4-1-2020 The Lord says, when the right prayer is made and the right atonement is
made by sacrifice, then the mountain will move and the plague will stop. The Lord
says, some have been applying the wrong application for the times, but it will require
exact wisdom and following exact instructions by my hand, declares the Lord!

3-31-2020 The Lord says, in the time of a crisis you have to be decisive and not divisive.

3-30-2020 There will never be a season or a time in your life where you do not have to
trust God and have faith in him. Whenever we get to a place in life where we feel that
we do not need him, because we got a lot of stuff working for us by faith so to speak but
without him, then he will allow a time of shaking to come to reset some things and to get
some things back in order in our personal lives and in our businesses, churches,
ministries, nations, and government. He wants us to know that he is the big boss at all
times. Some seasons go by where he does not say nothing, but he kind of holds his
peace and see where things are going, and whenever things continue going down a
wrong path and headed in a wrong direction, then he will intervene, and in this season
the Lord is saying, I am intervening in a lot of things, and I am setting things back in
order. I am intervening in schools and shutting things down when I see indoctrinations
of crazy and very sinful things being taught to the children and being accepted. I am a
God of order and creation and any time anything goes against my order and what I have
set up, I will allow a shaking to come that will produce a shifting to protect my order, and
will protect a new generation that is coming up from things that will corrupt their souls. I
AM THAT I AM, and I AM intervening in your midst, says the Lord!

3-29-2020 The Lord says, let not your heart be sad, because my love will overshadow
sadness in your life, and my light will overpower the darkness that you see invading the
world. I will cause my light and my love to be seen in you for a world that has lost hope
in the darkness, says the Lord!

3-28-2020 The Lord says, the focus should not be on you in this season, but your eyes
should be on me and your focus should be on those things that I am putting in your
heart and calling to your attention at this time, says the Lord!

3-27-2020 The Lord says, there are two things that will define the last days in summary
form, and they are disruptions and distractions, and you must do your best to guard
against them both. (Joseph had a plan from God in his times with the Pharaoh of Egypt
to deal with both. See Genesis 41.

3-26-2020 The Lord says, seek my face, and I will cause my glory to be on your face
and my peace to be in your heart and my provision will come into your hands. You do
not have a problem that is bigger than I can solve, says the Lord!

3-25-2020 The Lord says, be encouraged, because you see me best in times of distress.

3-24-2020 The Lord says, you need patience in these times, and if you allow patience
to have her perfect work in you, then you will see that all things in your life will come into
perfection and into perfect alignment. Don’t try to rush whatever process that I have
going on in your life, because all things serve a purpose when it is allowed to come to
completion, says the Lord! (Some things just have to run its process and run its course.
That’s just the way it is, so be encouraged through whatever process God is allowing or
that he is taking you through. All things eventually will work together for your good,
because you do love the Lord.)

3-23-2020 The Lord says, your faith is how you will overcome, cope with, and deal with
all those situations at hand. Just know that I am with you in the midst of it, and all things
will come into play in your life that I have taught you over time, and you will have the
wisdom to make the right decisions at the exact right times and moments, declares the

3-22-2020 The Lord God says, set not your eyes on things that seem to challenge you,
because they are only there to position themselves as a force against you to distract
you. You will have victory over the distractions when you keep your eyes on me and
continue to focus on the assignment that I have given, declares the Lord!

3-21-2020 The Lord says, the nations will feel my thunderous roar in this hour, and all
nations will see the strength of my power, says the Lord! The nations will tremble and
shake, but I will not allow my people to break, because I uphold them, says the Lord
that roars from Zion!

3-20-2020 #1) The Lord says, being offended is a snare. Get over it and be liberated,
declares the Lord!

3-20-2020 #2) The Lord says, do not let your guard down, because what is coming in
the land is coming in different waves where each wave is stronger than the previous
one. (I see a number between 4 and 7, but that number can be altered depending
if the people sincerely pray, repent, and cry out to God. This is a time to be humble and
honest before God.)

3-20-2020 (Prophetic Insights And Perspectives) This is a season where the Lord is
speaking to the saints and sinners alike, and he is saying; be still, get quiet, seek my
face, come before me. This is a time where the Lord is calling for the nations to come
back to their roots with him, because many nations have compromised and turned away
and he is calling for repentance. Even the nations that know him has turned away from
prayer and has put little emphasis on putting God first, and so he is allowing things to
come and to even touch those nations, because he is calling for prayer and repentance,
and not just from a remnant, but from the multitudes. Some things have been allowed to
grow in righteous nations that has become a stench in the nostrils of God. Things such
as sex trafficking, human trafficking, child trafficking, child labor, child pornography, and
how they treat refugees, which the Bible calls the stranger. The Lord says, many nations
will have to answer for why they separated children from their parents at the border only
for them to become child sex slaves and used in Child porn videos and made to serve
as slaves at the pleasure of some perverted rich ones from Europe to many nations of
the world. The Lord is putting his finger on these things right now. Unjust laws and
many injustices from court systems to legal processes is another thing that the Lord is
putting his finger on in this hour. Some laws will have to be thrown out and overturned
for the stretched out arm of the Lord God to be lifted. I see from the national level to the
State, Prefecture, territory, and Province levels of all governments, even in India and
China, because what I see is not just for Christians, but any injustices that are being
perpetuated toward any people worldwide. I see the Lord putting his finger on how the
poor has been treated by rich and powerful nations and how the homeless has been
treated as the number swell around the world and how gentrification has even been
allowed to continue pushing elderly people and poor people out of their homes and off
of their lands, because they can no longer afford the higher taxes. These are all things
that the Lord is saying must be fixed and addressed immediately or his wrath will be
poured out continually. He also wants a change in the perverted movie industry and
perverted music that has destroyed the minds of the youth and the people or things to
come will be much worse than what you are seeing now. He will continue to target the
rich and famous for their roles, but if they too repent and become a voice for him openly,
then they will also be healed and will flourish in him. This is just phase one of what I
heard from him or what I have been shown by him. I will continue to release more over
the next coming days and weeks. Prayer alone won’t stop these things, but repentance
(to turn away from), is required. See Isaiah 10:1-7, Isaiah 13:3-14, Jeremiah 31:17,
Isaiah 14:25-26, Isaiah 28:17-22, Ecclesiastes 12:5, Isaiah 41:1, Isaiah 2:8-22, and
then 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

3-19-2020 The Lord says, I will bring a harvest right before you, but what are you going
to do with the harvest when it comes to you? Wrong thinking will keep you from seeing
the harvest when it is at your doorsteps or knocking on your door if you are not careful,
but allow my Spirit to lead you versus you allowing your mind to get in the way of what
I am doing, says the Lord!

3-18-2020 The Lord says, pray for my voices that I have raised up to speak to the
people in this hour on my behalf, and pray for them to come forth. Some have been in
hiding for their protection and safety, and some have been purposely hidden by my
hand. Pray for those that I have hidden to not only surface, but to come to the forefront,
because I have raised them up for these times, and the Word of the Lord is in their
mouth for these times, and I have planted wisdom and solutions in them for these times,
declares the Lord! The Lord says, this is not only for prophets, apostles, and teachers,
but this is also for certain doctors, scientists, and School teachers that he has raised up
for these times. See 1 Chronicles 12:32, Isaiah 33:16, and Daniel 1:3-4, 17 & 20.

3-17-2020 The Lord says, your favor is sure and your provision will be solid in these
times even as you trust me, declares the Lord God!

3-16-2020 The Lord says, I am the source of your healing, your wealth, your peace of
mind, and your ideas when you submit yourself to me in the fear of God. When you rely
on me, there will be no lack in your life, and as I give you specific instructions, follow
them and you will be both shielded and protected from the things to come and those
things that are hitting the land, says the Lord!

3-15-2020 The Lord says, the shaking that you now see in the earth is not designed to
hurt you; for you are my chosen, and your life is not designed to be frozen, says the

3-14-2020 The Lord says, other people may be fearful, but you are to be as bold and
as fearless as a lion, because you are my righteous ones! See Proverbs 28:1 and Isaiah

3-13-2020 The Lord says, put all your trust in me, and you will not be disappointed,
especially in these times, declares the Lord!

3-12-2020 I hear the Lord saying even now, the Spirit of religion will have no hands on
trying to control what I am bringing through in this hour; for I will move and will move
through my people and the hands of man will not be able to stop it or control it, because
I will move suddenly everywhere, says the Lord! I will not move in religious structures
and in the confines of religion, but I will be moving out in the open. I will be moving in
the parks and the open places of the public, and I will move in public places and I will
move in the marketplace. I will be moving out among the people and not be locked within
the four walls as they have tried to keep me boxed in for so many years. I will now move
in a great and a mighty way, says the Lord, and the nations and the people will see my
greatness, because I will be on open display, declares the Lord!

3-11-2020 The Lord says, there will come a time when you will say, “My, how the mighty
have fallen” and “My, how the tables have turned;” for you will see things turn around for
you and those things that have been against you will shift and will be no more. It’s going
to work in your favor, says the Lord!

3-10-2020 The Lord says, you are well able to overcome today’s challenges. I have
positioned my people for these times. Do not let the fear overcome you. Show the world
my boldness and my righteousness so that they will be hungry for more of me by what
they see in you. I am using you to win them, says the Lord!

3-9-2020 The Lord will destroy every attack against your mind that has been causing
you not to see straight, and in this season you will make the right moves and take the
right steps as a result of a major stress load being lifted off of you. You will find a new
zeal for your purpose and a new life of momentum and energy in going forward,
because the task before you is great, and the Lord will surprise you with great things
on your path in this season that you were not expecting. You will see a clearing of the
clouds that has been just sitting over your life and hanging around for a long season as
a dark presence. You will find a new breath in seeing the hand of the Lord move in your
life and will be able to breathe easy as you go forward and watch satanic strongholds
that has been against you get crushed before you. This is your season of new
momentum, says the Lord!

3-8-2020 The Lord says, the thunder will speak in this season, but do not be alarmed,
because those that are my people will be shielded from the many things to come.

3-7-2020 The Lord says, you have my blessing, and it should be obvious that is why
you are not defeated as your enemies would have hoped.

3-6-2020 The Lord says, fear none of those things that you see coming to pass in the
earth; for many things have been spoken in times past and have been prophesied of
old. This is the hour where all things must be fulfilled. Know that my return will come
speedily and swiftly and will catch many off guard, but you are not to be caught off
guard, and that day should not overtake you as a thief in the night, but for those that
walk in darkness it will come as quite the surprise. Watch for me and wait for me; for
my presence is near, and the time draws near. Let my wisdom guide you, says the Lord!

3-5-2020 The Lord says, provision for your vision will come when you take steps to get
moving in the right direction and towards those things of your destiny, but nothing
moves your way while you are standing still and sitting idly by. I respond to movers and
faith, declares the Lord!

3-4-2020 The Lord God says, you have to avoid the pitfalls of life that would allow you
to prosper for a season outside of my will. There are many options and opportunities
that will try to come to take you off course and get you outside of my will. Do not settle
for the temporary crumbs of man’s favor and abandon the delicious meats of my favor
that will come into your life for a lifetime and all of eternity when you walk with me. I
allow certain things to test what is in your heart and to see if you love me more than the
things of this world. I reward all those lavishly that pass those tests and maintain their
integrity and steadfast love towards me, says the Lord!

3-3-2020 The Lord says, the enemy has no power over you other than the one that you
give him by your own fears. See Job 3:25 and I John 4:18. Get rid of fear so that they
lose their power that you give them by fear. I will move in this season, says the Lord!

3-2-2020 The Lord says, your main focus needs to be on what I created you for and
what I called you to do and not on those temporary things that are sent by the adversary
to distract you.

3-1-2020 The Lord says, if you can allow yourself to see pass the lies, you will see the
truth and you will see things in a clear manner, and the truth that I have spoken to you
will uphold the destiny of your future in so many ways that you never even expected,
declares Jah!

2-29-2020 The Lord says, the fear that is conquering the world should not conquer you
as my children. There is a different outcome for my chosen, says the Lord!

2-28-2020 The Lord says, there is coming a time where I will deal with those heathens
that have troubled you and have vexed my people for so long and have done whatever
they wanted to do, even in the most immoral ways. I was taking time to allow the cup to
be full and to allow their time to be fulfilled, and I will come forth in great fury and with a
vengeance. I have to allow even the worst of the heathens time and a little space for
them to repent, and if they choose not to repent, then I will bathe my glittering sword in
blood at the appointed time, says the Lord! I am just and I am long-suffering to many
things, but at the times appointed I will move and not slack my hand, says the Lord!

2-27-2020 The Lord says, you have not struck out, but if you keep searching you will
find that you have struck gold, and things will pay off for you.

2-26-2020 The Lord says, you have been worried about many things, but I’ve got you,
and I have the balances of your life in my hands, and I will not let you go down and sink.
My hand will steady you in this hour, and you will feel a new surge of my power as I
move upon you in a new way, says Spirit of the Living God!

2-26-2020 (
Prophetic Insights and Perspectives) A lot of disasters and tragedies
that you are seeing and will be seeing in these times will be man made things that were
intended for evil against other people in some kind of way. Some will be more of a
smokescreen or cover up for some other things in certain nations that they do not want
the world to see what is really going on. Pay attention to China and many other Asian
nations. A lot of these things will have an affect on the stock markets of the world. In
China and other nations of the world, what they are now calling Coronavirus has a very
similar effect as Ebola that you saw in African Nations, where they both have the power
to kill people instantly or very quickly and they both are highly contagious. To me it is
the same virus with a different name on different continents. Some of these illnesses
were created in scientific laboratories as experiments, while others were created on
purpose for genocide, population control, and even to control the church and religion in
certain nations where they want to have a secular society without any religion, including
Christianity, Islam, or any other major world religion, because the communist or
dictatorship doctrines forbid those things, and they see those things as a hindrance to
their rule and regimes. In the days ahead, you will start to see the proof come forward of
many of these things that I am saying, because they won’t be able to hide it anymore,
because a boomerang effect will be hitting them back pretty hard. You will see this in
many nations where they have been persecuting the Church and blocking the
preaching of the Gospel or hindering it altogether from coming in, and where they have
been forbidding and destroying Bibles. A lot of these pandemics they will try to give
God the credit for and blame him for them being end time plagues, but many will be
man made and Antichrist in nature to mock God. You will know when the real end time
plagues begin that are actually from God, but right now you will see a lot of counterfeit
stuff going on in mockery of God just like the magicians and the enchanters and
sorcerers did with Moses and Aaron in Exodus Chapters 7-8. Look at Exodus 7:11,
Exodus 7:22, and Exodus 8:7.

2-25-2020 The Lord says, I am positioning you to get ahead of some things, and as you
follow my leading and my instruction you will see that you will not suffer many things
that others may suffer that has no connection and relationship with me. The world is
shaking, but you are secure in my Kingdom, which cannot be shaken. I am your shield
and your rewards, says the Lord!

2-24-2020 The Lord says, do not be discouraged, but rather be encouraged, and watch
how quickly things come into alignment in this season for you. I have accelerated the
times for you, and you will have no loss, says the Lord!

2-23-2020 The Lord says, the fire that I put within you will burn things out of you and
burn things off of people that you come in contact with that is not like God. The fire is
not there to harm you, but it is there to refine you and purify you, says the Lord!

2-22-2020 The Lord says, stop looking for things to go bad and stop expecting evil, but
expect my love to show up for you and expect my favor to cover your life in the midst of
an evil world; for I desire to show you my goodness in the midst of what you are seeing
in these present times, says the Lord!

2-21-2020 The Lord says, quit dreaming about it and put some things into action and
watch how I move upon those things. I already showed it to you and put those things in
your heart, so why are you still in ‘Wait Mode,’ says the Lord!

2-20-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you on this journey to be stripped and to be
tripped, but I have called you to make a difference and to excel where it looks like you
have gone through Hell. I have been where you been, but I got up out of the grave to
free you and a multitude from the bondage of being a slave, declares the Lord!

2-19-2020 The Lord says, be open to the process and what I am doing in your life,
because it is opening up some things for you that you could not previously see. Know
that my favor is upon your life for this season, and I will now open up the right and the
necessary doors for you. This is a season of my favor for you, says the Lord!

2-18-2020 The Lord says, in this season if you think it, it will happen. It won’t just
happen by the speaking of your words, but even you dare to imagine certain things,
you will see those things come to pass in this hour. The power of creativity within you
is in your imagination, declares the Lord!

2-17-2020 If you are a prophet, you are going to encounter some Jezebels along the
way, but the Lord says, stand strong in the face of adversity, and you will wear a crown
and overcome. If you are not a prophet, you still will see her opposition to your mission,
but use the word of God in her face to defeat her tactics, and she will run this time
versus Elijah running from her. The Lord says, you have all that you need to succeed
and to overcome evil in these last days. Even if you are being resisted by evil on your
job through another person that is wicked, then you are seeing the evil works and
deeds of a Jezebel and an Antichrist spirit firsthand, but stand strong, says the Lord!

2-16-2020 The Lord says, I am not counting on you to fail, but I have made provision for
you to prevail. Your destiny is sealed in me even though you were being tested. You will
see a lot of things shine in a place that only I can take you as you trust me. This is not a
season to lean to your own understanding, but for you to follow my leading and enjoy
my feeding in greener pastures, says the Lord! See Psalm 65:9-13 and Psalm 23:2.

2-15-2020 The Lord says, I am challenging you to go higher and deeper with me, so
that I can begin to release wisdom to you to bring solutions to this present world so that
others can be won to me by what they see manifesting in life through you. You are my
witness to show forth my glory to this generation. Do not disappoint me, but heed to all
that I whisper to you so that my will can be fulfilled and lived out through you, says God!

2-14-2020 Some people has had access to your life  publicly and privately that should
not have had access. They have had access to some personal things concerning you
that never should have been any of their concern in the first place. They are in
possession of things of yours that you had no knowledge of, and some laws were
broken in the process, and the Lord wants to expose that to you and bring it before you.
In this season, you will see what has been hidden from you and kept back from your
knowledge. Because they violated your trust and breached some things, the Lord is
going to deal with them in a tough manner in this season, because they concerned
themselves with stuff that crossed a line and gained his attention because of the
maliciousness of it and intentions behind them doing so. The Lord further says that this
is a season where he is bringing all of those hidden and secret things into judgment,
and he is going to rule in your favor, even in some legal matters where the odds were
stacked against you and the mighty and the powerful were ganged up together against
you in an evil and ungodly way. See Isaiah 54:14-15 and Isaiah 41:9-13. The Lord says
to tell you that, “I have seen and I have heard.” I have seen all that they have done to
you, even the stuff that they did to you and have plotted against you behind your back,
and I have heard all that they have said about you and what they have spoken against
you, and I will deal with them in this season; for I am not blind and I am not deaf, says
the Lord! Look at Job 42:7-12, Psalm 37:12-15, Psalm 50:16-22, Psalm 21:8-11,
Job 5:12-13, Psalm 37:1-10, and Psalm 70:1-5.

2-13-2020 You make the difference, says the Lord! The Lord says, I have called you to
make a difference in the lives of others even when you are thinking, ‘Who is going to
make a difference in my own life.’ The Lord says, I Am That One that is there to make a
difference in your life, so look no further. I am feeding and equipping you to feed and to
equip others, so be not weary in well doing, says the Lord!

2-12-2020 The Lord says, count up the cost before you embark upon the journey. When
you do, you will see the shift that you were looking for, and a new faith will arise within
you for the journey, declares the Lord!

2-11-2020 This is the year of your process to victory, and this is a time where the
seasons will change for you and things will shift and look up for you. You will suddenly
see how things will shape up and will begin to fall in place and the way will be made
clear, says the Lord! This is a time for you to refresh your memory and sharpen up your
skills for the places I am taking you, because those gifts and talents that I have planted
in you will now be used, says the Lord!

2-10-2020 The Lord says, some people suffer in life, because they did not open up
their eyes in time to see the truth. It is not my will that a lot of people suffer unnecessary
things, but I speak and some never listen when I am speaking and how I am speaking,
declares the Lord!

2-9-2020 The Lord says, do not allow things to bewitch you or to charm you, and do not
be easily lured into what looks lovely from surface value, but prove all things and hold
fast to that which is good. As for some things in life, they are really more than meets
the eyes, but my wisdom in you will be able to see pass any smoke screen or cloud of
deception, says the Lord!

2-8-2020 The Lord says, don’t marvel at the heathen, because what I have planned for
you is much better and far greater.

2-7-2020 The Lord says, be mindful of your neighbors in this season; for there is a
good reward for those of you that look out for them and show my love to them in these
times. Tell them about me and demonstrate me to them, declares the Lord!

2-6-2020 The Lord says, don’t let things distract you. Don’t let people distract you. My
breakthrough is in your midst, and my visitation is upon you now, says the Lord!

2-5-2020 The Lord says, be careful who you lend your ears to in this season, and stay
on the path that I have you on, and you won’t be led astray by the many stray voices
that are out there speaking a vision of their own hearts. I give you greater discernment
in this season to know what is of me and what is not of me. As my sheep you will know
my voice and you will be able to sense my leading, declares the Lord! As of lately, I
have been showing you many things and allowing you to see and to experience many
things so that you would recognize what is of me and what is of the devil. Hold tight to
that which is good and shun that which is evil, says the Lord! In this season you will
know the difference declares the Lord! See Malachi 3:18 and 1 John 3:7-12.

2-4-2020 The Lord says, they are beating the drums of war, but I am beating the drums
of victory, because I have even declared victory over your life. I am the banner of love
and victory that is over your life. I see what they are plotting, and I know what they have
been planning, but I will have them in derision, and they will come to confusion before
you swiftly, and they will enter into captivity for trying to bring you into bondage and
captivity when I have not ordered them to do such a thing; for my fire shall come down
in this season, and my sword has been released to clear up and to clean up the mess,
declares the Lord! The Lord says, I am bringing forth my warfare intercessors in this
season and watch how they pray to dismantle the enemy and to disarm the darkness,
and evil principalities will fall swiftly before them in this hour. I have special troops that
were reserved for this hour, and I am now calling them out of the reserves to the
forefront, and they end hostile situations like that of a threatening standoff, and they
will fulfill all of my purposes, says the Lord!

2-3-2020 The Lord says, this is a season for you to not only take new territory, but to be
able to hold the grounds when you take them. This is a season for you to hear my voice
and to make a decisive choice before you, your mind, other thoughts, and other people
talk you out of it. You won’t need to waiver in this season, but you will need to take a
stand on those things that I have spoken to you and am now speaking to you. You do
not have time to be back and forth and halting between two opinions, but trust my
leading, says the Lord! Where you trust my leading, you will experience my feeding
says the Lord, and you will see and experience supernatural provision on your path;
for I will get it into your hands to feed my cause. A portion will be for you to keep and
a portion will be for you sow to keep it multiplying. You will need to pay very close
attention to how I am leading you in this season, declares the Lord!

The Prophetic Significance of Super Bowl 54; The Short Version; The
Kansas City Chiefs won for the first time in 50 years. 50 represents a Jubilee Year and
the Team represents the Indians and particularly their leadership. This is prophesying
a time of release for the Indian people and lands being returned to them from the
government in some cases, but this is also a time of a Jubilee for all who can receive
it. Super Bowl 54 was also played on a Palindrome Day, which is very rare, which was
02/02/2020. The day and the month in the backwards form still is 2020, which is the
current year that we are in. Many other records were broken in this particular game
that were of prophetic significance and for those of us prophets that understand the
different ways that the Lord chooses to speak to us through signs, symbols, types,
things, as well as numbers, then you would know that numbers and dates are so very
important to cracking life codes and revealing destiny and prophecies. He still uses the
foolish things of the world to confound the wise even for the ones that don’t think that
the Lord would speak through football or through events. Do you honestly think that the
Lord would miss an opportunity to reveal himself when so many millions of people
nationally and around the world are watching? I can tell you that he won’t. There are
other gifted prophets that saw way more than I can tell you when it comes to the
numbers, but this is the short version. The longer version is too long for me to post it all
here, but I am documenting it privately. The Super Bowl 54. The final score 31 to 20 is
51 when you add it together. First win in 50 years. Played on the 33rd day of the year
on ground hog day in a leap year with 333 days left in the year. Jesus was 33 years old
when he was crucified and his ministry ended as such, and he was resurrected at age
33 on the 3rd day even as I am writing this report to you on the third day in the season
of the ‘Two,’ which represents the double, not to mention that the Quarter back was 24
years old, which makes him the youngest to win a Super Bowl. 24 represents the
season of the double and the double of the double. This year is 2020. 20 + 20 = 40 and
4-0 = 4. There are two sets of ‘2’s’ and two sets of ‘0’s’ in this year. On yesterday,
02/02/2020, there were four sets of ‘2’s’ and four sets of ‘0’s’ on that day. Understanding
Prophetic Math and numbers is going to be important for you in the days ahead and
unlocking the codes of your destiny, your future, your family, your business, your
ministry, and everything that pertains to your life, because the Lord has been speaking
to many of you this way, but you have been ignorant to what he has been saying,
because you don’t understand this kind of language, because it is Kingdom oriented.
You will read my book on this stuff in one day when I release it, because you won’t be
able to put it down, because it will help you to understand the encrypted language on
how God has been communicating with you in life, but you could not understand the
frequencies on which he was and is speaking to you and others, even the whole world
and the Body of Christ.
Prophetic Math is found through the Bible. You just need an
anointed teacher to reveal those things to you through teachings where you can easily
see it and understand it. By these things, you will see numerical patterns and cycles in
your own life, family, and ministry, even in your business or your job or career field. You
are frustrated because you don’t understand the codes of your life, and you think that
everything dealing with numbers is the devil, but the Mayans and other forces that has
demonic knowledge has nothing on God. See Daniel 1:4, Daniel 1:17 & 20. See Daniel
12:11-12, Revelation 13:18, Ecclesiastes 8:5, 1 Chronicles 12:32, Jeremiah 8:7-9,
Matthew 16:1-3, Luke 12:54-56, and Ezekiel 4:1-9, mainly Verses 5 & 9.

2-2-2020 The Lord says, many people’s eyes are open now, whereas there were many
things that prophets and elders had been saying over the years that they could not
seem to grasp and to lay hold of, but now as things are unfolding they can see what
was spoken of old and in times past. In this season many blind eyes, both natural and
the spiritual ones will be opened, says the Lord!

2-1-2020 The Lord says, in this past season I have been teaching you to recognize
opportunities, and in this season I am teaching you to walk through the door, so that
you won’t miss the wonderful season ahead that I have for you, declares the Lord!

1-31-2020 The Lord says, some things are overwhelming to your heart, but you will
need my grace to overcome them. I will be with you through it all and I will help you to
master those things in life that has tried to master you, declares the Lord!

#1) The Lord God says, they have been really trying your patience, but let
patience have its perfect work in your life, because I am perfecting some things in your
life just to promote you in their face and in the face of your adversaries.
#2) I heard the
Lord say, Super Bowl 54 will be an unforgettable Super Bowl. (Keep that in prayer.)

1-29-2020 The Lord says, you should never fear all those things that you see coming
in the earth, even those fearful sights. Those that don’t know me fear those things, but
if you know me you’ll know that there is an Ark of safety in my arms.

1-28-2020 The Lord says, no matter how bad you are down, you can always come back
and win. That is the word of the Lord for you today.

1-27-2020 The Lord says, what I have filled you with is for you to disperse and to
dispense back to others. I have made you my distribution center of many good things,
and I expect you to disperse a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, impartation, and counsel
among many other things into others. I have filled you for others, says the Lord!

1-26-2020 The Lord says, no amount of problems that you can face can amount to the
measure of my grace and my answers that I bring to the table. You will see my answer
and my solutions in your life in this season, declares the Lord!

1-25-2020 The Lord says, what you have been called and chosen for is much greater
than you can know or understand right now. That is the reason why you had to endure
such warfare in your life, but now I will bring you forth out of hiding and use you in a
great and mighty way that my name will get glory everywhere that I send you on my
behalf, says the Lord!

1-24-2020 The Lord says, you are getting a makeover in this season, and I am re-doing
many things in your life and I am un-doing many things that the enemy has tried to plant
in your life to make you feel that are not good enough to accomplish my will for your life.
I am re-arranging many things in your life in this season, declares the Lord!

1-23-2020 The Lord says, they won’t be able to destroy you even though they tried,
because in this season I am turning the table on such evil ones that has tried to stop
my will from playing out in your life.

1-22-2020 The Lord says, perseverance is just one of the many tests that you will have
to prove out as you walk it out. It will prove that you are built to last, says the Lord! You
are not made to give up, but made to persevere, says the Lord!

1-21-2020 The Lord says, don’t overshoot the runway by going too fast, but slow things
down when you are coming in for a landing so that things will land smoothly and not
roughly. In other words, I need you to learn to be balanced and to learn the difference in
speeds between a takeoff or a launch and when you are landing or coming in for the
harvest. It is important that you know that those are two different things that will require
two different calibers of speed and skill, declares the Lord!

1-20-2020 Oftentimes in life people don’t want to forgive you, and they want you to live
in the condemnation of your past, but God says forget what they think and live in your
present and look forward to your future.

1-19-2020 The Lord says, a better way for you is coming and is being prepared. Only
be patient in the process, because real and lasting solutions take time, but in the end it
will be worth the wait.

1-18-2020 They tried to cut you out and count you out. They said that you were not
good enough and you were not qualified. They said, they said, they said, but God says,
you are good enough. You are in the game and not counted out, and I will not let nobody
pull you out of my plan and my will for your life. Your destiny is sure and very secure in
me, and I am that I am in your life, and I have positioned you for greatness; for that is
your portion in life. Everyone will see openly how I have loved you when I openly
vindicate you and show you and them my hand for your life. I will execute vengeance
on those adversaries that have tried to harm you and do you evil for the enemy’s sake
to do his bidding. I will lift your head in this season, says the Lord!

1-17-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you to be backed into a corner, but it is time
for you to spring forth in this season and make a come back.

1-16-2020 The Lord says, you will need to balance out the things that I am showing
you, the things that I am teaching you, and the things that I am using to train you; for I
have many ways that I am training you in this season. My heart is not hardened towards
you, but my love is ever for you, says the Lord! Don’t fear those harsher things in life
that you have walked through and have to go through at times, but know that I am there
with you through it all, and my favor has not left your life, but I am building compassion
and obedience in you in this season, says the Lord!

1-15-2020 The Lord says, this is a season where I plan to take you over the top and
take you to a lot higher realm in me. Only allow me to show you what you refused to
see in the last season and most of your life that kept you limited all this while. I am
trying to get you to break those barriers in this season. I need your permission  and
cooperation to do these things, says God!

1-14-2020 The Lord says, remind my people that there is no power greater than my
power and there is no throne greater than my throne. I have all power in Heaven and in
earth, and in this hour I will destroy all evil thrones of iniquity and reign over the earth,
says the Lord!

1-13-2020 The Lord says, my goal is to get you to where I always knew and intended
for you to be. I always intended for you to be led of my Spirit and not by your
circumstances, so in this season I am correcting some things and redirecting your
steps, says the Lord!

1-12-2020 The Lord says, understanding your ancestral history and background will
be key in you breaking some things from over your life and the generations to come.
You will gain the power over many curses and impediments when you get before me
in prayer and allow my Spirit to show you some important things, says the Lord! See
Daniel 9:20-24. The Lord says, the past has a lot to do with the present, and the
present has a lot to do with the future and those things to come. In this season, I want
to show you many things to come. See John 16:13. Get before me, and I will show you
many things to come, declares the Lord!

1-11-2020 The Lord says, in this season you are going to have to arise and look
beyond what has happened negatively to you in the past and look to what I am telling
you and showing you now concerning your present and your future life path. Be certain
that I am with you now and there is a blessing on the path ahead of you if you will now
follow and put the past behind you, says God!

1-10-2020 The Lord says, I am going to send you to the sick, and I am going to use
you to lay hands on some and they will be healed instantly and yet others I will cause
you to prophecy to them and give you a word of knowledge for them and they will be
healed on the spot. The Lord says, think it not strange that I will use you in unusual
ways in this season to bring hope, healing, and restoration to the masses of people.
The Lord says, there will be some people that you will see on Go-Fund me and other
social media platforms that will be sick with a dire condition and I will cause you to pray
for them in person, or by phone, or through an email contact, and they’ll get healed
immediately. The Lord says, my desire in this season is to use you in unusual ways
that you are not used to and I will be working with you in this process, says the Lord!

1-9-2020 The Lord says, favor is not your problem. You have my favor. You just need to
walk in total obedience to what I am telling you, and then you will see the breakthrough,
and you will see doors open up for you.

1-8-2020 The Lord says, I have called you to open your eyes and not be blind
concerning the times. Open your eyes to see what you refused to see in times past.
Look at Hosea 4:6, Hosea 5:15, and then Hosea 6:1-3.

1-7-2020 The Lord says, your season has come for greater elevation, greater expansion,
and greater exposure. I have even prepared you before now to handle this season, so
know that you have already been equipped and prepped for this season, says the Lord!

1-6-2020 The Lord says, the days of being comfortable outside of doing my will are over.
I have been shaking things up a bit in nations, in people, in churches and ministries, in
governments, in organizations, in some marriages and in some relationships, because I
am calling for more. I see more. There is a much greater potential in you that you have
yet to discover and to bring forth, says the Lord! I won’t let you settle and I won’t let
nations, governments, organizations, people, churches, and ministries settle for
corruption. I won’t let marriages settle for just tolerating one another, but not seeing the
greater purpose of why I brought them together. Yea, I will open blind eyes in this
season and you will know that I mean business. Nations are in a rift right now and are
shuffling to and fro, because they have not understood that it is no more business as
usual, but I am declaring and doing a new thing that requires them to come up to a new
order and the way that I have ordained for them in this hour, says the Lord! The Lord
God would even say further that all nations will be tested in this hour, and there will be
a determination of how they are aligning and whose side they are on. Depending on
that will determine just how they fare or what they will suffer, declares the Lord. I will
cause all nations and all people to make a choice in this hour. My will has been
spoken, declares the Lord!

1-5-2020 The Lord says, don’t over exert yourself when it comes to too many issues,
but allow my grace to help you and to show you where to draw the line at in all things.
There are some thing that you do not belong in and yet there are other things that you
voice needs to be heard in those matters. As you seek me, my Spirit will let you know
where you are needed and where you are not needed so that you can stand clear of
those things. Your input is not needed in everything, says the Lord!

1-4-2020 The Lord says, there are many pieces of the puzzle, and there are many
pieces that you do not yet know. The Lord says, work with me and I will cause you to
see the pieces that you do not yet see and that which you do not yet know, says the
Lord! There is a bigger picture and a clearer picture of things to come in your life, says
the Lord!

1-3-2020 The Lord says, radar eyes will be needed in this season. You won’t be able
to look at things with the natural eyes to see what I am showing you, but you will need
to look with eagle eyes, the eyes of the prophetic. This is a season for you to adjust and
readjust your spiritual lenses and let them be cleansed of all fog and dirt that stops you
from seeing things clearly. You will need to see things with precision in this hour in
order for you to rise above the current challenges in your nation and in your lives. Do
not sit quiet on these things, but sound the alarm without panicking so that the people
around you and among you can be warned, says the Lord! You are my witnesses in
the earth, declares the Lord!

1-2-2020 The Lord says, sure victories and sudden victories will be your portion this
year. Take it to heart knowing that my will shall prosper in your life this year, declares

1-1-2020 The Lord says, I have taken you forward, and I do not intend for you to go
back the way that you came. New things do I declare over your life. Last year there was
a shaking of the branch in your life, and I caused the winds to blow in your life, but this
year and at this time, I am causing you to finally enter into that which I have for you.
You had many enemies all around you and some were even blocking your path forward.
It seemed as many doors were shut tight and that there was no access way forward for
you, but the Lord says, this is a season of my unsealing and a time of my revealing in
your life, and I will reveal you to the nations and I will unseal your destiny, because now
is the appointed time for all things in your life to come forth that I even spoke to you of in
times past. Fear not what is set before you, but know I have already gone before you to
prepare the way, and I have set all things in place for you on your path, and as you walk
with me and go forward, you will see just that, says the Lord God! The morning belongs
to you. Now arise and see what is prepared for you on the horizon of a new day,
declares the Lord!


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