I thank you Lord that no son in the faith operates in a spirit of
fear or intimidation.

I thank you that they are pure and no lust blinds their eyes or
their mind. I thank you that they see their future clearly. They
see their next path.

I thank you that they are secure in who they are. They are
strong in you Lord and in the power of your might. They are
Sons of power and faith.

I thank you Lord that they operate in wisdom and knowledge,
and they have your counsel on the inside of them, and I say
prosperity is theirs and blessings is theirs, and the blessing of
Abraham rests mightily upon their lives. The blessing of this
ministry rests upon their lives. I say that the same anointing
and blessing that rests upon my life and ministry rests mightily
upon them in the double.

Thank you Lord that there is no situation, trial, or test that
comes up against them that will be able to take them out, take
them down, or destroy them, but I say in the name of Jesus,
that they overcome in all things.

I say that they have victory in every area of their lives, in their
ministries, in their businesses, and in their marriages, and in
their relationships with others.

I say that the spirit of counsel rests upon their lives and in their
hearts, and wise counsel and wisdom is in their mouth for the
people around them daily.

I decree and declare that a strong spirit of prophecy rests
mightily upon their lives, and they operate fluently in the word
of wisdom, word of knowledge, and the gifts of healing. They
operate fluently in divers kinds of tongues, the interpretation
of tongues, the working of miracles, and in the spirit of might.

Thank you Lord that they have a keen sense of discernment,
and they operate in the gift of discerning of spirits, and no
devil in Hell can stand up against them, in Jesus name.


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