the double judgments in the earth. What is happening in the earth
and what will happen will be a double sign to all nations to signify the season that we are in.
The Lord told me to tell his people to expect only the good to come, and do not expect the evil.
Do not expect for evil things to happen to you, says the Lord! This is a double season. This is
a heavy season of the two, and you'll see it in almost everything and every event worldwide
and both nationally wherever you are. So look for the double and the two's in everything and
mean while, watch your lane!

1/15/10 (Corporate Word) Many good things are about to come to God's people in this hour.
"look for the blessing out the chaos, says the Lord; for out of death always comes life, says
the spirit of the Lord!

12/20/09 (Corporate Word) Get prepared to buy T.V. AND radio stations in abundance.

12/18/09 (Corporate Word) The Lord said to ask you these questions; do you have faith for
your nation, or are you consumed with what you currently see? Do you believe that I can
change things at an instant? Do you believe that I have the final say in all things? Do you
believe that I have all power? Now, I say unto you that my hand is not shortened that it cannot
save you and your nation and your king, says the Lord; for I have all power o' you of little faith!
That is a light thing for me to do, but I say unto you that you shall see greater things than
these in this hour, declares the Lord!

12/13/09 (Corporate Word) Many parents that are not saved (born again) will be lead to Christ
by their own children that have received Jesus as the Lord and savior of their lives. The Lord
specifically said that this morning. (See Isaiah 11:6; See also 2 Chronicles 30:9)

11/16/09 (Corporate Word) What the Lord says will always come to pass, and he will always
bring you into your appointed times and seasons; so be encouraged in this season, because
you shall see the Lord do many great, mighty, and wonderful things whereby you will know
that it is the hand of the Lord that has done this thing.

11/16/09 (Corporate Word) The wicked is falling in this season. The Lord is bringing down all
wicked structures now. I hear the Lord saying "my kingdom is rising stronger than ever before
and the world shall see my power and majesty, says the Lord!"  

10/6/09 (Corporate Word) God is saying "only the obedient ones are going to be blessed in
this hour, those that will obey me, and follow my leading. They will see my glory," says the
Lord! The Lord keeps saying "only the obedient ones, they can expect my blessing, those
that hear my voice, obey my voice, and follow my leading." there are many of you that the
Lord has told you to contact a specific person, and you have not done it yet, but that is the
very test of obedience that you are failing in right now; and you need to obey God on this
immediately, because this particular test of obedience for you is where your exact answers
and breakthrough lies. "only the obedient ones," says the Lord! "only my obedient ones will
be blessed and see my hand of favor and glory. I am moving my right hand to bless my
obedient ones," says the Lord! "only my obedient ones," says the Lord! You better do
whatever the Lord tells you, or whatever else he is leading you to do for your own sakes.

10/4/09 (Corporate Word) Many of you coming on this website don't have a church home, or
you are in a transition time of being in between churches, but the Lord will say unto "do not
lose your faith in the midst of the storm and in the time of transition." this website was
establish for you and that purpose among many other reasons and purposes. The Lord had
you in mind when he told me to start Ensign to the Nations because he saw a scattering of
the church, which is not fully completed yet. Stay strong and stay in faith and make a
difference in somebody else life with the God in you.

With Kingdom Love,

Roderick Grimes

9/22/2009 (Special Corporate Word) for the Body of Christ and whosoever will hear and
listen) The Lord gave me a word under Prophecies for his people and the nations about what
you would see in the next thirty days. This was posted on 8/6/2009. Many of you around the
world and the United States of America are seeing some pretty horrific events unfolding,
some of which has been tragic and trying. Prophecy is designed to save lives, protect you,
and help prevent unnecessary damage. If you know what is coming, it helps you to prepare
yourself, your family, and your neighbors for what may come. It alerts you to get in prayer
before the Lord to find from him exactly what is coming your way and get instructions from
him for you, your family, and your neighbors. He told Noah to build an ark because a flood
was coming. Primarily because of all the violence and bloodshed upon the earth and the
earth has to cleanse herself from all of the filth and bloodshed. (Genesis 6:5-13, 17-22)
Strategic Prophecies is to be paid attention to and watched on the local, national, and
international news for them to come to pass. If you watch, you'll see that every word there
comes to pass. Become a watcher and pray and stand in the gap for the land, says the Lord!
(Ezekiel 22:29-30, Isaiah 59:12-16, Luke 18:1) if the Lord's people would pay attention to the
signals and signs from heaven, then they would escape a lot of tragedies when they do show

9/16/2009 (Special Corporate Word) Take your focus and attention off of the Antichrist and
the distraction of the systems of this world, says the Lord and put your focus back on me. I
am not through with you yet, for I yet have many more things to do to you, through you, and
for you. It is not over yet, declares the spirit of God; for I shall yet work through my people in
a strong and mighty way and I shall yet do good unto my people, says the Lord!    

8/10/2009 (Special Corporate Word) This is a war season, says the Lord, but this there shall
be peace even in the midst of a war season, declares the Lord!  

7/13/2009 (Special Corporate Word) You are being tested in this season to see if you will
obey God, or for some of you to see if you will fully obey the Lord in all that he has told and
instructed you to do.

5/1/2009 (Special Corporate Word) The church has crossed over into some dangerous
waters in this season, but God shall be the strength of his people in this hour!

4/11/2009 (Special Corporate Word) The Lord says "I’m changing the way that I have been
feeding you; I’m shifting the way that I’ve been feeding you, says the Lord! There is coming a
major shift in how God is going to feed his people in this hour, both the sheep and shepherds.

4/11/2009 (Special Corporate Word) #2)  Bring about the new guard barriers, says the Lord!

4/11/2009 (Special Corporate Word #3)  Special warnings have been given to my people,
because in this hour there will be heavy shaking that will affect the world and the church in
this very hour, and my people are to be prepared that they suffer no damage, but however if
you are not prepared for what is coming forth, you will suffer damage, says the Lord! Arm
yourself with my word and with the strength of my spirit, says the Lord!

3/7/2009 (Special Word for someone) When you begin to lose your connections that the Lord
has formed and given you or when you break your connection with the anointing, you
begin to lose your way. There are certain connections in life that the Lord did not intend for
you to lose or to break or to part from because he knows that you will lose your way or your
sense of direction and purpose. Be careful not to lose the connection that the Lord has
established for you to see you through the wilderness. The wilderness is a long ways out to
be by yourself in this season, declares the Lord! There are many of you that are reading this
now that have lost or broken your God connections from a God appointed source and you
need to humble yourself, repent, and go back to the place that God had you connected to win.
You can't make it by yourself, you need that God connection in your life to get you through the
wilderness experience that you are currently facing, says the Lord! Humble yourself, go back,
and submit. Ecclesiastes 10:4. I wrote this because somebody needed this word and God led
you here to receive this word with tears falling down your face. Just receive it, says the Lord!

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