Sometimes what you need in your life is wisdom, versus a prophetic word! Wisdom is
what shows you what to do, how to do it, and it also shows you when to do it. It is the
ability given by God to know what to do with the knowledge that you have and how to
apply all that wonderful knowledge that you have stored up inside of you. Just sometimes
you need to ask the Lord for wisdom versus a prophetic word, either way it is all the word
of the Lord! Some words that come forth from the Lord is not necessarily what many call a
prophetic word. It can be a word of wisdom, or a word of knowledge, which are also
spiritual gifts. The word of the Lord can consist of one or a combination of counsel, the gift
of prophecy, a word of wisdom, and the word of knowledge.
See 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
and Isaiah 11:1-5
. Some of my beloved prophetic brethren, the prophetic people as they
call us, even need to learn that. There is a difference. What you are speaking may be a
word of knowledge, or a word of wisdom. You need to say let me give you the word of the
Lord, versus let me give you a prophetic word or prophecy. The entire word may not all be
prophecy, which foretells the future, but some of that word may be a word of knowledge
which brings about a word concerning a person's past and bring them up to the present.
In other words, it is like a history word like Jesus gave to the woman at the well in
John 4:
. In verse 18, he told her she has had five husbands. That part of the word dealt
with her past or her history. Then he said to her in the latter part of the verse 18, “The one
that you are with now is not your husband.” That part of the word dealt with the present
state or the current condition of the woman's life. The total combined word in verse 18
dealt with the past and brought it up to the now or the present. The combination of both is
a word of knowledge. The word of knowledge deals a lot with; “The Lord has shown me,”
or “The Lord has revealed to me,” or you just know certain things by unction of the Holy
Spirit, or you see things supernaturally in a person life from their past. Now the word of
wisdom give a right answer to a right now situation. It deals with the now and it gives you
specific answers for a right now present breakthrough in your life or in a person's life. For
example; Elisha the prophet told Naaman the Syrian to go and wash in the Jordan River
seven times and he would be healed.
See 2 kings 5:1-10. That was a word of wisdom.
The word of wisdom a lot of times comes forth as words of instructions or a word of
direction. Notice when Naaman obeyed the word of wisdom that was given unto him by
the man of God or the prophet, it activated the working of miracles coupled with the gifts
of healings, or the healing anointing. When he obeyed the word of wisdom, he got healed.
See 2 kings 5:14. When he obeyed the word of wisdom, manifestation then came. A lot
of God's people never experience breakthrough in their own personal lives, because they
never obey or fully obey the instructions of the word given to them by the prophet of the
Lord, or they choose to disobey or refuse the words of instructions or directions given by
the word of the Lord from the prophet or prophetess!
See Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 8:33,
Proverbs 9:9, Proverbs 1:2-7 & 22-33
. Instructions from the Lord are not options. They
are his commands or commandments. When commands are properly followed, carried
out, and obeyed, and when instructions when are carefully followed in life, then they bring
about healing, blessings, rescue, deliverance, restoration, peace, prosperity, wellness,
soundness of mind, and the overflow of his blessings, anointing, and his holy presence.
When you obey God, his spirit shows up to signify that you have obeyed him. Many
people get a word of the Lord that comes with instructions or conditions, but they never
obey the instructions that were given them, or they never obey all of them. Then they say,
“Well it ain't working, or it didn't work for me.” Then you ask them, Did you follow all of the
instructions that you were given,” and they will say yeah, until you ask them, “Did you do
this specific instruction that I gave you?” Then they will say know. You see, they did not
obey all of the instructions that were given to them, or they did not complete the tasks
there were attached and assigned to that word. The promise in those kind of words are
dependent upon your complete obedience to God and the instructions that were given. A
word of wisdom sound just like prophecy, but it usually comes with a set of specific
instructions for you to follow, and it is conditional. You can't do part of a word and expect
results of the promise from the Lord. You must do all of the instructions for the promise of
the Lord to come to pass in your life, and as a prophet of the Lord you have to let people
know that. The Lord can give you an instruction to do with a word either directly from the
mouth of that prophet or through the Holy Spirit within you as a child of God which gives
you an instruction on what to do when a word comes forth, but if you never obey that word
of instruction, or believe that word, then the word of the Lord that was given will never
come to pass in your life. Now this is true with personal prophecy or personal words such
as a word of wisdom that requires your faith and your obedience. What instructions has
the Lord given you lately that you have not yet obeyed him, or you have refused to obey
him, or you have postponed or delayed your obedience to him? Delayed obedience is
pretty much the exact same thing as disobedience. The breakthrough that you need or
have been praying for is on the other side of your obedience. When you need a
breakthrough, a lot of times the Lord will give you an instruction or a set of instructions to
do or to follow. Your obedience is what brings the breakthrough.
See 2 Samuel 24:1-17,
pay close attention to verse 18-25. You see, there were instructions to stop the
plague or the problem. There was something that David had to do. The word of God is full
of these kinds of principles and examples. What has the Lord been biding you to do that
you still have not done yet? What has the Lord been biding you to do that you have been
putting off, or just thought you could wait? Your answers is on the other side of your
obedience. Do you need the word the Lord, or do you really need a prophetic word?
Remember the Lord knows best, and he knows exactly what you need at that time. Some
words are hidden from you, but some words are also hidden from the prophet too
according to
2 kings 4:8-27, because it is a season for you to work your faith and to walk
by faith. In a season like that, the Lord won't tell you what to do, because it is a faith thing.
See 2 Corinthians 5:7. He knows that it is already inside of you as to what you should
do. Perhaps, he already told you what to do in this season or maybe in a past season.
You either forgot or just haven't obeyed him. Maybe you did not pay attention or believe
when the word of the Lord for your life when it came forth from the prophet, or directly
from the Lord by the Holy Spirit, or by his audible voice speaking directly to you. When
God is silent in your now or present, then it is because he has already told you what to do,
and he demands and commands obedience, and he expects you to walk by faith, not by
sight. A word of the Lord is not to take the place of your faith and you working your faith,
because that would be cheating. The Lord will tell you some things, but he won't always
tell you every detail along the way, because in some things he wants to surprise you and
reward you for your obedience. God is good! Prophets know a lot, and they hold
mysteries and secrets, but they don't know everything, even though it may seem like they
do or they come close to it. You have to trust God totally along the way in this journey of
life. We, as kingdom people, are called to walk and live by our faith, not by our feelings or
just by the word of the Lord only. The word of the Lord is good, and it is powerful, but it
even works by your faith and your internal believing system. My God! Now there are
many other gifts that are associated with the word of the Lord like the gift of counsel and
many others that has been broken down by topic and discussed in depth in the school of
the prophets study courses previously. Until next time, peace be unto to you! From now
until the Lord returns or catches away his people according to
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18,
the word of the Lord will continue to go forth. God bless you!



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