1-26-2020 The Lord says, no amount of problems that you can face can amount to the
measure of my grace and my answers that I bring to the table. You will see my answer
and my solutions in your life in this season, declares the Lord!

1-25-2020 The Lord says, what you have been called and chosen for is much greater
than you can know or understand right now. That is the reason why you had to endure
such warfare in your life, but now I will bring you forth out of hiding and use you in a
great and mighty way that my name will get glory everywhere that I send you on my
behalf, says the Lord!

1-24-2020 The Lord says, you are getting a makeover in this season, and I am re-doing
many things in your life and I am un-doing many things that the enemy has tried to plant
in your life to make you feel that are not good enough to accomplish my will for your life.
I am re-arranging many things in your life in this season, declares the Lord!

1-23-2020 The Lord says, they won’t be able to destroy you even though they tried,
because in this season I am turning the table on such evil ones that has tried to stop
my will from playing out in your life.

1-22-2020 The Lord says, perseverance is just one of the many tests that you will have
to prove out as you walk it out. It will prove that you are built to last, says the Lord! You
are not made to give up, but made to persevere, says the Lord!

1-21-2020 The Lord says, don’t overshoot the runway by going too fast, but slow things
down when you are coming in for a landing so that things will land smoothly and not
roughly. In other words, I need you to learn to be balanced and to learn the difference in
speeds between a takeoff or a launch and when you are landing or coming in for the
harvest. It is important that you know that those are two different things that will require
two different calibers of speed and skill, declares the Lord!

1-20-2020 Oftentimes in life people don’t want to forgive you, and they want you to live
in the condemnation of your past, but God says forget what they think and live in your
present and look forward to your future.

1-19-2020 The Lord says, a better way for you is coming and is being prepared. Only
be patient in the process, because real and lasting solutions take time, but in the end it
will be worth the wait.

1-18-2020 They tried to cut you out and count you out. They said that you were not
good enough and you were not qualified. They said, they said, they said, but God says,
you are good enough. You are in the game and not counted out, and I will not let nobody
pull you out of my plan and my will for your life. Your destiny is sure and very secure in
me, and I am that I am in your life, and I have positioned you for greatness; for that is
your portion in life. Everyone will see openly how I have loved you when I openly
vindicate you and show you and them my hand for your life. I will execute vengeance
on those adversaries that have tried to harm you and do you evil for the enemy’s sake
to do his bidding. I will lift your head in this season, says the Lord!

1-17-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you to be backed into a corner, but it is time
for you to spring forth in this season and make a come back.

1-16-2020 The Lord says, you will need to balance out the things that I am showing
you, the things that I am teaching you, and the things that I am using to train you; for I
have many ways that I am training you in this season. My heart is not hardened towards
you, but my love is ever for you, says the Lord! Don’t fear those harsher things in life
that you have walked through and have to go through at times, but know that I am there
with you through it all, and my favor has not left your life, but I am building compassion
and obedience in you in this season, says the Lord!

1-15-2020 The Lord says, this is a season where I plan to take you over the top and
take you to a lot higher realm in me. Only allow me to show you what you refused to
see in the last season and most of your life that kept you limited all this while. I am
trying to get you to break those barriers in this season. I need your permission  and
cooperation to do these things, says God!

1-14-2020 The Lord says, remind my people that there is no power greater than my
power and there is no throne greater than my throne. I have all power in Heaven and in
earth, and in this hour I will destroy all evil thrones of iniquity and reign over the earth,
says the Lord!

1-13-2020 The Lord says, my goal is to get you to where I always knew and intended
for you to be. I always intended for you to be led of my Spirit and not by your
circumstances, so in this season I am correcting some things and redirecting your
steps, says the Lord!

1-12-2020 The Lord says, understanding your ancestral history and background will
be key in you breaking some things from over your life and the generations to come.
You will gain the power over many curses and impediments when you get before me
in prayer and allow my Spirit to show you some important things, says the Lord! See
Daniel 9:20-24. The Lord says, the past has a lot to do with the present, and the
present has a lot to do with the future and those things to come. In this season, I want
to show you many things to come. See John 16:13. Get before me, and I will show you
many things to come, declares the Lord!

1-11-2020 The Lord says, in this season you are going to have to arise and look
beyond what has happened negatively to you in the past and look to what I am telling
you and showing you now concerning your present and your future life path. Be certain
that I am with you now and there is a blessing on the path ahead of you if you will now
follow and put the past behind you, says God!

1-10-2020 The Lord says, I am going to send you to the sick, and I am going to use
you to lay hands on some and they will be healed instantly and yet others I will cause
you to prophecy to them and give you a word of knowledge for them and they will be
healed on the spot. The Lord says, think it not strange that I will use you in unusual
ways in this season to bring hope, healing, and restoration to the masses of people.
The Lord says, there will be some people that you will see on Go-Fund me and other
social media platforms that will be sick with a dire condition and I will cause you to pray
for them in person, or by phone, or through an email contact, and they’ll get healed
immediately. The Lord says, my desire in this season is to use you in unusual ways
that you are not used to and I will be working with you in this process, says the Lord!

1-9-2020 The Lord says, favor is not your problem. You have my favor. You just need to
walk in total obedience to what I am telling you, and then you will see the breakthrough,
and you will see doors open up for you.

1-8-2020 The Lord says, I have called you to open your eyes and not be blind
concerning the times. Open your eyes to see what you refused to see in times past.
Look at Hosea 4:6, Hosea 5:15, and then Hosea 6:1-3.

1-7-2020 The Lord says, your season has come for greater elevation, greater expansion,
and greater exposure. I have even prepared you before now to handle this season, so
know that you have already been equipped and prepped for this season, says the Lord!

1-6-2020 The Lord says, the days of being comfortable outside of doing my will are over.
I have been shaking things up a bit in nations, in people, in churches and ministries, in
governments, in organizations, in some marriages and in some relationships, because I
am calling for more. I see more. There is a much greater potential in you that you have
yet to discover and to bring forth, says the Lord! I won’t let you settle and I won’t let
nations, governments, organizations, people, churches, and ministries settle for
corruption. I won’t let marriages settle for just tolerating one another, but not seeing the
greater purpose of why I brought them together. Yea, I will open blind eyes in this
season and you will know that I mean business. Nations are in a rift right now and are
shuffling to and fro, because they have not understood that it is no more business as
usual, but I am declaring and doing a new thing that requires them to come up to a new
order and the way that I have ordained for them in this hour, says the Lord! The Lord
God would even say further that all nations will be tested in this hour, and there will be
a determination of how they are aligning and whose side they are on. Depending on
that will determine just how they fare or what they will suffer, declares the Lord. I will
cause all nations and all people to make a choice in this hour. My will has been
spoken, declares the Lord!

1-5-2020 The Lord says, don’t over exert yourself when it comes to too many issues,
but allow my grace to help you and to show you where to draw the line at in all things.
There are some thing that you do not belong in and yet there are other things that you
voice needs to be heard in those matters. As you seek me, my Spirit will let you know
where you are needed and where you are not needed so that you can stand clear of
those things. Your input is not needed in everything, says the Lord!

1-4-2020 The Lord says, there are many pieces of the puzzle, and there are many
pieces that you do not yet know. The Lord says, work with me and I will cause you to
see the pieces that you do not yet see and that which you do not yet know, says the
Lord! There is a bigger picture and a clearer picture of things to come in your life, says
the Lord!

1-3-2020 The Lord says, radar eyes will be needed in this season. You won’t be able
to look at things with the natural eyes to see what I am showing you, but you will need
to look with eagle eyes, the eyes of the prophetic. This is a season for you to adjust and
readjust your spiritual lenses and let them be cleansed of all fog and dirt that stops you
from seeing things clearly. You will need to see things with precision in this hour in
order for you to rise above the current challenges in your nation and in your lives. Do
not sit quiet on these things, but sound the alarm without panicking so that the people
around you and among you can be warned, says the Lord! You are my witnesses in
the earth, declares the Lord!

1-2-2020 The Lord says, sure victories and sudden victories will be your portion this
year. Take it to heart knowing that my will shall prosper in your life this year, declares

1-1-2020 The Lord says, I have taken you forward, and I do not intend for you to go
back the way that you came. New things do I declare over your life. Last year there was
a shaking of the branch in your life, and I caused the winds to blow in your life, but this
year and at this time, I am causing you to finally enter into that which I have for you.
You had many enemies all around you and some were even blocking your path forward.
It seemed as many doors were shut tight and that there was no access way forward for
you, but the Lord says, this is a season of my unsealing and a time of my revealing in
your life, and I will reveal you to the nations and I will unseal your destiny, because now
is the appointed time for all things in your life to come forth that I even spoke to you of in
times past. Fear not what is set before you, but know I have already gone before you to
prepare the way, and I have set all things in place for you on your path, and as you walk
with me and go forward, you will see just that, says the Lord God! The morning belongs
to you. Now arise and see what is prepared for you on the horizon of a new day,
declares the Lord!


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