A lot of times in life parents tend to abuse their children in more ways than
one without even really knowing about it and not being conscious of what they
are actually really doing to them in life and how they are affecting their self-
image, their self-confidence, their self-esteem, and their self-worth and value.
Please pray for all parents that abuse their children physically and verbally to
be delivered from that spirit of abuse. Usually if a parent has been abused
growing up as a child, then they tend to treat their children the same exact
way, unless they get some form of counseling and understanding of how they
should be able to properly raise their kids. Some parents actually use the
same damaging words on their kids that they heard spoken over their own
life, words such as; "you are so stupid, you are dumb, you will never amount
to anything, your head is on backwards, you are a disgrace, you're just like
your old no good daddy," and other kinds of other harmful and damaging
words. It is kind of hard to recover from those kinds of words in life without
some kinds of spiritual counseling and help. Verbal abuse can be even more
damaging and hurtful than physical abuse, because of the psychological and
long term after effects that it has on a person's life all the way into adulthood,
and if a person never gets healed and delivered from those ill-will words
spoken over their life, then they usually take it out on others at work, on their
children, on their employees, or on their spouse. They will oftentimes end up
divorced, because they don't know how to treat people and they don't know
how to love people or embrace them, because they never were shown the
proper love and affection of a stable parent figure or figures in their own life,
and a person in life that is like that will find themselves going through life
hurting any and everybody that they come in contact with because they have
been hurt. People that have been hurt and emotionally scarred in their life
usually hurt other people in their life. Many people that have been hurt will
usually blame the Lord for letting them go through that, when it is actually not
his fault at all, it is your parents fault. God gives us parents and it is their duty
of life to be wise and responsible enough to raise their kids with respect and
honor, and God actually trusts those parents to perform their sovereign duty
as a parental figure and authority in their children's lives and when they fail to
do that as a parent, then they fail God and they fail that child or their children.
Many parents are not God fearing at all, so they don't fear man's laws of the
land either. If they don't care enough to treat their own kid’s right or respect
God, then surely they don't care if they go to jail because of an abuse law.
Why? I'll tell you why; it is because they are angry people that are mad at the
world because they themselves are the product of being hurt, misguided,
misled, abused, and bruised. So pray for parents that have been abused to
be healed and to seek counseling to get help with those things that seem to
still haunt them and plague their lives until this very day. Pray for children that
get abused or that have been abused, whether physically or verbally, to get
healed, delivered, set free, and to be comforted, as well as, for godly and
wise counselors to enter their life that will be able to help them to recover and
move forward without any further damage and repercussions in their lives,
which will be an effective form of damage control. The Lord laid it on my heart
to voice this issue to the many parents that ignorantly use their tongue as a
weapon and a force against their own children, and if there are any of those
types of parents reading this now, then I pray that you will find repentance and
ask the Lord and your children to forgive you. Teachers also need to repent
and apologize to some kids that they said some very damaging statements
to; Pastors that have been abused verbally and/or physically tend to beat up,
tear down, and beat down their congregation with verbal abuse and angry
words that damages the souls of innocent people that are just seeking to
learn the ways of God, and most of them come to Church for healing not to
be further beat up, kicked, embarrassed, and torn down, so I pray that some
Pastors will also find repentance for damaging both their natural and spiritual
children in the Lord, because you cause God to get you when you handle his
babies, the sheep of his pasture wrong and in an inappropriate manner. (
Luke 17:1-2
) Some employers and bosses needs to go and apologize to all
their employees and servants. (
Look at Ephesians 6:9 and Colossians 4:1)
If the Lord convicts your heart, then there is no way to get that thing off of
your conscious until you go and make that thing right by asking the person
that you have verbally attacked to forgive you, and ask the Lord to forgive
you. Conviction feels almost as if a sword is in your heart, and it won't just go
away until you do what you know is right and that is to humble your big-time
self and walk in humility and repent and ask for forgiveness from the Lord and
from the people or the children that you have trespassed against. It is better
to have a clear conscious than to walk around in condemnation and guilt with
no peace. Sometimes people just don't know what they are doing to their kids
or to the children that are around them or even to other people's kids for that
matter, but I pray that you got what I said if this writing finds you there.




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