6-21-2018 The Lord says, do not over magnify a situation because you figure
that it is too big for you to handle, but know that I am there with you to help you
to overcome it and come out strong and with a lasting victory. Trouble dissolves
in my presence, and trouble is no match for me, says the Lord, so know that I
am on your side, declares the Lord!

6-20-2018 The Lord says, there is fire on your path, but there is favor to deal with
the fire and to bring it into check. You bring it into check with your words.

6-19-2018 The Lord says, do not hesitate to build what I have called you to do in
the earth. You build it and I will establish it. You lay the groundwork and build
upon my foundation, and I will help you to bring it into completion and fullness.
There is nothing in life that you are building that I told you to do that will not come
into completion and fullness, because I will see to it that it gets done and come
into a time of completion, because I am the one that is backing it, says the Lord!

6-18-2018 The Lord says, do not be afraid to take steps with me and move
forward with me free of fear. Some try to operate by a different blueprint for their
lives other than what I have prescribed for them, but they find themselves on a
different path being confused, because they pursued a path of their own. They
did everything else except what I showed them and told them to do, and as a
result, things are not working for them. If those same people would repent like
Jonah and turn around and do the first works, then the windows of Heaven
would open up for them, declares the Lord!

6-17-2018 The Lord says, if you could see what I see for your life, you would not
give up.

6-16-2018 The Lord says, if you’re not shifting, you’re drifting. Those that shift, I
uplift, but those that draw back and forbear are filled with life’s cares. Those that
are not shifting are the ones that Satan is sifting, but those that are obedient to the
call are the ones that I am lifting, declares the Lord!
Look at Luke 22:31-32,
Isaiah 30:28, and Amos 9:1-15

6-15-2018 They have said that they will bury you and put you in your grave, but
the Lord says, they won’t have power to touch you in this season, and I will turn
back their plans to destroy your life and I will defend you. Yea, I will rebuke them,
says the Lord! You are my chosen, and you are my anointed, and I called you, so
a foolish man or woman cannot stop what I ordained for you. They can’t disqualify
you or invalidate you, because my signature is on your life, and you shall live and
not die to declare my works and my will in the earth, says the Lord!
On Another
: The Lord took me up in a prophetic dream last night to show me inside
The Great Tribulation what would be happening upon the earth, and I was
able to clearly see people looting, robbing, and breaking into other people’s
homes stealing TV’s, food, and whatever they could find to sell, because the
governments and the systems of the world had collapsed, and all over the world
there were severe famine and food shortages. I saw all races, and I was able to
ask the people questions as far as what was going on and what was happening,
even though I knew what was happening, but they were not able to answer me,
and all I could see was great pain, anguish, and despair on their faces. I saw
Arab women in Burkas breaking that was at some point more peaceful women,
but even they were breaking into homes to try and find food to feed themselves,
and it was like it was every man for themselves, even from the least to the
greatest of them. I saw the great waters of the earth even begin to dry up. In all
of this, I was divinely shielded and protected from the many things that were
going on, but all across the world, there was clearly an absence of the people of
God, and none were found. It was a lot of people who had their hopes in false
gods and other religions that could not profit them, and at this point, it was too
late for many of them, because their culture were too deeply rooted and seated
in them
. I was not going to share this dream initially, but within hours I had a
second dream and two greatly respected apostles and one greatly respected
prophet in that dream said that I should share this with the church and the Body
of Christ as a whole, and as I shared it before them in one of those apostles
church, they began to interpret the dream
. Both of these dreams were something
serious, but I believe that
the Lord wants to awaken his sleeping beauty, his
sleeping bride, from her slumber, out of her sleep, to get ready, be prepared,
don’t miss him, and to dust off her wedding dress, and to know that the day of
the bridegroom is at hand. This was a wake up call dream for the Body of Christ,
because I saw what was going to happen in great detail
. This was the short
See Isaiah 8:19-22, Matthew 24:7-21, Luke 21:16-36,  Daniel 12:1-2,
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 2 Thessalonians 5:1-11, 2 Thessalonians 1:3-12,
2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, and Revelation 13:1-20

6-14-2018 The Lord says, I won’t let them take you down, because I am planning
on taking you up.

6-13-2018 The Lord says, your fortunes will be restored in this hour, and my
power will be revealed in your life in a new way. You will notice an obvious new
strength in your life to help you push forward in a powerful new and strong way.
This is a season of strength for you and I am opening up things for you in a way
that you have not seen or experienced in times past before, and you will find that
in this season, things that were a challenge for you in the last season of your life
will be no match for you and will not be able to stand against you in this season,
because of the anointing that is on your life that I have put there, says the Lord!
For some of you out there, the Lord says, I am responding to your fast.
another note
: Meghan, the Lord says, do not say that I do not care, because I
do care for you greatly, says the Lord!

6-12-2018 The Lord says, in this season you will not need to fight all by yourself,
but I will be there alongside you to fight for you and with you, and I am bringing
people into your life that will stand alongside you to fight for you and with you.
This is a change of seasons, says the Lord!

6-11-2018 The Lord says, you have been used to doing things and handling
things by your flesh, but in this season I am going to force you to come up and do
things by the Spirit and as a result you will navigate differently and in a new way
that will yield some new results.

6-10-2018 The Lord says, your favor with me has not dried up, but it is only
beginning and it will now begin increasing all the more.

6-9-2018 The Lord says, I will fix your enemies and those that resist my will in
your life, and those that despise my name will be lightly esteemed, says the Lord!

6-8-2018 The Lord says, don’t get caught up in the hype as so many people in
my Kingdom do, but stand on my word and let my faith be your guide. Allow me
to give you my ability to see and discern things for what they really are, and you
will see right through things and see things how I see them and not be misled or
led astray. Ask me for the gifts of discerning of spirits, and I will grant your
request, says the Lord, and you will be able to cast things out by name that do
not belong in my Kingdom and in the lives of people, especially my people, says
the Lord!

6-7-2018 The Lord says, I am not trying to keep you from certain things, but I am
trying to get you into your inheritance. I am not trying to keep you back from those
things that belongs to you, says the Lord!
See Isaiah 65:21-25.

6-6-2018 This is a season where the Lord is bringing things within reach. Things
that were far off and far away and way out of reach for you are being reeled in and
brought not just within arm’s reach, but it is being brought right directly into your
hands. Many things, good things are going to be brought right into your hands. It
is a season of instant harvest, says the Lord!

6-5-2018 The Lord says, I have purposed in my heart not to throw shade, but to
give you an upgrade. I will not throw shade at you, but you will get an upgrade in
this season, says the Lord!

6-4-2018 The Lord says, the shifting is for the uplifting, the uplifting of my people
and my Kingdom. I shifted you to uplift you also. The Lord said I prepared you,
but your humbleness of heart and your gifting made room for the shifting. I am in
the process of shifting all things in your life. I am shifting things over from one
system of operating that you have been used to and shifting you to a new system
of operation in your life where you will find me and find favor in a new way, says
the Lord!

6-3-2018 I hear the Lord say that you have been in a season of a battle wherein it
feels like nothing major has been happening and as if nothing is moving forward,
but the Lord says the reservoirs are opened and the flood waters of blessing are
now released and are flowing your way. Get ready for a tsunami force and a tidal
wave of blessing; for the blessing will come your way strong in a mighty way. Get
ready because you are about to go up and you will experience quick elevation,
expansion, and increase all of a sudden, and you will go from a dry and desolate
place to a place of sudden release and fresh waters. Yea, even waters of
refreshing, says the Lord!

6-2-2018 The Lord is cleaning up witchcraft in this hour and in this season. He is
pushing that spirit out of his churches along with Jezebel. He is also pushing that
spirit out of governments and entire nations. Reformation is taking shape and
taking place. The old is being pushed out in a lot of things and the new is being
positioned and put in place by God. The lukewarm is being passed over, but the
serious is being setup and a mantle is being stepped up in their lives. The Lord
is setting their future up, and he is bringing it into the Now in this season. I heard
the Lord say, I am dismantling strongholds, and making my people a stronghold.
I am dismantling those demonic structures and tearing down false altars. The
Lord says, I am renewing strengths, and I am divinely commissioning and
repositioning. I have already gone before you and prepared the way. Do not try
to make nothing happen that I am not in the details of making it happen. Come
to me for fresh instructions, and I will give you those strategies and instructions
for this season and I will show you the way forward.

6-1-2018 The Lord says, I am going to take care of you no matter what it looks

5-31-2018 The Lord says, you have entered in a new season of destiny, but walk
in this new season with an open mind, an open heart, and an open hand, and be
open to what I am doing in your life in this season. Do not lean to your own
understanding, because all such things paralyzes your faith, but be of a good
courage and be of an understanding heart. Allow my words to penetrate the
hardness of your heart, and to melt away your doubts and fears, so that you will
step up into destiny at this time. In this season, I will bring you into a time of quick
elevation and rapid acceleration; for I am a God of quick increase and that is what
I will be to you in this season, says the Lord!

5-30-2018 The Lord says, I have put a certain uniqueness in every man, and I
have placed a creativity in every person. I have loaded many unseen gifts and
talents on the inside of you that you did not even know that you had. Let me show
you these things in this season. Allow me to unlock that which was hidden and
locked up inside of you. Allow my glory to come forth and to shine forth through
you in a marvelous way that brings glory to my name even as the unlocking of
those gifts take place in your life. When those hidden ones that you don’t know
about are unlocked, you will see, understand, know, and create in a new way that
you have not known previously before. You have had a lot of gifts within you that
you knew about, but there is another round of harvest within you that you have
not known about up until this time. This is my season of unlocking for you, says
the Lord!
See Isaiah 48:6-7.

5-29-2018 The Lord says, I have not brought you this far to abandon you or to
leave you, but I have purposed for victory to come your way repeatedly, because
you are a child of the King.

5-28-2018 The Lord says, the bowl has tipped over and overflow has been
declared as things now run over, including waters in the natural realm, but your
cup will surely run over with an overflow and abundance of blessings. This is
that harvest that you have been long time praying for, says the Lord!

5-27-2018 The Lord says, I am your shield in a seemingly dark place. I made
you light so it will be alright, says God!

5-26-2018 The Lord says, I will not allow things to cripple you or to disrupt my
plans for your life. My goodness will prevail over the darkness, says the Lord!

5-25-2018 The Lord says, I am teaching you to master things in this season
instead of having things to exercise mastery over you.

5-24-2018 An enemy in your life always tries to come in and usurp authority over
God’s will and sovereignty in your life, but I heard the Lord say, in this season I’m
bringing down all such enemies in your life and my fire shall burn them up in the
fire of my fury and in the fire of my jealousy.

5-23-2018 Sometimes you can hear many things along your life journey and path.
Some things will encourage you, while other things along the way that you hear
will at times discourage you, but in this season, the Lord will step in to be the one
that will encourage you, but you are going to have to take the time to get into his
presence so that you can hear his voice, or just following his leading, because at
times, he will lead you to listen to certain things by certain people and it will be
the fuel that you need to keep pressing on in strength being encouraged to do
his will from a position of strength and not a position of weakness. Even now, the
Lord says follow my path, and I will cause you to laugh, says the Lord God!

5-22-2018 The Lord says, while they are plotting against you and looking for
evidence and clues, they will find nothing but good news, and I will watch over
you, says the Lord!

5-21-2018 The Lord says, I don’t ordain for something to trip you up, because
that is the work of Satan, but I have ordained for you to overcome, to be protected,
and to have victory in every area of your life. Do not give me credit for things that
Satan may be doing in your life to test your faith and to test your loyalty to me,
because I am the one praying for you, and I am rooting for you and cheering you
on, declares the Lord!
See Luke 22:31-32. Be of good cheer, and know that
I am the one that has your back, says the Lord! Read John 10:10-15,
John 16:33, 1 John 5:4-5, and John 14:1

5-20-2018 The Lord says, this is a diamonds season for you where you will shine
as the bright and beautiful diamond that I have called you to be. I will open doors
for you, and I will cause you to get into the place where I need you to be to fulfill
the next layer of your destiny, says the Lord! Expansions, increase, and quick
elevation is what I have decreed over your life, and things will move suddenly,
fluently, and frequently for you in this season, because this is your shining
diamonds season, says the Lord!

5-19-2018 The Lord says, remember that you are royalty, and your name is
written in Heaven and I know who you are, and I have called you by name, and
I love you. I call you my beloved, says the Lord!

5-18-2018 The Lord says, because it has not happened yet does not mean that it
is not in motion. Patience and faith on your part will see it through, says the Lord!

5-17-2018 The Lord says, it will happen sooner than later, much sooner than you
think, says the Lord!

5-16-2018 You been distracted by a detour, and all you could see is the
construction and all you could focus on is how much longer it is taking you to get
to where you are going, but the Lord says pay very close attention to road signs
that I am putting on your path. In the construction zones, you will see signs
indicating that they have lowered the normal speed limit so that those working in
those areas, as well as you, can be safe. Likewise, the Lord says the process has
seemingly slowed down a little bit and it has been taking a little longer, because I
had to take you the safer route on this one, but the same exact harvest will be
there waiting for you once you get there. It will be much better, brighter, and
bigger than what you were expecting, because over time, I had to expand what I
was doing in your life and on your path to give you much more than you could
have imagined. What I have in place is much greater than you have been
expecting, and the longer it is taking you to drive there, the more stuff that I have
time to add for you and expand what I originally said I was going to do for you,
says the Lord! I won’t take away anything from what I said, but I will add more to
it, declares the Lord! There is much more for you, says the Lord!

5-15-2018 Watch the floods, watch the floods, says the Lord! These things will
be a sign of a major turning point in every area and nation and place where you
see the floods. Yeah, even some nations will even see great floods, as a sign of
a great move and a great turning point, declares the Lord!

5-14-2018 The Lord says, this is a season of overflow, and surely your cup will
run over in this season, says the Lord!

5-13-2018 The Lord says, I am canceling out the war and the assignment of the
enemy that has been against your life, and I will reverse his works and evil deeds
against your life that were meant to destroy you. Things will take a shift and a
sudden turn to let you walk through a passage way into total victory over those
things that have held you bound and in bondage all of this time, declares the Lord!

5-12-2018 The Lord says, I will take you around a way that will lead you into the
heart of my will for your life. Only trust me and do not lean towards what you
know naturally, because the way that I am taking you is not anything that you
have experienced before, so you will have to trust, especially when you cannot
see signs of confirmation along the route at every point of the way, says the Lord!

5-11-2018 The Lord says, as things get to a breaking point in the world, you will
not break, because I will keep you and will not let you buckle, bend, cramp, or
break. The power of my right hand will be seen in your life mightily, says the Lord!

5-10-2018 The Lord says, I have watched and I have seen. I held my peace at
what the enemy has tried to do to you, because I wanted to see what was in their
hearts concerning you, but now I will move on your behalf, says the Lord, and I
will speak to your enemies in my wrath and with great fury. My power shall be
seen and revealed among the nations; for I am the vindicator of my people, says
the Lord, and you will no longer be ashamed and have to hold your head down
in frustration and anguish; for I, the Lord, be a Sun and a Shield of victory for you
from now on and in the days ahead. I have purposed in my heart to do you good
and not evil, says the Lord!

5-9-2018 The Lord says, situations that may have been meant to pound you, I
will not let ground you, if you will trust me and grab my hand and don’t let go. I
am working on a permanent fix and solution for you that will take you forward
and not backwards, says the Lord!

5-8-2018 The Season of Spilling Over ; When a cup is full, all it can do is run
over. We are in a season where everything has come to a point where everything
is full and is in the process already of running and spilling over. You see all of
these volcanoes erupting in various parts of the earth, because the lava that was
inside had reached a boiling point, a pressure point, in which it could no longer
be contained inside, but it had to bubble up and begin to implode, explode, start
erupting, and just pouring out. Which that is somewhat of a tragedy for some, it
is a much greater sign of the time and the season that we are in and has just
entered into. For the nations of the world, it means a time of severe judgment
where the iniquity of the gentiles has come to its capacity and has reached its
fullness, and so as a result, things will now begin to come full circle in a lot of
places around the world and you will see many nations shake in ways that they
have never shaken before. For the Body of Christ as a whole, you will see
1 Peter 4:17-19 begin to kick in where certain Churches embraced the corruption
and evil of the world and let that spirit creep in among the saints. For those that
have been faithful in the Body of Christ, good news, it means that it is your time
of harvest, and your cup will overflow with the blessings of God in abundance
and you will see the total fulfillment of Psalm 23:5 and Psalm 68:9-12 manifest in
your life, because you did the first word in Luke 6:38, so you’ll see the rest of that
Scripture fulfilled in your life rapidly in this hour. The harvest of souls is full, and
is ready to reap in abundance, and revival is here also in that area. I see the
multitudes coming in to take up their position in the Kingdom of God and many of
you are going to be a part of that massive reaping effort. Many of you will be sent
by the Lord into places to do crusades or to have tent meetings or open meetings
in the parks, and the souls will be won and will now come in. The shaking of the
earth and of the systems of this world will help to facilitate this harvest, because
of those things, a lot of them will make up their minds to come in out of the rain.
The harvest is now, even financial ones. Many nations will have to deal with
things in this season that have spilled over their borders from other nations. I
reiterate that when a cup is full, all it can do is run over. It is the fullness of times
and many things will run over in life, even the waters. See Isaiah 28:17-29,
Nahum 1:1-8, Isaiah 28:1-2, Isaiah 29:6, Jeremiah 47:2, and Ezekiel 38:14-22,
then 23, but Joel 2:24-26, Joshua 3:15, and Isaiah 43:2 for the saints of God.
See also Job 22:15-30. I reiterate to you, that when a cup is full all it can do is
run over.

5-7-2018 When it gets heavy, know that my grace is heavier, says the Lord!
There is no pressure that you are faced with that is heavier than my grace and
my anointing, says God!

5-6-2018 The Lord says, you will see me get involved to purge the corruption

5-5-2018 The Lord says, this is your breakthrough season. Do not miss the
moment of opportunity that I am setting before you at this time, because I am
bringing you into a time of greatness, and I have marked you to see my
goodness, declares the Lord!

5-4-2018 I heard the Lord say, tell them that I want to move them from those that
need a word to people that are being used to deliver a word to others. In this
season, this shift takes place in your life, even this day, says the Lord!

5-3-2018 The Lord says, don’t let the chaos you see in the world discourage you;
for I am greater than the chaos that you see, and I am able to still bless you in the
midst of that chaos, says the Lord!

5-2-2018 The Lord says, my plan will push you forward in this season. Do not
focus on the plan of the enemy against your life, because I am pushing him out
of the way in this season, and I am pushing my plan through, says the Lord!

5-1-2018 The Lord says, be not overly concerned about events and situations
beyond your control and your natural ability, but turn those cares over to me and
allow my hand to restore and to bring about the necessary options and solutions.

4-30-2018 The Lord is saying, the harvest is there for you to reap, but you have
to move into position in order to reap. Sometimes harvest does not just come to
you, but you have to do something to reap it, such as go out into the harvest to
get it. This is your time to reap, says the Lord!

4-29-2018 The Lord says, I am putting my hands on businesses in this hour. I am
pulling out that great entrepreneur that you have had locked up in you, and I will
press my people to become that great person in the business realm that I am
calling you to, says the Lord! Many of you that did not even know that you had a
business in you will find out that not only is there a business in you, but the Lord
is calling it out of you!

4-28-2018 The Lord says, you have been looking at the natural circumstances in
your life, but I am able to shift things by my glory and turn things around to work
out in a favorable way for you. Only trust that I am able to guide you and provide
for you according to my hands and not according to what you have in your
pockets or wallet, says the Lord! I am able to provide far beyond anything you
have in your bank account right now, says the Lord!

4-27-2018 The Lord says, take what I told you and run with it, and you will have
positive results.

4-26-2018 The Lord says, this is your season of favor, but this is also my season
of glory. Watch how my glory mixes with the favor that I have put on your life to
form a season of victories for you one after the other. You will smile in this season
as you see things unfolding that I have purposed to do for you. I have purposed
to do good to you, says the Lord!

4-25-2018 The Lord says, it has been decided in the council of Heaven to remove
certain mountains from out of your life in this season, because it is the appointed
time for you to go forth in the fullness to fulfill your portion of destiny. There was
an appointed time for this action to take place. Some things served as an anchor
in your life to keep you in place and to keep you from running outside of the will
of God for your life, but now things will shift in your life, and many things will shift
and turn to work in your favor, says the Spirit of God!

4-24-2018 The Lord says, you have an enriched destiny, and I am calling you to
reach a certain place in destiny by a certain time. I am calling you to reach a
certain place in the Spirit by a certain space of time and to come into a place of
full maturity so that I can release the next phase of what I have in store for you.
You have been taking baby steps of faith, but now I am calling you to take great
leaps of faith in order to see the greater things that I have for you. In this season,
there are many things that I can only release to certain ones my people that are
ready, prepared, and mature, because the full measure and weight of what I have
to release will require maturity and preparedness so that it does not crush you
when you try to handle it as it comes to you. The weight of the glory of that which
I am sending you demands that you be ready, prepared, and mature just like
when they handled the Ark of the Covenant in a way that they touched it wrong
and it had serious repercussions for those that did try to handle it improperly.
This measure and weight of my glory will require sanctification, preparation,
awareness, and holiness on your part, because this new thing is meaty, but it
will break you through into a new place if you are prepared to handle it as it
comes. Prepare to handle the much greater, says the Lord; for this is a season of
my glory, says the Lord of Glory!

4-23-2018 The Lord says, get out of your place of comfort and come to that place
where I am. I am out in the deep where I defy all gravity and natural rules. I am in
that place of miracles and supernatural activity. Come where I am, says the Lord!
I walk on waters and I give the power to part Red Seas and waters. Come to me
where I am. Step out of your personal boat of security and that place of comfort
where you can predict and know what is going to happen next. That place where
you are is not a place of faith where I am, but I am calling you to a place where it
is uncomfortable, because it requires you to walk by faith, live by faith, move by
faith, see by faith, feel things by faith, and grab a hold of things by faith and pull
it out of the Spirit into your natural environment and world around you. Step out
and step up. Get up from there and come where I am, says the Lord! When I see
you get up from where you are, I will come and meet you, and I will visit you there,
says the Lord!

4-22-2018 The Lord says, conquering the various challenges of life is in your
blood, and I have equipped you to flow in such a way that causes you to overcome
any obstacles that tries to get in your way or stand before you. I have destined you
to get the upper hand and the victory over every situation that would try to corner
you and box you in, says the Lord!

4-21-2018 The Lord says, I am dealing with the things in your life in this season
that has been dealing with you, and I will break everything that has been trying to
break you and hinder you and keep you from doing my will. This is a season for
you to go free and watch a new measure of my Spirit come upon you to do new
things to my glory, says the Lord!

4-20-2018 The Lord says, behold and see my goodness. See where I am taking
you. See the things that I am showing you. Open up the eyes of your spirit and
see in a new way; for there are yet many more mysteries I want to unfold for you
and there are yet many more secrets I want to reveal to you, says the Lord, if you
would only open your heart, says God!

4-19-2018 The Lord says, I see you where you are going and not where you
currently are, and as soon as you see yourself in the same way, then the easier it
will be for you to fully transition there from where you are now.

4-18-2018 The Lord says, I hear every word that you pray, and the problem is
not with do I hear you, but do you hear me when I speak back to you through the
many ways, means, and forms that I do, asks the Lord! Are you in a position to
hear my voice, or are you constantly distracted by all of the things going on
around you and in this life, asks the Lord? This is a season where I am making
all things plain and clear for you, even for the children, declares the Lord!

4-17-2018 The Lord says, stop looking at just the circumstances and instead look
to what I have promised you and focus only on that, and you will soon see that
come to pass in your life.

4-16-2018 The Lord says, I have called you up to a higher place, not for you to
tumble back down, but so that you can see those things you would have not been
able to experience or see from the lower place where you were so comfortable at.
Now is your time to rise and to shine as my glory has risen up upon you as I have
said to you in my word. Just know that I am with you to excel you and propel you
into your destiny on a higher level, says the Lord God!

4-15-2018 The Lord says, my favor is on you for a reason. The Lord says, in this
season I am stirring up all those gifts that I planted deep within you, and I will
cause a hidden wellspring of wisdom and talent to spring up out of you that you
did not even know that you had. I will get glory by the things will be seen in you
and that which shall be discovered in you that was hidden back for now. Let the
hidden wellsprings within you arise and come forth now for my glory, says the
Lord God!

4-14-2018 The Lord says, I have been storing up some good things for you for a
while now, and in this season you will see sudden release of all those good things
that I have in store for you, says the Lord your God!

4-13-2018 The Lord says, your purpose is found in your journey. Sometimes you
will not see your purpose until you see the need arises and I show it to you along
the route of your life journey, says the Lord! What have I called to your attention
as of lately and what have I shown you and made it so clear to you? That is your
purpose, says the Lord! If you see how to fix something in life, it is because I have
shown you the solution in your purpose, says the Lord!

4-12-2018 The Lord says, Rapping Prophets in the Body of Christ will become
more visible in this season, as well as many other gifts in my Body that you did
not know that exists, declares the Lord!

4-11-2018 I had a dream last night, and in the dream I was standing in a pool hall
talking to a man that I never seen before as we were playing pool. As we took
turns shooting pool shots, the Lord said listen to what is on the radio, and as I
listened in closely, I heard a Christian song that was playing that I recognized.
Then it took me to a vision, and I could see where hundreds of thousands of
Christian songs were being played on secular radio stations all over the world,
and they were in high demand. I turned to the guy that I was playing pool with
and said, if artists would just focus on making good beats and on writing good
words with a strong and powerful message, they will play their songs for the next
hundred years, and they will play them forever, and the guy turned to me and
said, yes they will play them forever. At that point, I awoke from the dream, and I
was about to ask the Lord about the dream and what it meant, but he spoke before
I even asked and said to me, this is the next move and the next wave of
evangelism. I will evangelize the nations of the world through Christian music and
songs and through Christian videos. I will cause the DJ’s in secular places and
even on secular radio stations to start playing the music of my people abundantly,
and they won’t even know why they are doing it, but I will be at work in their hearts,
says the Lord, and many will be won over to me through those avenues, including
the DJ’s and the radio personalities. I will cause godly music to be played in their
clubs, in the pool halls, and in the least likely places by my hand, says the Lord! I
say unto Christian Artists all over the world, ready yourself, and prepare for the
greatest harvest, because you are a part of it. You’ll be singing “Meet me down at
Shiloh,” and they will be playing it on radio stations all over the world as I began
to break my people out of the box that they have put me in; for the Lord says, I will
begin to break my artists from out the box of the four walls assemblies and out
into the harvest where the people are and I will take the light of the Gospel to the
nations that way. I am causing a new movement to suddenly come upon my
people to send churches and my Body beyond the four walls and into the harvest
to reap, says the Lord! Watch for it and expect it, because I am sending you forth,
says the Lord!

4-10-2018 The Lord says, the things in my will for your life are the things that I
work towards fulfilling in your life above all those other things that you desire that
are not in line with my will. It is my counsel and my will that will stand, says the

4-9-2018 The Lord says, I am at work even when you can’t see that I am at work in
your life. Things are always getting done behind the scenes that will be revealed in
due season and in due time, declares the Lord!

5 things the Lord revealed for this season for you; 1) Your next
season of harvest will come from totally unexpected sources you could have never
imagined or even thought of.
2) There is an idea or an invention in you that you
thought was nothing and kind of put it on the back of the shelf, but the Lord is in
the process of rekindling that thing or those things and bringing them back to life.
3) I see a very special door that will open up for you in this season that will be the
stepping stone to the rest of your destiny fully opening up for you.
4) Things will
align for you in this season and the missing pieces of the puzzle will now come
together for you in this season.
5) The Lord says, I am bringing you into a season
of diversity and many things in your life will be diverse for you, even the people
that you will begin to meet. The Lord says, I am doing this to expand your vision
and your experience in life. There is more schooling around the corner for many
of you is what I see, and it is a part of what the Lord wants to do in your future.

4-7-2018 The Lord says faith sees beyond the mountains in front of you, but it
sees all of the promises of God and then walks in them.

Ten other things that I see for this season;

1) You have to let the Lord build relationships for you in this season. It is not just
about you meeting a bunch of people, but it is about you meeting key people and
strategic relationships that are a part of your destiny.

2) You have to allow the Lord to build bridges in your life, because he knows what
people or connections are right for you in order to help you get to the other side
where your destiny lies. It lies beyond where you are now.

3) When people believe that there is another way besides the way that the Lord
has shown them or told them to go, then it causes forms of confusion in their lives,
because they are wrestling with two opinions, and confusion comes as a result of
creating more than one option for their lives.

4) God tells you the way, but the second voice or the second opinion comes from
Satan to try to talk you out of what God has said, which sometimes comes through
other people, even sometimes family and close friends.

5) You have to move beyond man’s opinion and stick with what the Lord is telling
you and showing you through reputable sources. A lot of people give too many
people, like family and friends, a voice and a say in their lives over God’s voice to
their own hurt, which yields confusion in their lives and keeps them tripped up,
stagnant or hindered.

6) If a bridge collapses, you must not ever try to restore what the Lord was behind
tearing down in your life, because some things he has to do to protect you in
certain seasons.

7) If restoration is to come into your life, it has to come by God’s hands and not by
your own. Your hands in things have kept things messed up in your life long
enough. Let God handle it.  

8) In this season, the Lord is trying to move his people forward in life, but many are
trying to hold onto things from the past which has been hindering them from going
into the place that he has for them, but it is when you actually let go of the old that
you will see the new and the next season and chapter of your life begin.

9) If something is broken in the lives of God’s people, they have been trying to use
glue to patch it up instead of allowing God’s hand to restore things perfectly his

10) Your next season will begin just as soon as you let go of what you have been
holding onto against God’s will, whether that is something in the natural or
something in your heart.

4-6-2018 The Lord says, you are coming into the fullness of your purpose in this
season and nothing will stop what I am flowing into your life, and in this season, I
will cause you to fully align with the purpose that I have for you to give birth to
destiny that will take you to that place of destination where many things that I have
promised you awaits you. Get ready and get up, because I am taking you up, says

4-5-2018 The Lord says, I will not allow the enemy to stop you from entering into
the door that I have for you in this season. Where I have you at now is an entrance
and a launching pad to your future. You will now enter in without anymore
hindrance and fear, declares the Lord! Go through the door at the entranceway
that you see, says the Lord!

4-4-2018 The Lord says, this is your time to shine like the stars of Heaven. Win
souls and be wise like the great ones and all the rest of the mighty ones in the
earth that I have called and chosen to do my will. As you go forth in the harvest
doing my will, you will see that all of your needs will be met in you so doing, says
the Lord!

4-3-2018 The Lord says, look up versus looking down, because things are about
to look up for you and work in your favor now. Where you have been downtrodden
and weary, I will pick you up, and I will revive your spirit again, says the Lord!
Only have faith and trust me. Know that I have your best interest at heart and I will
not forsake you or abandon you as man has done to you in times past, but I need
you to press pass the harmful memories of your past to see your brighter day.
Your future that is bright is here now, says the Lord! Look and see it, says God!
Give yourself permission to trust again and to trust me in those areas where you
became callous and skeptical; for I the Lord God am bringing healing to all those
areas of your life in this season. I care about those areas that you think I have
abandoned you in, and I care about the very things that you don’t think I care
about, and I am putting my finger on those things and bringing healing to your
life in those areas in this season, says the Spirit of the Living God!

4-2-2018 The Lord is putting his hand upon that inferiority complex in your life
where you feel less than, insecure, and inferior to others in this season, and there
will be such a confidence and such a boldness that will come upon you to deal
with any remnants of low self-esteem.

4-1-2018 And the Lord would say unto you today, I have seen your toil and you
have been through a season of spoil, but in this season the enemy will not be able
to spoil your goods and take advantage of you anymore. The season of spoil is
over, says the Lord! I am turning the tables for you in this season and a fresh wind
I release and I declare over your life. Get ready for the refreshing and the greater
harvest, says the Lord God!

3-31-2018 The Lord says, I see you, and I see your good works that glorify me.
Keep up the good works, and I will surprise you with something good in your life
that you were not expecting, declares the Lord!

3-30-2018 The Lord says, even when you don’t feel like it, still do good, especially
on this good Friday, to commemorate the good things that I have done in your life,
and you will see my goodness show up in your life in many ways, says the Lord,
even today!

3-29-2018 The Lord says, yes I have tested you and I have proved you to see if
your heart was for me and for my causes. I wanted to see what you were all about
and to know certainly what was in your heart. Now that I see and I see ways in you
like me, I can trust you more and I will give you more and produce more in your
life, and all things will come together for you in this hour, says the Lord!

3-28-2018 The Lord says, do the stuff that you are equipped to do, but leave the
stuff that you are not able to handle to me, and watch me work it out for you as
you trust me in faith and believe.

3-27-2018 The Lord says, tighten up the loose ends and stay balanced this year,
and I will build upon that order, structure, and discipline in your life, and I will build
something great in your life this year.

3-26-2018 The Lord says, when I raised you up, I had no plans for failure in your
life, and even now I do not intend or plan for you to fail, but I have plans for you to
win, to conquer, to overcome, and to triumph in all things. That is exactly what my
word says, and that is my will. When I walked the earth, I was without sin, and I
was showing you what was possible if you stay planted, rooted and grounded,
and plugged into your heavenly Father. It is a light thing for me to have your back.
Know that I have all things covered, and I have already gone before you and we
are cheering you on and rooting for you and believing that you will finish your
course and finish strong; for I have not called you to quit or to fail, but to prevail
and to win against all odds and against all adversaries and adversities in your
life, declares the Lord of Hosts!

3-25-2018 The Lord says, you must meet every challenge with faith and have
confidence in knowing that I am with you.

3-24-2018 The Lord says, push for it and watch the greatness come forth out of
you as you give birth to destiny. I need you to push and to press, and don’t give
up at the signs of hard labor and heavy birth pains, because it is in that place of
hardness that I will show up to deliver you just as I did with the children of Israel
when they were under affliction and in bondage to their evil task master in Egypt,
says the Lord!

3-23-2018 The Lord says, by the time I get through turning things around in your
life, you will have more than a smile, but you will have many thanksgiving unto
me, and you will have a praise in your mouth constantly for me, because of my
goodness in your life, says the Lord!

3-22-2018 The Lord says, consistent faith is the only thing to make it go away.
Keep pressing in through faith and keep applying your faith pressure to that
thing and watch it suddenly break open for you, says the Lord!

3-21-2018 The Lord says, do not fear anything that you deem has been leveled
against you; for my hand will protect you and shield you and bring you into a
place of vindication and honor, says the Lord!

3-20-2018 The Lord says, confusion has no place in your life when you know me
and are yielding to my Spirit, because my Spirit provides all of the answers that
you need when you dig deep and press into me.

3-19-2018 The Lord says, the purpose that I created you for is the thing that I
have been pushing you deeper into in this season. No other purpose will be
stronger than the one that I have put in your heart for this season and at this
time, says the Lord!

3-18-2018 The Lord says, I have opened you up to hear me in a new way in
which you have not heard me in a while, and I have unlocked some things in
you that will cause you to see your door and your path clearly in this season with
some exact details. Allow what I am forming in you to be established in a new way
that paves forth a fresh path for your season, and new streams will suddenly open
up for you and things will begin to flow in your life, says the Lord!

3-17-2018 The Lord says, keep your faith up and do not let up or give up on your
faith and expectations, because those things have great reward if you hold fast
until the end.

3-16-2018 The Lord says, don’t judge them or put them in condemnation, but
pray for them.

3-15-2018 The Lord says, quit dreaming about it and do what I have called you
to do.

3-14-2018 I am sensing by the Spirit that the Lord is about to surprise many of
you with some great things, and some of those things will be totally and
completely unexpected on your part. Many of you have been serving the Lord
and have gone through many serious trials and battles, but yet have refused to
give up and continued to serve the Lord gladly and faithfully. Get ready, get up
from there, because the Lord is about the pour out into your life a blessing that
you do not have room enough to receive it all. It is your time to get a real blessing
that you did not know was coming your way or coming into your life, and even
now, I hear the Lord saying, position yourself for the harvest, because your
storehouses will be full to the overflow in this season, says the Lord! The Lord
says, I remembered all of the seeds that you have sown and I will now multiply
them and give them back to you good measure, pressed down, and shaken
together, and I release people to give into your bosom, and I will loose the loins
of kings to release to you on my behalf, declares the Lord! The harvest is going
to come to you on a heavy magnitude and in a good measure in this season,
says the Lord!

3-13-2018 The Lord says, you have reached a milestone, but yet I am calling
you to reach another one. I am giving you the grace and the strength to press on
deeper into your purpose and to pursue a path that will take faith, but it will also
increase your faith. Trust me as I lead you and learn to lean on my Spirit, and you
will see that the course that I have set out for you is just where you needed to be
to end up where I planned for you to be in the long run, says the Lord!

3-12-2018 The Lord says, I have called you up and I have called you out. Now
what are you going to do with the moment? This is your moment of truth says
the Lord, and that moment of truth comes to you with expectations and greater
responsibilities, the ones that you have been running from for so long and trying
to avoid, but what reward is it for you if you do not do as I have instructed you in
life by the elders, so that you can obtain the crown that has been laid up for you
if you finish the race and complete your course? The Lord says, you do not have
to understand everything before you make a move, but you need be in my timing
and prepared so that you can step into all that I have for you in this season, says
the Lord! Fear is not of me. I have called my people to faith and to trust me, and
those that really know me really trust me, says the Lord!

3-11-2018 You have been in a season where you could not quite see your way
clearly, but the Lord says, “Can you trust me to help you see those things in life
that you could not see clearly?” I have vision for you that you know not of, and if
you will allow me to help you and to coach and guide you, I can now release that
new vision to you that will help you see your way forward in a new way, the right
way, says the Lord!

3-10-2018 Some of you have been saying, “Lord, why do I have to drink this cup.
I see the cup that is in front of me, but I did not sign up to drink this bitter cup.” Yet
others of you have said, I have been dealt a bitter hand like Naomi, and I feel like
the deck has been stacked against me somewhat in life, but I did not sign up for
the cards that I have been dealt and in my life it is filled with Jokers, big jokers and
little jokers, and it seems like they are all jokey people in my life, and the jokers are
wild, but the Lord would say unto you even though your life has seemed like a wild
ride and like a circus of clowns at times, you’ll have the last laugh. Begin laughing
right now says the Lord, but you say, “But there is nothing funny,” and the Lord
would say unto you, “Laugh anyhow, because I have given you the victory.” If you
would lift up a shout to me even by faith and through all of your pain and
confusion, I will shed a light on your path that will show you the right way and that
shout will also cause many things to break open for you. Up until now, you have
not been able to break free of a religious mindset, but I am causing you to get free
even now from the religious structures that have sought to captivate your mind
and to keep you bound and you will know starting on today that this marks the
beginning of a major turnaround in your life, says the Lord!

3-9-2018 The Lord says, I have shown you favor, now extend a hand of favor to
someone else on your path.

3-8-2018 The Lord says, if you will get still and quiet in my presence, I will show
you your future and those things that you desire to know and to see that you have
been longing for and just constantly praying about. Quiet down and get still and
hear me, because you have not been able to hear me like you need to hear me
over all the noise and chaos that have been around you and in your ears as of

3-7-2018 The Lord says, don’t just persevere, but overcome and conquer. This is
your time to conquer versus being conquered, declares the Lord!

3-6-2018 The Lord says, the curses of yesterday is no match for your future and
your tomorrow and your tomorrow does not include sorrow.

3-5-2018 The Lord says, this is a week that I am freeing you from the
condemnation of your past and taking you in a new direction. This week a new
door will open up for you that will position you for your future. See the opportunity
when it comes and seize the moment, says the Lord!

3-4-2018 The Lord says, be watchful, be prayerful, be mindful, and be
considerate of other people. In this hour, I am teaching you to be sensitive to my
Spirit. Pay attention to how my Spirit is leading you, and be mindful of the things
that I am also speaking to you by my Spirit. I am teaching you to be able to
discern accurately and precisely in this season, and I am teaching you in the
ways of wisdom, says the Lord!

3-3-2018 The Lord says, angels have been placed on your path to see to it that
you enter my will and that which I have for you in this season. In this season, you
will see greatness, and you will see many great and mighty things. I only will for
you to stay on the path that I have you on and that I have put you on. I have
ordained peace for you on that path, and your bread shall be sure and your water
shall be sure, and the fountains will not be cut off for you says the Lord. In this
season, you will see your new wells of supplies, and new supply lines will be
formed up before you and your eyes shall see them as you enter in this season in
a new way, says the Lord! Many of you will find diamonds on that path that I have
for you, says the Lord!

3-2-2018 The Lord says, do not think for one minute that I am not with you and
watching over you to protect you and guide you. Only yield to my Spirit and you
will the way that I have made for you already, and my Spirit will guide you down
that right path, declares the Lord! The Lord says, be a part of somebody else’s
faith today by being an answer to their prayers, because you are sensitive to my
Spirit, says the Lord!

3-1-2018 I heard the Lord say, those that have had lands taken by fraud, war,
wrong doing, by seizures, or by the hands of government with twisted and
corrupt motives, will have their lands restored.

2-28-2018 The Lord says, what I am forming in you goes beyond your
imagination, and what I intend to do through you goes way beyond anything that
you could ever comprehend in your mind. The way forward is getting rid of your
thoughts in exchange for my thoughts and losing your mind in exchange for my
own mind being in you. As you think like me, you will find that you can do what I
can do, and then souls will be won, the captives will be set free, blind eyes will
be opened, people will be delivered, people will be healed, and many generations
will change and will shift for the better, and the nations will see my glory, says the
Lord! I need you to become what you have been long time wrestling to stay away
from, says the Lord!

2-27-2018 The Lord says, you do not decide how the harvests comes to you, but
that is my job, and I decide how the harvest is released to come to you. It is your
job to believe me for it, but it is my job to decide how and when it will come to you,
declares the Lord! You just need to know that it is coming, says the Lord!

2-26-2018 The Lord says, the things that you are worried about, I am not worried
or concerned about, because I hold the keys to fix them all. If you would press into
me and seek my face, you will see my strategy released to you that will fix and
address everything with clarity and with understanding, declares the Lord!

2-25-2018 The Lord says, look within and search yourself, and you will begin to
see within you the destiny and purpose that I have planted in you for this season.
This is the season that I have ordained and allotted for you to come forth, so come
forth now and make a difference, says the Lord!

2-24-2018 The Lord says, I am going to bring an opportunity for you to acquire
some land and some properties, and I will bring it within your reach or bring the
resources for you to acquire all those things. Just keep your eyes open says the
Lord, and watch what I do and how I bring things your way, says the Lord!

2-23-2018 The Lord says, I am in the midst of things and I control all things and I
control the time. The alignment of things in the earth is controlled by my hand and
according to my timing. However your prayers releases me to move in certain
areas and in certain ways, so be faithful to pray, says the Lord!

2-22-2018 The Lord says, I am doing something new, something fresh, and
something powerful in your life. Watch for it, wait for it, and expect it, says the

2-21-2018 The Lord says, lets not back up, but press on in to win. You will notice
that things in your life are suddenly turning around, because you are now moving
in faith and have tapped into what Heaven has been planning and doing. This is
a season of declared victory in your life where I will free you from oppression and
those things that sought to trouble your life, says the Lord!

2-20-2018 Through a dream last night, the Lord has shown me that the spirit of
python is on the run and is fleeing from you even now. That spirit is responsible
for financial issues, health issues, that tightness in the chest area, and many
other things. It has tried to choke the life out of you and make you give up, but it
failed because you held your peace and held on to the promises of God. It is now
time for everything in your entire life to shift into a new and positive direction. You
will see all things come together immediately in a lot of areas and the light of God
will shine upon your path. Now with this spirit of python on the run and fleeing
from you, because the Lord has put a new power and glory on you, the Lord says
don’t just let it flee and get away from you, but chase it down and kill it and cut the
head off of that spirit once and for all, and you will be free from its grip and poison
for the rest of your life and things will look up for you from this moment forth. You
will see that depression will suddenly get up off of many of you and that
oppressive spirit that has been taking your breath and sucking up all of your
oxygen will leave and everything that has long tried to torment you, harass you,
vex you, and fight against you have lost its power to do so. It is your season. It is
now your time to take forth a new stand and new dominion, because you are in a
season and a lifetime of perpetual victories is what the Lord has shown me, so
rejoice because all things will now start to look up for you, even permanently,
declares the Lord!

2-19-2018 The Lord says, don’t be weary in the process. If you believe that I am
in that process, then you would also believe that I do all things well, and I know
how to bless you real good in the process of things. By the time that the whole
process is complete and the finished work comes forth, you will have a big smile
on your face, says the Lord!

2-18-2018 The Lord says, this season was designed for you and it will bring out
the best in you when you see your purpose in it.

2-17-2018 The Lord says, the hour that is before you is the finest one that you
will ever see, so get in on it, and allow me to open your eyes to the glorious times
and the opportunities that are set before you.

2-16-2018 The Lord says, be aware when I am walking in your midst and be
aware when I am working in your midst. Great things comes when you are aware
of when I am at work and walking in your midst, declares the Lord!

2-15-2018 The Lord says, be sure that I will come through for you, because I am
there working in your midst.

2-14-2018 The Lord says, my love for you is much greater than your past failures
and all of your life mistakes. Only trust that my grace is capable of being bigger
that your shortcomings, says the Lord!

2-13-2018 The Lord says, no challenge shall be able to take you out and that
which stopped you before will not be able to stop you again. I will cause a shield
to come around you and you will receive an impartation to cause you to stand
bold in the face of adversity, opposition, and evil, and you will speak, and those
wicked and evil principalities will fall before you, says the Lord!

DON’T BE DECEIVED! It is a season of breakthrough. Many of you
have been being tested to the core and you have been about to say I don’t see
these breakthroughs that all of the prophets were talking about,
BUT it is now
processing towards you through the portals and the doors, and you will suddenly
see it pouring out upon you, and you will see the sudden rains of release flooding
your zone. I saw it in dreams and visions last night and it was intense. The Lord
took me up in the Spirit to see this sudden overflow coming with momentum. I
already see how it is coming in the Spirit and I see how it is going to affect things
in the natural. Maybe you thought you were the only one being tested, but people
and nations have been being tested all over the world. We are getting reports
from all over the world and people are being tested, but hold on, because before
breakthrough, there is always a time and a season of testing. People have been
being tested in their finances, in their health, in their mind, in their faith, just all
sorts of tests. That’s how you know that breakthrough is here and is riding on the
horizon. Begin to call it on in, because it is going to hit you anyhow. It is your
season of elevation. It is your season to come up and be promoted. It is your
season to rise, and the Lord has showed it to me for you and the Body of Christ.
This season, the Lord give you power over the warfare and put all of the enemy’s
tactics under your feet. The evil has been being purged from the land, and from
the nations, and those things in your heart that were buried and not dealt with
were resurfacing for you to deal with them once and for all, and God is bringing
total deliverance to your life now in this season. Now the waters of refreshing will
come forth for you. The Lord says, repentance releases prosperity. Seasons of
refreshing is your portion, says the Lord! In this season, your heart will beat with
the rhythm of God!

2-11-2018 The Lord says, the more expensive part is the part that I paid for you,
and that price was paid for you to have the best and to enjoy what my sacrifice
has provided for you. Don’t let my sacrifice and the price that I paid for you be in
vain, says the Lord!

2-10-2018 The Lord says, your next mission in life depends on the successful
completion of your current assignment. Stop asking me to advance you to another
level and something else when your works are undone on what I have asked you
to do currently.

2-9-2018 The Lord says, remember I got you out of that last mess that you were
in, and have faith for my deliverance now. Sometimes life does not always have
a happy ending for some, but it may be a necessary ending, and sometimes life
doesn’t always start out right and good for some people, but know that I am with
you, and I am there for you to favor you, says the Lord! Some of you have been
through so much in this life, but none of that has changed my love for you. I am
a God of love and purpose, vision and destiny. Step through, walk through, and
Go through the portals that I have opened for you. Know that I am shaking up
and breaking up some things in the earth and in your life to bring about my
perfect plan and my perfect will. Those things are not designed to trouble you or
to destroy you, but those are things that are necessary to get you positioned in
the place that you are designed and supposed to be in order to fulfill my purpose
for your life. Do not miss what I am doing and how I am moving in your life in this
season, says the Lord God!

2-8-2018 The Lord says, it is in front of you, not behind you. Your best life is in
front of you and not in your past, declares the Lord God!

2-7-2018 The Lord say, those that were once incapable will now shift to become
capable and those that were once not able will now make the shift to become
able. This is what I am hearing the Lord say. A dynamic shift and a sudden shift
is coming to people’s minds and how they think. The Lord says, a lot of people
had limited themselves by how they were thinking, but I will visit sick minds in
this season, and I will give them a change of heart and a change of mind. This
won’t be by their own doing, but it will be by my hand and because of my mercy,
declares the Lord!

2-6-2018 The Lord says, you must not be presumptuous or assuming, but you
must deal in facts and in knowledge. Allow me to give you a level of discernment
that will cause you to see beyond those surface things and to see the truth of a
matter deep within so that you can make righteous and well informed judgments,
says the Lord!

2-5-2018 The Lord says, all you need to know and be concerned about is that I
have a higher purpose for your life other than what you have been living.

2-4-2018 The Lord says, while you are still making up your mind whether or not
you are going to see and do things my way, I am still moving my plans and my
agenda forward so that my Kingdom will be established in the earth with or
without you. I indeed have great plans for your life, but if you never access those
plans and enter into them, then you will never see what I created you to be and
to become on my behalf. Don’t allow indecisiveness to keep you out of the safe
haven and destiny where I have called you to be and to be a part of. It is always
your own choice. I do not force anyone to do my will, but I will not wait forever for
you to make up your mind and get into the flow. This is a time of a turning point in
your life that will either yield and produce fruit, or that will shrink back and wither
away. My plan is for you to be fruitful and to bear much fruit, but you also have a
plan for your own life, others have their own plan for your life, and the adversary
has his plan for your life, but it is your choice, and it is in your own best interest
for you not to lean to your own natural understanding of things, because my ways
are of a higher nature that is beyond anything that you can fully understand. It
takes faith and trust in me in order for you to step into the unknown and to see
victory in your life by following my path. You must follow my path and maintain
my ways, says the Lord!

2-3-2018 The Lord says, I have called you to a place of safety and strength in
me. Believe what I am calling you to and believe where I am now sending you to,
and know that the destiny that I have planned for you will now begin to unfold at
a rapid and accelerated rate, declares the Lord!                    

2-2-2018 The Lord says, I am near to the broken in heart and I am there to mend
the hearts of those that feel crushed. The Lord says, if you will truly give me the
cares and the concerns of your heart, I will give my peace and my solutions in
exchange for your brokenness, declares the Lord!

2-1-2018 The Lord says, I have not changed my mind about your purpose, so
get busy walking it out.

1-31-2018 The Lord says, help that one over there and then you will see your
help as you need it, and it will surely come forth.

1-30-2018 The Lord says, I do care about those things that are near and dear to
your heart, and I have a plan to fix all of those things. Just trust me to activate my
plan in your life and in your midst, and you will see my glory, says the Lord!

1-29-2018 The Lord says, I have put a new sound in your mouth and a new song
in your heart, now sing it forth, and as it comes forth, healing with be released into
the atmosphere around you and in your life, and restoration will come and big
things will break out on your behalf. Your breakthrough is in that new sound, that
new song, and it is in your praise, says the Lord! The Lord says, do not forget
the power of my right hand that is among you and moving in your midst now,
declares the Lord!

1-28-2018 The Lord says, I can bring you through the roughest of spots in life
and I can make good things out of bad things in your life, just trust me to do so
and call upon me, and I will show you what I can do.

1-27-2018 The Lord says, you are so much more to me. You are more than a
friend, more than a prophet, more than just my people, more than just the apple
of my eyes, but you are my called and you are my chosen. You are my family,
says the Lord, and I love you and I predestined your life, and yet my grace will
cause you to see more than you could have imagined and you will experience
more in me than you could have ever dreamed of, because I will be more than
a Father to you, and I will be a More Than Enough God and Father to you, says
the Lord! I am calling you to experience my more, says the Lord!

1) It is important for you to know that everybody that is seeking you
in this season is not seeking you for the right reasons, and everybody coming at
you in this season is not coming for the right reasons, and you have to pray and
ask Jesus to show what their true motives and intents are, and he will show you.
2) There are some people that have sought long and hard to bring you down
and they broke every rule in the book, broke laws, and breached records just to
do so, and in this here season, the tables are going to turn on them. They will
meet the same fate as Haman when he tried to destroy Mordecai and the Jews.
See Esther 5:14 and Esther 7:9-10. The Lord will deal with your enemies in
this season, and you need him to do it, and not you do it yourself. You must
always keep yourself pure and always keep your hands clean, and leave your
adversaries up to the Lord!
Romans 12:17-21. 3) Your purpose will not be
hindered in this season, because the Lord will not allow it to be hindered or to
be frustrated any longer. He’ll remove whoever or whatever tries to get in your
way, and if folks do not come correct, he won’t let them come at all. He is going
to clean up all of the foolishness and the mess in this season.
See Isaiah 43:2-4.
4) He will not allow you to cover those that are not right in his eyes, and your
mantle and your peace will return back to you because of that.
Matthew 10:11-13, Isaiah 30:1, Hebrews 13:17, Hebrews 13:7, and also
1 Samuel 16:1
. 5) Those that fought hard against you will be fought against in
this season and will be challenged by the hand of God;
Isaiah 41:11-13. 6) The
Lord says, this is a season for you to take so many things serious and get your
life in order the best that you can, and I will do the rest for you, the part which
you cannot do, says the Lord! Watch my hand and you will see my plan, says
7) Be at peace with yourself and know that the Lord your God has called
you. He cares about you, and he loves you.
See Jeremiah 31:3, 1 Peter 5:7,
and John 15:12-13

1-25-2018 The Lord says, in this season, you are going to move from where you
are to where you need to be. I hear transitioning to repositioning.

1-24-2018 The Lord says, there are some things that I am going to reveal to you
in this season that have stomped you and have baffled you for quite a while now,
but I could not have revealed those things to you back then, because you were
not able to handle them at that time. Now you’ve matured a bit and have grown
spiritually a lot, and you have come to a place wherein I can now begin to reveal
and unfold many things to you that were once a mystery to you and had your
attention for quite some time. Now is the time of release and manifestation of
those things. This is an hour where I am doing a surgical incision on you to
remove those things from your heart and from your life that I have hurt you and
that became a stumbling block to your destiny. Arise and awaken to the many
things that is coming forth to you in this season. I shielded you from many things
in the last season and in previous seasons to protect you, but now you have
come to a place where I can trust you with more and I can trust you with the secret
things that you’ve longed to know. Here it is and this is your time to know those
secret things. This is a time of my revealing and uncovering, says the Lord! That
which will come forth will not be to hurt you or to harm you, but to help you to
progress and to move pass all those things that had long-time been tripping you
up, says the Lord! As of lately, many of you have been dealing with some past
thoughts and some past issues that have been coming up again from the past
that you thought you have dealt with, but the Lord says, you have not dealt with
those things, but you just buried them in your heart and covered them up. That
is the reason I am now bringing these things once again to the surface so that
you can deal with all of them once and for all so that you can move on with your
destiny without any further delay and without any further hindrances. The Lord
says, some of you have been scared to confront and to deal with many things,
primarily because you were so weak and unprepared, but the Lord says know of
a certainty that I am with you to help get all of those matters in your life resolved
in a peaceful and expeditious manner, says the Lord! Do not fear what is in front
of you, because I am dealing with what was behind you that you just never dealt
with and did not want to address, but I will address them for you so that you will
be loosed to do my will freely, declares the Lord! The Lord says, you must deal
with the past once and for all in order to move forward with destiny as it is calling
your name. There are some things that must be rectified in this season, declares
the Lord God!

1-23-2018 The Lord says, the creativity that is in you, I placed it there, and I
placed it there not in vain, but to be used for my glory. In this season, I will unlock
even more hidden creativity inside of you that you did not know was there, and
many new things and new designs will spring forth and will spring up out of you
like a moving river that never runs dry, because it is always filled with more fresh
waters from the rains of the heavens or from the melting of the snow. I will flow
creativity through you just like that, just like that mighty flowing river, and you’ll
experience new creative flows from the rivers of Heaven, says the Lord God!

1-22-2018 Some of you came into this New Year with the same old ways and the
same old feisty attitude with no plans whatsoever to change anything at all in your
life, but the Lord sent you a warning sign just to shake some things up to let you
know that things would not be able to continue as business as usual. The Lord
says, I am commanding change in your life and I am commanding a shift and a
change of your posture this year, so that you can begin to fulfill your destiny and
not continue to put it off for another year. This is not a time for you to waste
anymore time, but this is a time for you to push forward into your destiny and
touch countless lives in the process. There are people that are lined up waiting
on you to come forth into their path so that their lives can be transformed and
changed permanently impacted by what I have deposited inside of you for them.
Your life is not about you only, but it is about what I have put inside of you for
others, and I need to use you to get my will accomplished in the earth. Your life
is very much a part of what my plans are for this hour, this season, and this time.
Will you let me use you, says the Lord!

1-21-2018 The Lord says, imagine that it has already been done, because truly it
is already done for you.

1-20-2018 The Lord says, I am not finished with you yet. You are still a work in
progress, but what I have started in you, I will complete and I will finish. As you
press deeper into me, you will find strength to press ahead and you will have a
greater confidence to win as I open up the portals of victory before you, says the

1-19-2018 The reason they keep asking about you, those that haven’t seen you
in a while is because I have made you a great king or I have made you a high
ranking high level queen, and I have inducted you into my royal family and you
are a part of my royal garden, and a king cannot be hid and a royal queen will
stand out among the other flowers in the royal garden. In my courts of holiness,
your name is known and it is in the books. It is recorded in the registers. I know
your name, says the Lord! Everyone in the councils of Heaven knows your name
on a first name basis, and we recognize that you are a part of us, and a part of
our courts, and a part of the royal family, and a part of the beautiful flowers in my
royal garden, says the Lord! I love your beauty and the wonderful fragrance that
you give off, and I will continue to water you and nourish you so that you will
continue to grow and flourish in my courts, in my royal garden, says the Lord! I
made you to stick out and to stand out among people and that is why so many
people want to know about you and are always asking about you all the time,
says the Lord! It is because I have called you high and you sit with me in my
throne. You have a much higher inheritance than you are aware of, says the
Lord of the Glorious Heavens!

12 things the Lord said to me for his people; 1) You have heard a
lot about
Matthew 11:12 and how the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, but
there is a man coming that will open
Matthew 11:12-13 up to us even more in
this hour in a way that we not heard or seen before that will reveal and release
key prophetic revelation for us as the Body of Christ to move forward in a new way
and a new dimension of power.
2) Then the Lord said, if we would stick together
as the Body of Christ, we will get sure victory in the days ahead, even this year
and beyond.
3) The Lord says, tell my people that I answer prayer, but I answer
them in my timing and according to my will.
4) In a vision, I saw a white car on a
multi-lane highway get into the far left turning lane and made a sharp turn to the
left and turned down a road off that multi-lane highway, and from this I then heard
the Lord say, tell my Body that is how quick that things will turn for them to work
in their favor, but I will take them down a road that seems like it is going against
what I have promise them and the excitement of the multi-lane highway where a
lot of people are there, but the road that I take them down will eventually lead to
their harvest.
5) Tell them that their harvest is on a road that is not traveled by a
whole lot of people and I have hidden it there so no one else can find it and take it
away from them.
6) Tell them that I have all power in my hands and their problems
is but a light thing to me. They just need to seek my face, says the Lord!
7) I will
cause the face of men that seek me to rejoice from their sorrows and their face will
be full of joy, says the Lord!
8) As the heat gets turned up in the earth, I am there
to shelter my people says the Lord!
9) Tell my people that my love for them is
greater than their shame and much greater than their pain. I am the healer, says
the Lord!
10) The Lord says, the course have been sped up and this is an
accelerated time, and I am doing many things at this time at a much quicker and
accelerated pace, be ready and prepared for my sudden movement in your life,
says the Lord!
11) The Lord says, how can I reveal my plans to you for your life
if you’re not spending any quality time in my presence seeking my face. Come,
lay before me like you used to do when you were on fire for me in the beginning.
I have not forgotten your once humility before me, says the Lord.
12) The Lord
says do more than try me, experience me, and you will be one of those that will
experience my goodness, says the Lord God!

1-17-2018 The Lord says, I have raised up deeper realm prophets and deeper
realm leaders that will take my Body in the Earth to a new dimension of my glory
and into a new dimension and realm of faith, power, and victory. My Body must
shift this year, and I have made available the tools to make that happen. Listen to
my Spirit this year. Listen to the instructions that I am giving through those that I
have raised up to lead My Body forward in this season. I have positioned you to
have ears to hear and eyes to see. I have made it so that you will see the future
which I am giving you access to, and I only show it to you to give it to you, says
the Lord!
See John 16:13-15 and Deuteronomy 29:29.

1-16-2018 The Lord says, I am calling for you to see things from a deeper realm;
for there are different realms and deeper dimensions that I long to show you and
bring you into. In these deeper places with me, you will not only gain deeper
insight and obtain greater knowledge, greater clarity, and greater understanding,
but you will experience a deeper level of peace in this new place with me, so
come, says the Lord!

1-15-2018 The Lord has shown me that the harvest is coming, but are you
positioned to receive it when it does come? At this same time, the Lord has also
raised up leaders to challenge the evil systems and systems of corruption. The
Lord himself is exposing and revealing loopholes which allowed corruption and
evil to come into nations, corporations, school systems, governments, militaries,
law enforcement branches, and many other elements of society, and he is the
one that will be behind flushing out those evil and systematic ways of corruption
and closing off those loopholes. There are people that he had to put in place in
many nations to make that happen, but everything will not be done by those
people, but he will do many things himself in this hour and in this season. I also
see where many corrupt laws that were put in place to serve an elite group of
people will be exposed and made known and overturned and even thrown out.
This will also affect the state, province, prefecture, and local levels. There are
many secret laws that no one even knows that are on the books, because they
were done in secret and behind closed doors in private deals, but the Lord says
in this here season, I am going to pull back the curtains and pull the covers off of
those secret things so that they will be known. I will even cause some of their own
to come forward and spill the beans and they will be forced by my hand to reveal
these things openly and publicly, and they will tell on themselves and on others
that have conspired an evil and lawless work that was designed to limit people
and trip them up. For I, the Lord has spoken these things by my mouth, and I will
also do it, says the Lord!
Take a look at Mark 4:22-23, Luke 8:17, John 7:4,
Matthew 10:26-27, Luke 12:2-3, 1 Corinthians 4:5, Romans 2:14-16, and
Ephesians 5:11-13

1-14-2018 This is a season and a time for you to make sure that your relationship
is right and tight with the Lord, because this will be a good year for many, but
2018 is also a time where the Lord be cleaning up some things and bringing
judgment on those that are unclean, lukewarm, and still playing with the Lord.
Those that are playing with the Lord are playing with fire this year.
See Zechariah
13:8-9, Isaiah 33:14, Isaiah 1:28, Isaiah 1:19-28, Psalm 37:34-40, and then
Psalm 50:14-23
. This is a time where the Lord is not only cleaning up
governments and all their corrupt practices, but he is also cleaning up his church
and getting rid of the false church and those that have sought to exercise robbery
and teach false doctrine and those that have sought to lead people astray by
being fake Christians and hypocrites. He has already been in process of bringing
judgment in the house of God to get rid of things that are not after his order;
at 1 Peter 4:17-19, 2 Thessalonians 1:2-12, Jude 1:3-13 then verses 14-25
The Lord will deal with the mockers in this season and those that have mocked
him and have mocked his ways, made mockery of his grace and took it for
granted, and have mocked him and all his servants openly;
look at Jude 1:18,
Isaiah 28:22, 2 Peter 3:3, Psalm 35:15-20, Galatians 6:7, and Proverbs 1:22,
Proverbs 19:27-29, and also Proverbs 3:34
. I kind of feel like the Lord won’t do
anymore warning in this area, because it has been going out for over the past 5
years ever so strongly, and there are certain seasons that he decides to bring
judgment and to bring a total cleansing in the land;
see Isaiah 1:24-26,
Isaiah 1:2-4, Amos 9:8-15
. This is one of those seasons, times, and years, and
the blessings will come to the righteous this year in abundance even as they
continue to walk with the Lord.
Look at Job 36:1-20. What I see this year is that
there is a great cleansing coming before the greatest of all times blessings be
poured out to his people, and it is coming quickly. For the righteous, get prepared
for the great harvest from the Lord;
See Ruth 1:6.

1-13-2018 The Lord says, I am the Commanding General of my armies in Heaven
and in Earth, and you are my soldiers that will carry out my will, and I will pour
fresh water upon the hands of those that are thirsty and I will cause times of
refreshing to come and I will cause the rivers of refreshing to rise all over the
place and they will even burst and spill over their banks says the Lord, because
I am doing a new thing that will provide and produce new provision and new
manna for such a time as this says God, and my faithful ones will see the
provision of harvest now in this season. It will be super abundant, says the Lord!

1-12-2018 I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, do not be discouraged, but be
encouraged. Know that I am moving, things are being worked out behind the
scenes. I am moving things into position on your behalf. There are already people
waiting on you to get into place so that they can assist you with the thing that I
have called you unto, and I have already worked it out to the point that your favor
is already lined up and ready to go, and I have people that will do whatever you
say or ask them to carry out my will, plans, and purposes for your life, declares
the Mighty God!

1-11-2018 The Lord says, I have shaped you and groomed you to do my will. Get
busy doing that as many things come to a conclusion, in your life, in the earth, and
in time. I am depending on you to do your part to make things happens, declares
the Lord!

1-10-2018 The Lord says, whatever unfinished business that you still have from
2017, go ahead and finish it up so that I can launch you into something new this
year in
2018. I am waiting on you to finish and complete some things that must
be dealt with, says the Lord!

1-9-2018 The Lord says, there is more that I have for you, but you have to be
willing to let go of what you thought you had yesterday and in the past in order to
see it. When you become willing to let go of the image in your head of the past
that you once desired, then I can show you your future and what I have for you
now, but up until now, many of you have been blinded by a past image and past
desires, says the Lord!

1-8-2018 The Lord says, I am forming up something new in your life that will yield
forth some fruit that will be a blessing to you for many more years to come. Trust
me to see the harvest, says the Lord!

1-7-2018 The Lord says, I am shoring up the lines of defenses in your life and
what got in before will not be able to get in again in this season; for my presence
is with you and my holy angels are standing guard over you watching over you
and protecting you, and have the assignment to bring fire down upon any and all
things that would try to harm you. You are protected. You are beloved, says the
Dream on the night of 1-6-2018: In my dream, Jesus appeared to me very
clearly and vividly, and said; “I am soon to come. I am gathering my people to me.”
His face was very clear and I could clearly see his actual face, it was not distorted
in a cloud or blurred. He looked very strong and I could tell that he was not worried
about anything going on in my life or in any of the Saints of God lives, because he
does not see things how we see them. He sees from a perspective of all things are
well, because he is the answer and the solution to all things and to all problems. I
could see the Star of David in blue behind him which kept getting closer and
brighter, and then I could see clearly an Israeli flag behind him. His words spoke
peace into my spirit, and they were very comforting. This was the first time in 18
years of walking with the Lord and doing ministry, that Jesus appeared to me in
such clear and vivid form. I must tell you that I felt very blessed, honored, touched,
and humbled by this experience and I felt like he loved me, because you could
see his love for you and for his people in his eyes. I really felt special. This
happened right after releasing a firstfruit offering to the Lord, and I know this also
represented a major turning point in my life, in this ministry, and in the Body of
Christ for multiple reasons.

1-6-2018 The Lord says, allow me to show you the codes and the scrolls will
come down and appear before you in your midst. Allow me to unfold the mysteries
to you so that which seems encrypted to you will be decoded, and you will have
supernatural understanding of things you did not previously understand. Ask me
to show you and reveal to you these secrets of Heaven, and the scrolls will come
down with messages that will give you the understanding that you need to see the
next seasons in front of you and for those that you are called to teach it to, says
the Lord!

1-5-2018 The Lord says, only those that are aware will see things that others
cannot see, because they are tuned into my Spirit and their spiritual eyes have
been opened. Allow me to open your eyes to see those things that you currently
still do not yet see, says the Lord!

1-4-2018 The Lord says, structure is what I am adding to your life, not to punish
you, but to shore up your lines of defense so that I can shield you and protect you
from many things to come in the days ahead. This is a part of me installing my
shield of protection around you, says the Lord!

1-3-2018 The Lord says, technology is your friend, use it to your advantage. It
can help you in your personal life to get the winning edge, and it can help you
grow your business, and it can help to advance your ministry, only use it wisely,
declares the Spirit of the Lord!

1-2-2018 The Lord says, focus this year, not on position, but more so on purpose,
and as you focus on your purpose, you will see me show up in the midst to give
you specific instructions on how to master that purpose, declares God!

1-1-2018 The Lord says, I am forming up something new in your midst. Do not
get impatient with the process, and do not hesitate to obey me and walk in all of
my ways this year, and I will send upon you the refreshing rains that will renew,
revive, restore, and refresh your life, says God!


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