3-25-2019 The Lord says, do not limit my abilities and what I am able to do in your life. It is
not good for you to put me in a box in your thoughts or keep me in the back of your mind,
because I am at the forefront of all things and I am able to do all things without limitations,
so keep me at the forefront of your mind and of your life and you will see miracles beyond
anything that you could have ever imagined, declares the Lord!

3-24-2019 The Lord says, you should not hang your head down as if you have no hope,
because I am the God of the turnaround, and I will turn things around for you when you
trust me, ask me, and believe me for it, declares the Lord!

3-23-2019 The Lord says, a lot of prophecies in life that looked like they were not going to
be fulfilled will suddenly be fulfilled, and you will rejoice when you see my hand and my
goodness in them.

3-22-2019 The Lord says, don’t let your countenance be sad, because my favor is about to
make you glad. There are great things in store for you that I am now releasing to you in this
hour and in this season, says the Lord!

3-21-2019 The Lord says, when you feel like your back is against the wall, give me a call,
and I will show you how to deal with that situation and come out of it stronger than you went
into it. It is in your best interest to trust me when you can’t see your way, because I know the
way and my way for your life has not changed, and if you will allow me to coach you and
teach you some things, you will see how to maneuver in a way that will build your faith and
give you that big breakthrough that you have been praying and believing for, says the Lord!
Long-term and long standing situations in your life are being healed, says the Lord!

3-20-2019 The Lord says, your time to shine and to go forward is now. You have been
polished up as brass and groomed for this season, and I will use you in ways you never
would have imagined possible and my Spirit will go with you wherever I send you. You will
represent my Kingdom wherever I send you and my fire will fall every time that you speak,
because I am setting this generation ablaze through your mouth and by the words that you
speak in my name, declare the Lord!

3-19-2019 The Lord says, my Kingdom exists in the midst of the shaking. My Kingdom
exists in the midst of the turmoil. My Kingdom has a way of still blessing people and
empowering them in the midst of all those things going on in the world at the same time.
Dare to see my goodness in the midst of what may seem like a chaotic mess to others,
says the Lord!

3-18-2019 The Lord says, try your hand again and watch it prosper this time.

3-17-2019 The Lord says, I won’t allow your enemies to stop you, but what I do allow is to
strengthen you and to show you that you have the victory over any and all things that the
enemy and your adversaries can throw at you. I have declared that you have the victory
and you have it now, says the Lord!

3-16-2019 The Lord says, I hold the golden keys to your life, and I will direct your steps, as
long as you yield to me and ask me to do so. I know the future and what it holds for you, and
if you ask me to give you my will, then you will find that many things in your life will suddenly
get cleaned up in my process of deliverance in your life, and I will use you to deliver others
in that overall process, says the Lord! Do not fear my leading, because where I’m leading I
am feeding, says the Lord!

3-15-2019 The Lord says, you were not made for quitting, but you were made for
persevering and you were made for enduring, because you have my DNA, and
there is no quitting in me, declares the Lord!

3-14-2019 The Lord says, don’t be afraid to try something new, especially when you know
or feel that it is the leading of my Spirit. New Harvests comes with new fields of expectation,
says the Lord!

3-13-2019 This is a season where I am picking up the broken pieces of the puzzle in your
life and I am healing those broken places of your life that was just too stubborn to heal. This
is an hour where you and others will see my power. I stand at the guard gate overseeing
what I have built and established in your life and I will not let you rest comfortably while you
let it all drift away, but I will fight for what I have invested in you, because what I have
invested in you is so much, says the Lord. This is the season where I will wipe away the
tears from your eyes and the tears will go away, because you will be able to see with fresh
vision and you will be able to clearly see where you are going and you will now be able to
understand what I am ordering in your life and what I have been doing in your life for such
a long time that has led up to this point. I will not let you lose sight of the vision in this
season, but I will show up and I will show myself strong and mighty on your behalf and you
will see glory in this season, and it will be seen in and upon your life, and a return of my
favor will be heavy upon you where you thought that I may have left you for a moment, but
I was in hiding watching your faith and I was watching to see if you would catch what I, the
Spirit, was doing in your life. Now that I see that you have yielded and you have responded
to my move, to my touch, I will pour out on you in this season, and I will pour out in
abundance, declares the Almighty God!

3-12-2019 The Lord God says, I will not let the enemy crush you under his feet. The
enemy would have it so that you are subdued and crushed under his feet, but I will not
suffer it to be so, but I will fight for you, says the Lord!

3-11-2019 The Lord God says, you should not let anything stop you in a polarized world
that is so bitterly divided, but instead be that mediator and light and one that brings people
together in unity. Help them to get pass their differences. I created you to be a light and a
solution, but you are needed to be planted in the places where I need you the most in this
earth so my causes and purposes can be fulfilled and so that gaps can be bridged,
declares the Lord!

3-10-2019 The Lord says, I am moving things on your behalf so that you can get the last

3-9-2019 The Lord says, “
Forward March” and  keep on going forward anyhow no
matter how rough it may seem. You can’t take ground and take over more territory being
passive and standing still, but I have called my army, my real army that know me, to
continue pressing deeper into enemy territory to advance my Kingdom plans and to further
advance my Kingdom agenda for the masses, as well as for the nations. I have determined
to push you into the greatness of success by my hand and you will lift up the banner of the
Kingdom high and declare victory over the enemy as those final walls and strongholds
comes down, says the Lord!

3-8-2019 The Lord says, I will cause things to shine very bright for you even when you
thought that things were about to be the darkest point in your life. The season will shift
and turn to work in your favor as you continue to walk with me, declares the Lord! Only not
doubt my plans and the moving of my right hand in your life. It is evident that I have set my
heart and have purposed in my heart to yet favor you and to give you a testimony that is
huge as you continue to press into me and walk with me, says the Lord!

3-7-2019 The Lord says, favor does not just come along the way in life, but you have my
favor to get started already. Joseph had my favor in the beginning.

3-6-2019 The Lord says, your destiny in me was finished before it even got started, so
don’t give up and catch up with what I have already done for you.

3-5-2019 The Lord says, look within and see the vision that I give and see things with my
insight. With my vision you will be able to see beyond the surface and see into a deeper
realm with the discernment and vision of the Kingdom that only comes by the impartation
of the Spirit, says God!

3-4-2019 The Lord says, generational curses that have long plagued your life and your
family’s lives are being broken in this hour and you shall find your way forward without
the chains that try to hold you and bind you to your past and cause constant failures in
your life.

3-3-2019 The Lord says, your chances of success are high, because you are walking with
me and I know all things and how to connect you to your harvest and to the things that are
designed to put you on top and bless you.

3-2-2019 The Lord says, restoration is what I have in mind for you, but can I please at
least hear you say or ask me to restore you and I will restore you, says the Lord! See
Isaiah 42:22.

3-1-2019 The Lord says, dare to dream big, and you will see something tall, big, and
beautiful arise out of the ashes. It is your season of restoration and it is your time to be
restored, says the Lord!

2-28-2019 The Lord says, there is no need in you going around in circles and going back
and forth and making things into a wilderness that should have been a short-lived situation,
but if you understand my will and if you believe the prophecies that I gave to you, then you
won’t faint or take another thought just because you are getting tested. Just past the test
with flying colors so that you can be promoted and further elevated in the midst of the
things that your eyes currently see. You are a collision course in life with destiny and
greatness is still your life portion, says the Lord!

2-27-2019 The Lord says, there will be many people to come at you to suggest many
different things to you, but you stick with what I told you in the beginning and do not
deviate from my plans for your life!

2-26-2019 The Lord says, it is a sure thing, not a hope thing, especially when you are
operating in faith. It is a walk of faith, says the Lord!

2-25-2019 The Lord says, don’t be fooled by what you see, I have greater plans for you
than what you see right now.

2-24-2019 The Lord says, this is still one of the greatest years that you will have thus far,
so take no other thought otherwise and do not come into agreement with the plans of the
enemy that will try to show you and convince you otherwise. My favor is upon you for
greatness this year, says the Lord!

2-23-2019 The Lord says, you shall come away from that thing unscathed, unharmed,
and not hurt by the effects of that thing. It is in your best interest to trust my hand when
you can’t see your own way. Just know that I am there in the midst of things. I bring a new
thing about in your life in this season, because your life was designed by my hand to
shake principalities, nations, and systems and tear down strongholds and things that
aren’t according to my hand and my plans. I will use you as a sharp instrument in my
hands to bring down things in this world that are contrary to my system of doing things,
and you will be used to strategically set up the new things which represent justice,
declares the Lord!

2-22-2019 The Lord is standing at the door in this season, but do you perceive him? Do
you perceive what he is doing, or are you distracted by the flames of fire from the fiery trials
of life that you have been looking at and focusing on as of lately? The Lord says, I never
called you to look at any of those things that you are making your top priority and your top
focus, but I called you to trust me, to seek me first, to acknowledge me, to press into me,
and come to me first for the answer and the solution. I never created you to be in a position
of worry and to be in a position of compromise. It is not my will to have you in a state where
you cannot enjoy me and press into me. It is not my will that you chase after all those other
things in life that you say gives you pleasure; for my will brings more pleasure to your life
than anything you could have ever imagined or thought up yourself, if you learn to trust me
and lean into me. Look at Psalm 16:11, Job 36:11, and Psalm 36:8. Life has the wrong
kind of pleasures and the right kind of pleasures, says God! You want my pleasures to be
fulfilled in your life and not the wrong kinds of pleasures of this world, says the Lord! Read
Isaiah 47:8-15, Luke 8:14, 2 Timothy 3:1-4, Titus 3:1-3, and Hebrews 11:24-25.

2-21-2019 The ministry of the Evangelist is a unique gift to the Body of Christ and they
have a strong way of bringing everyone together and bringing all of the other gifts together
to work as one in the Body of Christ, and they are like the glue that helps hold the Body
together, while also being on the front lines, as well as going behind enemy lines, in
evangelism in a rather unique way; And the Lord would say, this is a season where I am
calling attention to the ministry of the Evangelist again and I am putting my finger on the
ministry of evangelism so that souls can be won in massive amounts and so that fire of the
Evangelists can spread onto all of my people in my Body so that souls can be won and the
harvest can be ushered into my Kingdom so that my house can be full, says the Lord! Let
the fire spread, declares the Lord!

2-20-2019 The Lord says, I have you and I am holding you up even when you don’t think
so. I am for you and not against you, as long as you stay on the path that I have for you
and allow the end result to come to conclusion, says the Lord!

2-19-2019 The Lord says, I can clearly give you a vision to fulfill, but where you fulfill it
makes all the difference in order to have success.
Abraham (Abram) had to leave the
land of Ur of the Chaldees so that his vision from God could be fulfilled in the land of
Canaan where it was intended by God for it to be fulfilled. See Genesis 11:27-32 and
Genesis 12:1-7.
Isaac had to dwell in the land of Gerar in the time of famine in order for
his breakthrough to come forth and for his vision from the Lord to be fulfilled according to
Genesis Chapter 26. The first part of
Jacob’s vision from the Lord had to be fulfilled in
Padanaram, but ultimately the latter part of the vision had to be fulfilled in Canaan where
the Lord had intended for it to be fulfilled for the nation of Israel. See Genesis 28:1-7 and
then Genesis 31:11-18.
Joseph was born and raised in Canaan, but his destiny required
his vision to be fulfilled in Egypt. See Genesis 37:1-36 & Genesis 41:1-57.
Jesus had to
be in specific locations at certain times in order for specific prophecies to come to pass in
specific details in his life and ministry. The Lord God says, the geographical location of
the vision or the prophecy that I gave to you does matter, because it has an exact location
where it needs to be fulfilled in order for it to come to pass. Joseph was not called to lead
in Canaan, but he was called to lead and to rule in Egypt by my design and plans for his
life, and so it is with you. I have an exact and a specific location in mind to see those things
that I have ordained and created you for to come to pass. The drought and the famine in
the lives of some of you will be over once you get into that place that I have called for you to
be in, says the Lord!

2-18-2019 The Lord says, the things that are of a concern to you is of concern to me,
because I do care about your well-being and I love you. Do not allow temporary
circumstances and those  temporary things to overtake your mind and to cloud your vision
and cause you to make hasty and wrong decisions based upon what you see, but allow my
hand to steady you and to guide you into that place of stability and victory that I have for you
at this time. My will is not for you to fail or to be defeated, but my will for you is to prevail and
to overcome everything that the enemy has sent against you to try to disrupt your life in any
kind of way. I have been getting your attention in some form so that you would listen to me,
but many attacks in your life that you have faced are not from my hand, but they are the
works of the enemy. If you would yield to me and submit your will to me, then I will show
you the way forward and get you victory over every type of circumstance that has tried to
trouble your life, says the Lord!

2-17-2019 The Lord God says, the first level of greatness in your life is for you to be able
to move pass offenses and to grow up and get pass immaturity in order for me to trust you
with those greater things, and the inheritance, the harvest, and the greatness that I have
for you. It is your prerogative to grow and mature, but it is in your best interest in doing so
to reap the benefits of the fruit of the vine, says God!

2-16-2019 The Lord says, my intentions towards you are always good, but it is up to you
to press into me more and believe that I am for you and not against you, declares the Lord!

2-15-2019 The Lord says, it has been said that I will beautify the meek with salvation, but I
say unto you that I will do more than that, and in this season I will glorify you with my glory
and my glory will pour out of you like a reservoir and a running overflowing river, and I will
spill my glory that is in you and upon you onto all that come around you and they will not
leave your presence without being changed. They will be touched by my power and they
will even be touched by my glory that has been draped upon your life; for the mouth of the
Lord has spoken it!

2-14-2019 The Lord says, do not be hasty in your decision making process, but allow a
wise and steady mind to make the right decisions with careful thought.

2-13-2019 The Lord says, your winning days are here and your time of victory is now, so
rejoice at the fact that it is settled!

2-12-2019 The Lord is saying, don’t forget where you have come from in me. Don’t lose
your zeal and don’t lose your fire or let it go out. Return in your heart to your first found
love in me. Allow me to cleanse away the dross and those gloomy places of your heart
and to give you a fresh fire that will burn until things shift before you, says the Lord!

2-11-2019 The Lord says, in this hour the buildings will sway, and the people will pray, and
I will speak a word to calm their fears that they may know that I am near. I am near, very
near to those that call upon my name. I bring peace in the midst of any situation and I bring
stability to situations of chaos and confusion. I am the Lord, and my greatness will be seen
in this hour, because this is the hour of my power. I hold the keys of balance in my hands
and my favor is draped upon a wise servant that fear me. A wise servant that walks in the
fear of the Lord is protected and cared for by me daily, declares the Lord!

2-10-2019 The positioning of light: sometimes in life there may be a part of the room that is
dark and you want to go out and purchase another lamp to help to mitigate that darkness.
Then the wisdom of God comes in and shows you how to properly position all the lamps
and the lights that you do have to eliminate the darkness in the room. So it is in this season
of your life, the Lord is saying, let me show you how to eradicate that darkness that you see
remaining in your midst. Allow my light, the light of heaven to shine in your midst. When
my light shines in your midst, it will shine upon doors and secret compartments that you
did not know were there and they will be full of many treasures. My light will also shine
upon escape doors that show you a way forward and a way of escape out of those
situations that you have been dealing with. I am allowing the proper positioning and the
repositioning of light in your life in this season, declares the Lord!

2-9-2019 The Lord says, I am coming down upon my people in a new way and it will be a
new and powerful wave of my glory touching the people. Yea, I will even touch the nations
in a new way and men will fear the brightness of my glory. In this hour, I have raised up
Joshua type prophets before my final coming and they are forerunner prophets to declare
my ways and to announce my coming to my people and to even declare it unto the nations
and such glory will be mightily upon my valiant ones, my mighty ones; for they are my
prophets of fire, declares the Lord!

2-8-2019 The Lord says, you have been hungry for more of me, and I have taken notice of
that and I will pour my Spirit in you to the fill until it spills over onto everyone else around
you. The Lord says, I made a deposit in you, now let others make a withdrawal of the
richness of Spirit that I have put within you, declares the Lord!

2-7-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you look for people to do in your life what only I can
do for you. Look to me and you won’t be disappointed, says the Lord!

2-6-2019 The Lord says, things that were held up from you, particularly money and
inheritances, will be freed up and loosed to come to you, and the enemy won’t be able to
hold back the stuff that belongs to you and that I have assigned to you and to your life,
says the Lord!

2-5-2019 The Lord God says, I never asked you to look, but I asked you to follow by faith
and not according to the natural sight of your own eyes. Anything else is just leaning to
your own abilities and your own understanding, declares the Lord!

2-4-2019 The Lord says, steer clear of the mess that is only designed to bring you down
and to give your adversaries an advantage over you to do you harm.

2-3-2019 (
Post #1) The Lord says, I can see there is a group of people whose hearts are
right with me, but they got themselves caught up in some things, and I will free them from
those things so they can serve me with true freedom, declares the Lord!

2-3-2019 (
Post #2) I heard the Lord say, “Turning Point!” this is a turning point month and
a turning point season for you and this is a season for you to walk through the door as a
new door opens up for you. The Lord says, you will see your door, but don’t miss your door
by allowing hesitation and indecisiveness in this month to overcome you. Doors of
opportunity are only opened for a season or a limited point of time so go through the door
when you see what I open up for you with safe passage, says the Lord!

2-2-2019 The Lord says, sometimes things may appear to be one way on the surface, but
a greater level of discernment is what is needed for you to see the truth, and that is what I
am releasing to you in this season, declares the Lord!

2-1-2019 The Lord says, the month of February is a time of you sorting things out and with
this sorting things out will come clarity, which will produce a clear sense of direction for the
rest of the year. With this sorting things out, you will see what you have and what you are
really working with. You will know what to cut and know what to keep. It will help you to
decide to cut your losses and move on in one area, and in other areas that are more
productive and very profitable for you to secure and shore up as you progress into your
future. The Lord says, this is not a time for you to focus on what was, but it is a time to
focus on your future and what needs to be. It is not a time for you to dwell on past issues
and past failures due to a season of wrong turns brought on by wrong thinking, but it is a
time for you to listen with attentive ears and what I am currently saying to you by my Spirit,
says the Lord! Arise and shine and see the good thing that I am doing in your life and do
not let things distract you in this season and pull your focus away from the greater purpose
and vision that I am calling you to; for this is a time of seasoning and pruning. It is a time of
me your life in going forward. Those things that have been a weight to you and a burden to
you, I am cleaning up and clearing up from your life. This is a season where I am clearing
up life’s debris from your life, says the Lord, and you will see how I am working things out
among you and you will see how I am working all things out in your favor, says the Lord!
This is a major month and a major time and season for me cleaning up things in your life
and clearing up your name so that you can go free and be able to do all of the things that
I have been long time positioning you for, says the Lord! Be at peace and be at ease as I
clear the path before you, says the Lord! Now you will see all of my goodness and favor,
declares the Lord!

1-31-2019 The Lord says, value that which is set before you, and I will honor you in the
end when it is all said and done!

1-30-2019 The Lord says, you shouldn’t shut down just because you don’t feel that things
are going your way or because you don’t see certain things, but get in my face and seek
the way that I already have for you, and you will find that the way has already been made
and prepared for you.

1-29-2019 The Lord says, I will arise in you and I will work to bring about a shift and cause
things to realign in your life in such a way that you will see evidence and tangible results
that I am on the move in your life, declares the Lord!

1-28-2019 The Lord says, overcome what is set before you, because I have already
equipped you to do so. Look for your ram caught in the thicket and know that the way is
made. You just need to get to and go through the right door, says the Lord!

1-27-2019 The Lord says, the fire that I put within you cannot be put out this season, but it
will begin to burn brighter and brighter as I amplify and magnify what I am doing in your life
at this time and in this season, says the Lord!

1-26-2019 The Lord says, you are valuable to me and I love you above all else, only not put
yourself down because of a temporary set of circumstances, but you continue to be that light
that I have called you to be, and know that you have my favor, says the Lord!

1-25-2019  The Lord says, you will get through it, but it is your faith that will take you
through it.

1-24-2019 The Lord says, it is not over and I hold the final Say, and I move when you pray.

1-23-2019 The Lord says, I will make a way fast and I will not leave you stranded in that
thing. You will see my hand of goodness as I pour out my favor in your life, says the Lord!

1-22-2019 The Lord says, your portion in me is always secure no matter what you are
seeing in the world around you. Tap into me. Press into me, and you will surely see that
my way is right and not wrong and my supply, which is your supply, will never run dry,
and that is what is waiting on you when you release and activate your faith, says the Lord!

1-21-2019 The Lord says, I will deliver you from every adversary that would try to destroy
your well-being. I am a God that delivers and I stand ready to deliver you and help you.
Only trust me, says the Lord

1-20-2019 The Lord says, the enemy has been busy forming up things against you, but I
too have been busy forming up solutions to block his plans and to block his access to your
life, and I have not forgotten you, says the Lord! You are very special to me and you are an
important part of my plan in the earth, and I have a gift for you to receive that will bless
your life and give you a new strength. I have been cleaning up and removing old faulty
foundations from your life and preparing a new place for you to stand, but this time, you will
not stand in your strength, but you will stand in me and you will stand in my mighty power
as I move forth in your life in a new and a powerful way that is unforgettable, says the Lord!
Don’t worry about what shakes around you, because you will not be shaken or crumble,
because you are a part of a massive Kingdom which cannot be shaken because I am its
foundation and structure, declares the Living God of Glory!

1-19-2019 The Lord says, I am your Father and I will provide for you and my love for you
will only intensify all the more. Keep seeking my face and worshiping me and giving me
praise, and you will see what I have for you released, says the Lord!

1-18-2019 The Lord says, I did not tell you to faint, lose heart, quit or to give up, but I told
you to have faith and to press in to the end. It is faith that pleases me and not a bunch of
fear, doubt, unbelief, and crying. I already have full provision in your wilderness and that
what you look at as a wilderness in your life is the very thing that I will cause to blossom
before you and in your midst, says the Lord! Look at Isaiah 32:15-20. The Lord says, how
I am and have been leading you in this season, you have not been this way before, so
everything is new for you and it requires you to trust me and see. Just watch me work as I
perform my mighty acts of great goodness in your life, declares the Lord! See Isaiah 42:16,
2 Corinthians 5:7, and 2 Corinthians 4:13 & 16-18. The Lord says, what I have put upon
you and put within you, you won’t be able to be hidden in this season, because what is in
you and on you will cause you to stick out and to stand out and to shine. Arise and shine,
says the Lord!

1-17-2019 The Lord says, this is your year to make something great happen, so make it

1-16-2019 The Lord says, this is your time to show the world what you can do on my behalf
so that they will marvel at your creative abilities, talents, and gifts that will bring glory to my
name and win some, because of the awesomeness that they see.

1-15-2019 The Lord says, remember what things I did for you in times past and have a little
hope for this season!

1-14-2019 The Lord says, I am showcasing you on center stage of my agenda in this
season, and I am spotlighting your talent and what I have put within you for my glory, says
the Lord!

1-13-2019 The Lord says, you will notice sudden changes on your path that will break you
forth into victory. Only look not at the past and fear by those things, but know that I am doing
a new thing that will change your course and shift you into what I have for you now and that
which was ordained for you from the foundations of the earth, declares the Lord!

1-12-2019 The Lord says, get ready for some major things to happen in your life; for my
goodness shall be poured out in your life.

1-11-2019 The Lord says, favor, favor, favor, and more favor is on your life, but if you keep
blaming circumstances, then you can’t see what my favor can do nor what it has already
done for you or will do and is currently doing.

1-10-2019 The Lord says, I am developing the voice in you and what I have been forming in
you has made you uncomfortable at times as a mother that carries a kicking child, because
it can get painful at times. What you are carrying is not a light thing and this is a season that
you will be able to give birth to destiny, not the one that the people could see, but the hidden
parts that no one was able to see that I was forming in you. It is that greater creativity that will
come out of you in this season, says the Lord of Hosts!

1-9-2019 The Lord says, if you will let that thing go that was troubling you and had you
stressed out and put it in my hands, then my process of healing and deliverance can take
place in your life and cause you to have a new shine and a new zeal. Take a leap and a
step of faith today, and dare to see my glory in your life, says the Lord! I never intended for
nothing to burn you that my hands don’t have power over, declares the Lord!

1-8-2019 The Lord says, you don’t have to fret because of them, I made you much greater
just because you came to me.

1-7-2019 The Lord says, there are some things you don’t  have to address in this season,
because I will address them for you.

1-6-2019 The Lord says, this is a season for the sons and the daughters of God to wake up
and to arise to destiny and their purpose. It is no longer a time of business as usual, but it is
a time of a great and powerful awakening for my people to walk in power of their destiny and
to walk in the fullness of what I have for them. Now is the time for things to suddenly shift to
show my people favor and to reveal my hidden ones that have been hidden for a long time
for their safety and protection while they were in the developmental phases and processes
of their lives. Now it is a set season and I will set things in motion at this time and in this
season that I have been longing to do. Watch for my glory and watch for my goodness, says
the Lord!

1-5-2019 Sometimes you can be in the power seat of authority and are in control of more
than you really realize and you do not fully realize what you have at your disposal. You keep
going back and forth over a problem that you already have the power to fix, and the Lord is
trying to open up your eyes to see who you are and to see what you really have at your
disposal. The Lord says, it is not time for you to wonder. It is not time for you to wander
anymore. It is not time for you to go backwards, and because the enemy tried to come at you
wrong to attack you, I am going to take you up even higher in his face, and I will promote you
to honor in the face of those that said you would never make it, says the Lord! The Lord says,
they will see, and they will see that I love you far above anything that they or you could have
ever realized or imagined.

1-4-2019 The Lord says if you will look a little harder, you will see that the way is already
made. It’s all worked out for you, says the Lord!

1-3-2019 The Lord says, it is imminent what I am about to do in your life, because what I
am about to do in your life is major and it is bigger than anything that you have ever seen

1-2-2019 The Lord says, you’ve been in the valley of decision long enough and now it is
time for you to decide. It is time for you to decide if you are going to trust me or not. It is time
for you to decide if you are going to believe me or not. It is time for you to decide if you are
going to walk with me or not, but just know that I am more than enough for your decisions
and I am more than enough for your expectations, and I do not disappoint when it comes to
expectations of me, but I far out perform and do much, much more than anything you could
ever ask, think, or even imagine of me, and I am your all sufficient one and I love you, says
the Lord!

1-1-2019 The Lord says, a New Year, a new you, walk into the new and this year watch
what I will do. I move in ways in your life this year that will absolutely astonish you and
position you for the greatness that I have for you, and you will smile more than anything
else this year, because of my hand at work in your life and because of my goodness. Don’t
be afraid of change, because change is necessary to get you to where I would have you to
be. The windows of Heaven will be opened up over you in a new way and in a promising
way. Look up and look outside and see things in a new way as I am taking you a new way
and showing you things differently in a new way. This is your chance to rise and see things
in a way that you have never seen them before. Get up from where you are, because I am
taking you up even more, says the Lord. Don’t deviate from the course that I will set you on
this year, but you must allow your feet to be planted in a new way and that new way will be
in the new soil to cause you to grow and produce maximum fruit from your life, says the
Lord! This is your year to shine and blossom, says the Lord your God!


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