1. Set up an intercessory prayer team that is assigned just to pray for outreach and
evangelism. This team needs to be a separate entity from any other intercessory
prayer teams within your local church, although you may be able to utilize the help of
the other intercessors. The whole focus of this special team needs to be on outreach
and evangelism.

2. Start praying for a neighborhood or a region that you want to reach thirty days in
advance before you ever go there to do outreach and evangelism.

3. Pray and fast a whole week for that area before you actually do the outreach and
evangelism. This will break any yokes of bondage over that area and cause any
stronghold principalities to fall that would try to keep souls stuck in darkness and in
bondage. (
See Isaiah 58:6 and 2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

4. Host special events at the community centers, open parks, schools, and libraries in
the region that you are trying to reach at least once a week to get the people of that
area familiar with you so that your church name will be out there and they can see and
know what you are all about, and they will be comfortable with you.

5. When you host these special events, it is always a good idea to incorporate your
food and clothing ministry and other basic services to lure people to your event,
because people are more prone to listen to you after you have ministered unto their
basic needs. (
See Isaiah 58:7-12, Matthew 14:14-21, Matthew 15:32-38, and
Matthew 16:9-10
) It is not about bribing them, but it is just another form of bait to get
them there. Jesus fed the five thousand and the four thousand as an incentive for them
being there. Even if they are there for the wrong reasons, just to get some food or some
clothes only, then at least you have them in an environment to hear the word of God
being preached. (
See John 6:26-27) What I and my teams would do is have soul
winners on the team spread out among the people in the crowd all day to witness to
them one on one and lead them to Christ that way by the hundreds or thousands
versus just waiting on one big altar call at the end. You can and should still do an altar
call for salvation at the end also, but crowd evangelism is another way to catch fish for
Jesus when people may be in a rush to get in and get out quickly without sticking
around for the end of the event.

6. Have the whole church join in with the outreach teams on a fast and prayer time one
week before the outreach event.

7. Even though you have dedicated evangelism teams, make it a church wide event,
and get everybody involved. The Lord says when you are going into a community for
more one on one type of evangelism, it may not be necessary to try to reach everybody
all at once. The Lord says I will give you the grace and the influence to reach the
ringleaders, and the most influential people, in those areas and they will lead
everybody else to you to hear the word of God preached. You see this with Jesus and
the woman at the well.
See John 4:19 & 29-30.

8. While you and the evangelism teams are out winning souls for the Kingdom of God,
you should also have people back at the church praying for souls to be saved the
whole time that teams are out in the harvest preaching to the lost. That is where that
dedicated outreach intercessory team makes a difference. You will see many more
souls get saved as a result of implementing that.

9. Before the outreach teams head out to do evangelism, you should always pray and
bind up the strong man in prayer first.
See Matthew 12:29 and 2 Corinthians 4:3-6.
Now pray these Scriptures over the lives of the people;
2 Timothy 2:24-26 and Isaiah
. It should also encourage you to know that the Lord is also in Heaven praying
and interceding for those same people that you are reaching out and preaching to, and
he is praying for them to believe your words.
John 17:20 & 2 Thessalonians 1:10-12.

10. It is also a good idea to pray and ask the Lord where he wants you to go to win
souls that day before you head out to win souls. I have found from personal experience
that the Lord will always lead you to exactly who needs to be saved, and you will get
one hundred percent salvation decisions for Christ that day, every time. I would pray
and say “Lord you know who needs to be saved today, now lead us to those people
that needs to be saved right now, and he would do it every time, because with those
people, somebody already did the planting and the watering process, and you are now
the increase man or woman. (
1 Corinthians 3:6-9, Mark 4:26-29, and Mark 16:20.)

11. It is also a good idea to send your outreach team members out in teams of two’s
and three’s. It works best with teams of three’s, with each team composing of at least
one man and at least one woman, so that each team would be equipped to minister to
both males and females, as well as, children and teenagers. Sometimes, a woman can
better relate to some issues that another woman may be dealing with when you are
ministering to them, and likewise for the men also.

12. It is good to let one lead person do all of the talking, so that the person they are
ministering to does not get confused. However, they should also be sensitive to the
Holy Spirit to pass the baton to one of the other team members if they perceive that the
Holy Spirit has put something in them to say that can close the deal in salvation with a
person accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. The other team members should be
praying silently for the person being ministered to, and pray against all distractions and
things that would take their focus off of what is being spoken to them about the Lord at
that time. If it is a team of three, then the third person can be silently praying and
interceding for the person that is doing the preaching to that lost person. They should
be praying that they say all of the right words and pray for them to be focused and stick
with the subject in order to close the deal with a salvation decision.

13. With a team of three, you can also use the extra team members to talk to someone
else that would be a distraction to the person that are being preached to, in order to
keep them preoccupied. Extra team members can assist with preventing distractions.

14. Also, it is not a good idea to send out teams of more than three if you are doing
door to door and neighborhood one on one evangelism, because you do not want it to
look like you are ganging up on an individual. You want it to feel more personal than
like a crowd effect. Some people can get nervous when you have too many people
around them.

15. Last but not least, always remember to be kind and courteous to others and walk in
love. (
See John 13:34-35, Jeremiah 31:3, and John 15:8-17.)



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