8/8/2007 Married couples, beware and be wise, says the Lord! The first thing
that the enemy does once he sees and knows that you are divided is that he
gets the two of you in total disarray by having you call each other names, and
he gets you in strife with one another and caught up in the war of words. You
start calling each other stupid, and he knows all too well that no one likes to
be called stupid. He knows that those are fighting words. Then he eventually
gets the both of you, or at least one of you, to leave home so that he can
further isolate you and work on you constantly to deceive you and to defeat
you. He sends people to identify with your pain and to agree with your actions.
They say things like, "Girl I would leave him if I were you," and once you're
gone, then they say, "Girl if I were you, I wouldn't go back to him." What is
the devil doing? He is;
1) blinding you; 2) deceiving you; and 3) driving a
permanent wedge of division and separation between you and your spouse,
and the longer that you are out there, the harder it is for you to go back. Then
the enemy knows that you are lonely, so he sends another man into the
picture to pose as a close friend that is whispering sweet words into your
ears just like Eve. He is constantly complimenting you and saying nice things
and telling you exactly what you want to hear, and you're not even realizing
that it is a set up. He says things like, "Girl you're beautiful. You don't deserve
to be treated like that. You're too smart for all that." Now keep in mind this
brother already looks good to you, then he starts helping you with the bills
and seducing you until he gets you to have sex with him, and now you have
really messed up. Now you are hating on your spouse and finding reasons
to justify your course of destructive actions. Then after the devil has used this
brother to divide you and your husband, now you are in condemnation and
lifted up in pride, and you won't even make an attempt to reconcile with your
husband, because you feel guilty because you have sinned. However, your
husband wants to reconcile even after your adulterous affairs. God has put
it in his heart to forgive you, but you find it hard to forgive yourself. God can
turn all the mess around, but it starts with you;
1) repenting to God for your
way of actions;
2) forgiving yourself and freeing yourself from a spirit of
3) dropping your pride, and asking your husband to forgive
4) being willing to put the past behind you and not bring it up anymore
or dwell on it;
5) get rid of any and all friends that will constantly throw all that
mess back up in your face and just won't let you live it down. Sometimes this
may even include some family members;
6) learning to live a life of forgiving
others and overlooking their faults and even granting them some mercy.
Matthew 5:7
. Now to my Brother, when you got the door open with a pity
party and you are having marital problems, that carnal man inside of you
wants attention, even to the point that you start talking bad about your wife
to other women, and they take the bait. Then that other woman comes into
the picture, and Satan starts using her to further take your heart away from
your wife. She start telling you how handsome you are and how intelligent
you are, and you know that you have not been getting that at home, and it
feels good. However, you know that it is wrong and that it is a trap. Cut it
loose now. If you keep going, then she starts cooking you dinner and fixing
you some food everyday, and she will do whatever you want her to do and
say whatever you want her to say just like a little slave. Then you are tangled
up in sexual bondage. Then she ends up pregnant and starts to manipulate
you for money and threatens to call your wife and then threatens to destroy
your family. Once you come to your senses, you are already in her web. It
is still not too late to get things turned around by the mercy of God if you are
willing to go to the Lord and repent, and then ask for his forgiveness and
mercy. Then you need to ask your wife to forgive you. Marriages can be
restored even after a nasty mess, but it requires a made up mind. Some of
the most beautiful marriages that I have seen were some where the couples
put each other through Hell first, but they then surrendered their marriages
and their lives to Jesus Christ. Just know that Jesus is the way to help you
get things turned around no matter what you have done and where you have
been. There is still hope. Both hope and mercy is waiting for you. God loves
you, and he cares for you, and he is not mad at you. He just wants to see
you restored and happy. Well, I have obeyed God and wrote what he told
me to write here for the ones that needed to read this. Be blessed, and seek
his face, and be restored, in Jesus name.

With Kingdom Love,
Roderick of Ensign to the Nations

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