A flash flood is when it rains so much and the water from the rain comes down so
fast that it now begins to overrun an area and that area cannot keep up with the
overflow and the abundance of rain. The Lord says, I am coming in your life in this
season like the power of a flash flood; for all of you that have ever seen or
experienced a flash flood before, you know exactly what I am talking about. All of
a sudden you go from a dry spell into a sudden overflow of waters. You have been
in a season of a drought and things were dry in your life and seems like nothing
was moving at all for you, but the Lord says I am releasing the floodgates and I will
overwhelm you with my goodness like the power of a flash flood. The Lord says I
am revealing myself to you in this season through the power of a flash flood, and I
will come in fast and flood your life with blessings. This will be a season that you
shall experience my overflow and I overfill you with my Spirit, and your cup will not
only run over, but it shall overflow. I am overflowing you in this season and I will
come unto you as the rain. Yea, as the former and the latter rain and even as the
two rains meet, you shall have plenty of wheat. Yea, even in the midst of the third,
you shall see my word. In the midst of the third rain, I’ll bring you into increase and
gain, and sudden prosperity will hit your life that you won’t be able to explain. As
the abundance of rain fall, know that I have heard your call, and when you see the
overflow don’t fear, know that I the Lord your God has flooded your year, declares
the Spirit of the Most High God!


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