In a season of transition things shift, and things can shift kind of quickly. While
you are in transition, you are processing to something new. In the season of
transition, things are always changing and at a fast pace. You have to be able
to keep up with the pace, so that you do not get left behind. When transition
is upon you, you cannot afford to get stuck in your mind looking and hoping
for what was yesterday and in your past, but transition is like a moving wall
behind you that is constantly moving you forward and is preventing you from
going backwards and won’t let you go back to your past, because there is no
door there. The only doors that you see are the ones that are opening up for
your future. It seems like everything to your past has been cut off, and it has
you locked out and as if there is a padlock on the door to that past life and to
that old dried up season of time, because the new has just begun, and you're
transitioning into something totally new. Transition is moving from one state or
condition to another. It is moving from one state of mind into another. There
are many forms of transition. Some people transition from death to life when
they get born again or from life to death when they die in the natural. Some
people are transitioning from being single to being married. Some people are
transitioning from a marriage to a divorce. Yet others are transitioning through
a divorce or separation, in which some are going to be permanent and some
are only temporary. Some people are transitioning from what was going to be
a divorce back into full marriage restoration, because the Lord helped to turn
everything around for them, because they prayed to the Lord, believed, had
faith, and had people praying alongside them in agreement. Some people are
transitioning from one job or career to another. Some people are transitioning
from one city to another. Some people are transitioning from one province or
state, region, or country to another. Some people are transitioning from a bad
relationship that did not mean them any good to rediscovering who they are
again in Christ, because that last relationship tore them down, and took their
identity. Some people are transitioning from a disease or sickness into God’s
divine healing plan of health for their lives. Some people are transitioning from
one neighborhood to another, and will have to adjust to some new neighbors.
Some nations are also in transition. Some nations are transitioning from one
government to another one. Some are transitioning from a bad economy to a
good economy, and some are transitioning from a recession to an economic
blessing. Some are transitioning from chaos, strife, confusion, and turmoil to
stability, peace, and tranquility, while yet other nations are transitioning into a
time of violence, riots, rebellions, insurrections, revolts, uprisings, and fights,
so there are transitions in governments, transitions in nations, transitions in
marriages, transitions in schools, transitions in policies, transitions in the way
that people do things and how people socialize. There are transitions in the
governing bodies around the world, in churches, and transitions in banks.
Some people are transitioning from being sad and depressed to getting their
joy back and being fully restored happiness in their lives. Whatever the state
or condition, there are many forms of transition, and it comes in so many
different forms and ways in life.


But I decree and I declare that you are now transitioning from brokenness to
wholeness, and from your sickness to healing and walking in divine health. I
decree and declare that you are now transitioning from being the tail to now
becoming the head, from being in the back and overlooked to being thrusted
into the spotlight and now being called to the forefront. I decree that you are
transitioning from a season of drought and doubt, lack and insufficiency, to a
season of abundance of provision and prosperity, and even being full of faith.
I decree that you are now moving from a season of despair and I don’t care,
to a season of confidence and knowing that the Lord is there, and he is up in
here. I decree that the Sun (Son) is going to shine in your life where it was
only rain, and I decree that you are now transitioning into a season where you
shall see brightness and light where there has been only dark clouds in your
life and continual evil, and where there has been misfortune after misfortune,
there will be fortune after fortune arising in your life. This will be your year of
greatness, coming up, and coming out. This will be your year to shine and to
reflect the goodness of God in your life like a mirror to others. I decree that
certain parts of the world that have only seen struggles, strife, and constant
war repeatedly will now begin to see peace, stability, and restoration, and will
become a beacon to the rest of the earth, and they will show the world what
good and bright light can come out of dark times. I decree that you are now
transitioning into your land of promise, where you will see the promises of
God fulfilled in your life. I decree that you are transitioning from what seemed
like a curse in your life, finances, and businesses into a supernatural time of
harvest and God’s financial outpouring and his financial rains of abundance in
your life. I decree that you are fully transitioning out a bad marriage situation
into a season where that marriage will be healed, restored, and be full of life
and happiness from the Lord God of Hosts. I decree full restoration in your
season of transition into a new mission. I decree that churches that had lost
their zeal will be hit by the fire of God and will be revived and renewed and be
on fire for God.
Set them ablaze Lord! In Jesus name, I decree that you are
transitioning from a low paying job to a high paying career, and others of you
are now transitioning into starting and now owning your own business in this
season, and it will prosper and be blessed. I decree that many money favors
will come your way, and people will just feel compelled to give you money and
invest in your life, and in the vision that the Lord gave you. Some of you have
been in a dry season for a long time, and the Lord says, I am now troubling
the waters, and you shall come out of those seasons and various situations
and be renewed, revived, and refreshed, says the Lord! The Lord says, ask
me for certain things according to my will, and you will see how swiftly I will
move on certain things in your life to cause a swift victory for you, because I
love you, says the Lord! The Lord says, this is a season where you will switch
from planning to standing, from preparing to wearing the new garments that I
have for you, from reasoning to believing, and from believing to receiving and
achieving. I heard the Lord further say, this is even a time of a supernatural
season for some of you Singles to mingle, and to come into your season of
fulfillment, and I, the Lord, will choose and provide the mate. I see many good
marriages coming forth this year. I hear the Lord saying, do not interfere with
my process in your life, and do not get in my way to avoid delay. The Lord
says, I know what I am doing, because I have called and purposed your life,
and greatness is your portion in this season, because I, the Lord, am your
Father, and I am a Great King, declares the Lord! I have declared my favor to
be over your life, and I have charted the course for you to follow. This is not a
season for you to be shy and passive, but this is a season for you to be all
the more aggressive and determined in your faith, says the Lord! For the
Lord would say further unto his people, get up from where you are, and walk
in a new light and in a new might. Walk with me in a new power and a new
dominion, says the Lord; for I have created you for this hour, and in this hour
the world shall see my power within you, says the Lord, and I will cause your
countenance to shine as bright as the Sun, and my glory shall be seen upon
you, and the world will know that my favor is upon your life, says the Lord!
The Lord says, this is a season for many of you to be fully vindicated and
restored to a higher power and authority, and where you have been made to
look bad, and in some cases, even made to look like a fool, and where your
character has been marred and scarred, I the Lord, will give you a face lift
and build your character back up, and even cause you to walk in integrity.
You have been in a long season where I have been tearing you down only to
build you back up in my image and make you how I need you to be. I had you
in a full season of reconstruction where I was literally tearing down pride out
of your life and replacing it with humility, ripping out weakness from your life
and replacing it with faith and a new strength, and gutting out faulty thinking
and replacing it with my thoughts that will make you think like a champion and
a victor again versus playing the victim and being easily offended. The Lord
says, you are in the transition process where the work has been completed,
and the construction dust has now settled, and you are being cleaned up and
cleaned off, and I am blowing the dust off of you for the presentation of the
finished work that I created in you, and I will now show you off to the nations,
says the Lord! You are my handy work, says the Lord your God! You will
have new meat and new resources at your disposal in this season, says the


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