You have been saying it is hard, and God I am uncomfortable in this position; yet I
know you called me, but why is there so much pressure on me? Are you still there
Lord? Are you still with me? Are you working on my behalf? Why is there so much
pressure on me? If you love me, then why are you allowing me to go through all of
this, and why are you allowing all of this pressure to be put upon me Lord?
the Hell are you? What in the Hell is going on?
I don’t know how much more of
this I can take Lord! How long Lord? How much longer will I have to endure these
trials, tests, and afflictions?
Are you testing me like Job? Am I being thrown into
the lion’s den just like
Daniel? Why am I being thrown into this pit like Joseph?
What did I do wrong? That has been you for a while now, standing before the Lord
with all that bitterness, wrath, and complaining. The question is not what did you
do wrong, but the question may be what did you do right? Oftentimes, we tend to
associate trials in life with wrong doing or error, but the Lord allows us all to be put
The Pressure Cooker of Life where it is hot as Hell, but we will not burn up
(See Isaiah 43:2), because the anointing that he has placed on our lives, it will
sustain us, and furthermore the armor of God that you have on is fireproof.
is the point where water starts to boil, and a lot of times the Lord turns
up the heat on us to burn off the imperfections, and to boil out the impurities of life
that still remains in us deeply rooted and embedded in our souls.
He knows what
He is doing in your life
, but do you know what He is doing? Do you see or
perceive what He is up to in your life?
Though painful for a season sometimes,
the blessing in the long run will be well worth the wait and the trial that came to
test your smile and your praise God, Hallelujah’s coming out of your mouth. When
the pressure is on, can you still praise God? When the pressure is on, can you still
stand having done all to stand? When the pressure is on, will you remain faithful to
God, or get mad at him and cuss Him? The test of the pressure cooker will tell.
See 1 Peter 4:12 and 1 Peter 1:6-13. God said I heard you talk, now let me talk.
Enough of your talking, now hear what I have to say to you, says the Lord! I threw
you in the fire only to take you up higher.
Go look at Daniel 3:1-30. I threw you in
the fire
to purify you (See Malachi 3:1-3), because I knew the way that I was
taking you (
See Job 23:10). I was turning you into a person that is better than fine
gold, says the Lord! (
Take a look at Isaiah 13:12.) God says, I was proving you
and testing you to do you good at your latter end.
Study Deuteronomy 8:11-16.
The Lord said, I was
testing your endurance level to make sure that I had Me a
battle proven soldier that would not quit or give up on me.
I have chosen you and
selected you for my glory, to tell others My story
. You were handpicked and
selected by me, and I have been the one that is training you directly by my hand.
You were a little rough around the edges,
so I refined you. You were still a little
rough around the edges after I refined you the first time,
so I had to refine you
in my pressure cooker that is liken unto a fine grade of sand paper. I have
chosen you for a great purpose, so your trials were greater than everyone else’s,
because I have called you to lead and to feed my people. You are a high ranking
General and Commander in My Army, says the Lord, and I have chosen you for a
high task and a much higher purpose than everyone else, so your journey and
training had to be done on
an advanced level apart from the others. Because of
this, you have found yourself
on a lonely path with me even though many people
are around you.
You have found yourself seemly isolated from the rest in that
lonely place with me where not too many people understood you or understand
you even now, because I am training you to be like the eagles that often soar high
alone as a commander versus being like the buzzards that stay on ground
level picking at dead stuff that stinks on the ground and not going anywhere. You
hang in there because by the time I am finished with you in
My pressure cooker,
you will come out refined, redeemed, and transformed completely for my glory,
end of story, says the Lord!


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