Do not be deceived my brothers and sisters. If you are sick, God is not trying to
teach you a lesson because you have done something wrong or because you have
been bad. Sickness is a form of oppression that comes from the devil and not God.
When Jesus walked the earth he was healing everyone that was sick, afflicted, or
that had a disease.
See Acts 10:38. In the previous scripture, it clearly shows you
that Satan, the devil, is the oppressor. The Lord is not the one that smites you with
sickness. He came to heal you of those infirmities.
Go take a look at Isaiah 53:1-5,
1 peter 2:21-24, 25, Matthew 8:13-17
. He was made to be sin and sickness for
you. His body was broken for you so that your body does not have to be broken and
sick. If you will believe this, you will see this in your life. The world has taught many
of you that if you are sick, go to the doctor, or get some medicine, and if you need a
checkup, then go ahead, but know that the healing always comes from God. There
are some people that are sick right now and cannot get well. You have tried every
type of medicine and doctor’s advice, but nothing seem to be changing in your
medical condition. The doctors don't even know how to help you, and they are only
prescribing more medicine, but the Lord wants you to know that he is the healer.
When you have tried everything and nothing works, it is because God wants you to
put your faith and trust in him to heal you. (
See Luke 8:43) Some doctors will even
tell you that themselves. Jesus is the healer, and Jesus name is above all names.
See Philippians 2:9-13. Read the scriptures that I am placing in this writing. Jesus
name is above sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, HIV, AIDS,
leukemia, lymph nodes cancer, tuberculosis, the common cold, the flu, and any
other chronic disease or illness. Jesus is still healing today directly, through his
word, through his people. (
See Hebrews 13:8, Psalm 107:20, James 5:14-16,
Mark 16:17-18
) If you are sick with an illness that has you sick unto death. In other
words, it is deadly, then prophetically the word of the Lord unto you right now is
Psalm 91:14-16. If you are in him, stay in him. If you are not in him, then get in him,
and stay in him. If you have been in him and have backslid, then get your tail back
in him, and don't never leave him again. He loves you. Jesus loves you more than
you think. He ain't mad at you because you messed up or you left him. He did not
leave you. Get it right, keep it right, and close all doors says the Lord, and I shall
keep you, protect you, and preserve your health, and give you length of days, says
the Lord! If you will walk with me, then I will walk with you and I will be a father unto
you and you shall be my sons and daughters, and yea, you shall be called by my
name, says the Lord!


                                           RODERICK GRIMES

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