What God has been leading you into in this season didn't make any sense at
all. You say, “But God! I am a prophet. Why do you have me working on this
job still? But God! I am an evangelist. What am I still doing here on this job? I
thought that I was supposed to be going around the world. Lord I know I am
called to the ministry, but why am I still here in this place where I am at?” To
everything there is a time and a season for every purpose under Heaven. Can
the Lord make an interruption in your destiny? Who has heard of such a
thing? A work place prophet, a workplace evangelist, a workplace intercessor,
a workplace blessing in disguise. God needs you right where you are at for
such a time as this for what is coming in the land and what is about to come.
He has strategically planted his leaders in place for this season to bring
stability and new possibilities. You are right where you are supposed to be in
this season. He hadn't forgot about your calling and where he is taking you.
He just needed to shift you for a little while to bring, hope, life, and light to the
darkness. It's okay! You're going to be alright. For I am favoring you in this
season, says the Lord! And to those of you that the Lord is leading you to start
a special type of ministry that you can't find in the Scriptures, it doesn't make
sense that God would be telling you to start a skateboard ministry or a
skateboard club. How is that going to help the Lord, you say. That is another
form of evangelism my brother, and another avenue for you to win souls to
Christ for his glory. I dare you to obey God and to do what he has been
putting in your heart and what he has been showing you. It don't make sense
to start a Christian based car club ministry, but that idea didn't come from the
devil. There are people that are caught up in glorying their cars instead of the
father God, and he needs you to reach them with your nice rides and let them
know that you can be saved, love the Lord, and still ride nice without living a
perverted lifestyle, and to let them know that they don't have to worship the
car, but they should worship the true and living God that gives us those good
things to enjoy in this life as a pleasure and not an idol. Whatever the Lord
has told you to do, defer not to obey him. Move quickly into your destiny and
stay connected to Christ through the vine.
(See John 15:1-16)

                    WRITTEN BY: RODERICK GRIMES 7/16/2007

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