Father I thank you today for who you are in my life, and I come before you today on
behalf of the flock that you have given me and have entrusted to my care. I ask that
you place a hedge of protection around them today and let favor be shown them in
every situation in their lives today. I declare your blessing over their lives today,
and I say that they have favor with God and man. I thank you that no weapon
formed against them today will prosper. There is no weaponed formed against
them in their health, their finances, their faith, or in their families that will prosper,
but I cancel out every plot, every scheme, and every trap of the devil over their
lives today, and I say none of them shall be ensnared in any trap of the devil or any
web of deceit or lies. I say that they are out of debt and all of their needs are met. I
decree that none of them are worried or anxious for nothing. I declare that none of
them are sick, afflicted, distraught, in distress, in need, or in any form of bondages.
I say that there is no lack, poverty, debt, or insufficiency in their lives at all, but
each of them abound this day and everyday with the blessing of Abraham
bestowed upon them through Jesus Christ. I decree that none of them are
offended, off track, and in sin. I decree that the enemy is powerless to scatter the
flock and that none of the sheep that you have given me to care for are scattered,
lost, confused, and wandering in the wilderness. I decree that they are faithful in
the Kingdom of God, and they abound with blessings. I say they have all things
today that pertain unto life and godliness, and the anointing is upon their lives
today and their faith does not fail. I cancel out each and every plan for the wolves
to try and scatter my flock, and I say that right now, every strongman is bound over
their lives. I speak to every mountain of adversity that has been in their lives, and I
Say, "Be removed from their lives now and be casted into the sea." I speak to every
wall of opposition that has been around their lives, and I command you to fall now
in the name of Jesus. I speak to every wayward wind that has been blowing over
their lives, and I command you to cease from your maneuvers against their lives
right now in Jesus name. I release the angels of the Lord to go forth now to carry
out the assignments of my prayers to release the harvest that the Lord has
assigned to their lives to come to them right now in abundance in the name of
Jesus. I Say, "They walk in the spirit today and they do not walk in the flesh, and
they shall fulfill all the will of God for their lives today and from this day forth." In
the matchless and the mighty name of Jesus, I declare it to be so, right now, and it
is established by my words and even according to my faith, in Jesus name.


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