Have you ever had someone to cut you off from their life and to just walk out
on you, or to leave you without notice or any warning, but they just left you?
They didn't even give you a reason for leaving and if they did, they told you a
lie, and you knew it was a lie. It’s not that you are all spiritual or super
spiritual, but you just knew that it was a bold face lie, and that they were
lying to you, and something was being hidden and covered up. You just knew
something was not right about the whole situation, the whole scenario, the
whole issue. It just didn't seem right or settle well with you. In other words,
you had an unction or a gut feeling that you were being played and violated.
You knew that they were some hidden voices or people behind the scenes that
were feeding them poison and some bad fruit. You knew that they were
partaking of some bad counsel from some unqualified folks that was designed
to uproot something and overthrow some things. In other words, you were not
in the dark about anything, because you saw beyond the veil of secrecy, and
God had opened your eyes, so much so, until you even said “This is scary and
how could I know all this?” He even revealed to you every move, and all the
unctions that you had were right, but they were trying to cover it up, and they
just up and left your life. NEWS FLASH! They thought they were just leaving
your life, and you thought they were just leaving your life, but they didn't
qualify to be in your life. You were too big for them baby, and they were
threatened by the magnitude of your glory. They could not handle the big
things that God had called you to, and they could not fully see where you
were going, because they were not invited on this journey by the Lord. They
couldn't have even gone with you any further even if they wanted to, because
they did not qualify to be in your life. They thought they were just going and
leaving, but God was moving them. You thought they were just walking out on
you, but God was moving them. They thought they were hurting you by
cutting you off, but God had made them think that, but he put that in their
heart to comply with his orders. They thought they were doing it for
themselves, but God put it in their heart to get out, get gone, get missing out
of your life, to release you from their evil structures and restrictive barriers
that had held you captive and held you back for far too long. Hell couldn't hold
you no more, and Hell can't stop you now. You are dangerous to Hell. You are
a threat to all of Hell. You’re free now baby! God had you thinking high and
seeing big, but they were thinking low, too slow, and wasn't seeing nothing at
all, because they wasn't taking God serious in their life, but you were. They
were playing with God and taking him for granted and playing church, but you
were real and really love the Lord. You were seeing bigger and better things.
You were seeing what God was showing you the whole time, and hearing from
heaven, but they couldn't see that, because they were blind and left in the
dark, and they wasn't hearing nothing at all. You wanted all that God had for
you, but they were willing to live low and settle for less. To tell you the truth,
they were a weight and a hindrance to you, so God said “
I had to go in a
make an incision and cut away all the evil from your life, so that you'd be free
to obey me and free to move in what I have ordained for you. I called you
high, but they were thinking too low and did not want to go where it is that I
am taking you. You are royalty and chosen. I chose you and called you, and I
have loved you with an everlasting love. Do not be afraid, and do not be upset
about the cuts that I am making in your life. They did not qualify to be in your
life. In fact, I had to move them to protect you. I could not give you all that I
have for you with them being in your life, because they were a thief and a
robber, and they were waiting to rob you of your blessings. They were lying in
wait as robbers and as a thief in the night to rob you blind, steal, confiscate,
devour, and remove all of your goods for themselves for their own selfish
motives and gain at the cost of your affliction and pain. They wanted to make
you suffer, but I moved in a protective buffer. I protected you from the evil
one and the evil motives of others to shield and protect your destiny. I had to
move them from around you to protect you, because all they wanted to do
was use you. Be not deceived, I am not mocked, and I will not allow you or
my purposes to be mocked. I had to move them, because they did not qualify
to be in your life, says the Lord!
” They wanted to use and abuse you, but
Jesus stepped in. They didn't qualify to be in your life, because they couldn't
handle all the glory that the Lord has bestowed upon you, and they were
intimidated by you and the glory that the Lord has given you.



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