Some seasons of transition are somewhat uncomfortable and very
discouraging and painful at times, but are necessary for you to get to
where you are going in that place of peace. You can just imagine
what Joseph felt like not being able to go back home to his Father’s
house and to the family that he loved so much, but instead being
forced by circumstances to entertain some new people and some
new territory that he had never seen and had never been to before in
his life. He was forced by circumstances to give up everything in his
life except for the clothes that he had on his back. He had been
stripped of his coat of many colors, which represented favor, by his
own brothers that hated him with a passion for no real apparent
reason other than they thought he was arrogant as hell and was
getting on their nerves, because his father was using him to gather
intelligence on them, and Joseph would go back and snitch on them.
Read Genesis Chapters 37 & 39-50 to better understand the life
and the history of Joseph. Some times of transition can also scare
the hell out of you, because you don’t know what God is doing and
what he is up to, so it forces you to walk and live by faith, and to trust
him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength.
See Isaiah 42:16
& 2 Corinthians 5:7
. Some things that happen in your life will cause
you to wrestle with the Lord about those same issues. Right after
Moses received the calling of God for his life and was sanctioned by
God to walk in that calling and to go to Pharaoh on his behalf, and on
behalf of the children of Israel, the same God, the Lord, showed up
on his path and tried to kill him for making a covenant mistake, which
his wife had knowledge and revelation of concerning what to do
about the matter.
Read Exodus 4:21-26, and you will see that the
Lord likes to roughen up his key and strategic leaders a little bit just
to toughen them up. At least we think so. At a very crucial time in
Jacob’s life, when he was left all alone in a desert like wilderness
place, the Lord, in angel form, came to him at night and wrestled with
him. There are some things that the Lord will ask you to do that you
may think it is wise to wrestle with him on, but he will wrestle with you
when you show signs of fear as Jacob did and don’t do what he has
been asking you to do.
Read Genesis 32:24-32 and Hosea 12:2-7
to get some better understanding of what Jacob went through with
God. First of all, the Lord will wrestle with you when he has got you
alone all by yourself, and everybody else in your life is gone at the
moment. You’ll be tired as hell, done worked all day, just trying to get
you a little sleep, one of those quick naps, and then all of a sudden,
the Lord will just show up out of the blue and begin to wrestle with
you. Now you are really mad with God, because you were just
starting to dose off kind of good. You were even snoring just a little
bit, drooling out of your mouth on the pillow, one of those good ole'
See Job 33:14-16 and Job 4:12-13. When there is a call on
your life, God will not let you settle. He will not let you rest good while
you are ignoring that call. You may be able to get you a little decent
sleep when you at least start making some moves and taking some
steps towards that calling. As the Lord wrestled with Jacob, at least
Jacob had enough sense not to let the Lord go until he blessed him,
because he realized and recognized that this angel, which was the
Lord himself, had a blessing on the inside of him just for him. Jacob
was left with a limp after wrestling with God, but he got the blessing.
There are some things that you may feel compelled to wrestle with
the Lord on that he promised you, and told you that you could have,
and when you are in a season of transition, everything in your life
looks contrary to what the Lord has promised you to the point that
you might want to quit and give up at times, but the Spirit that is in
you won’t let you quit, won’t let you give up, but that Spirit, the Holy
Spirit, just keeps on haunting you until you get rid of all the fear in
your life and start to walk towards your destiny again. Jacob stopped
in a lonely place in life and sent his family ahead of him, because he
was in fear of his brother, Esau. He was too busy fearing what he
might do to him, because he stole his brother, Esau's, blessing in
Genesis Chapter 27, when his brother, Esau, had sold him his
birthright in
Genesis 25:24-34. The Lord will wrestle with you to get
all the fear out of you, and he sometimes will allow you to go through
tests and certain trials like Job just to get the fear out of you,
because fear does not come from him, but it is of the devil.
See Job
3:25, 2 Timothy 1:7, and 1 John 4:17-18

Flip the script…….

Now the things that the Lord has been wrestling with you about have
had you on edge for a while. You’re still eating. You’re still being
provided for. You are still living. You are still pondering the path of
your feet, but you are still struggling to find a balance in your life. You
know what God has called you to do, but in between what you see
and know and where you are now has left you feeling somewhat kind
of confused, because the Lord tricked you and set you up, and did
not tell you what was going to happen in between the promise and
destination of fulfillment, and your starting point. Everybody gets
excited when they get a word from the Lord, and they rejoice and are
happy, but after a while when they don’t see that word happening too
quickly, the average person can get discouraged, but it is at those
times where the Lord is teaching you to persevere. It is at those
times where he is teaching you to have faith and to trust him with
everything in you. It is at those times where he is shaping and refining
your destiny, and cutting off those rough edges that still remain on
you. It is at that point when the vision that he has placed within you is
getting ready to die that you then begin to see life, to see hope, to
believe again, and to see and experience victory again. Some
seasons of transition are longer than others and can last for years,
but in the end and in the long run, whatever transition period and time
frame that you may find yourself in when it comes to life, just know
that your obedience and full surrender to God in all areas has a lot to
do with the time of your transition from wilderness to the land flowing
with milk and honey, and the quicker you change, prepare, and
change your mindset, and comply with God, the quicker you will see
what all the fuss was about in the first place, and why circumstances
and even close people in your life were trying to stop you from
getting there to that place of destiny in God. It is in that place where
you become ruler, land owner, gain dominion, and are given access
to the secret place and back office of Heaven in the favor spot and
the glory realm where you need a security clearance and an access
code from God to get there. When it comes to wrestling with God,
you have to know your rights when you come before the high courts
of God.
See Isaiah 43:21-26 and Hosea 14:1-2. You must also
follow protocol when you come into his courts.
See Psalm 100. The
more that you know about your maker and what he likes and what he
dislikes, the quicker you can just stop wrestling with him about the
season of transition that you find yourself in, and walk into your
season of destiny. When you stop all that loud crying and
complaining, and look up, you will then see your door, and it is
standing wide open for you, and it was opened all that time, but you
were blinded by what you were going through in your life.
Revelation 4:1
. Whatever you are going through in life is for you to
go through, not to stop in it and park there and throw a pity-party.
The wrestle in your mind with God will stop, and you will transition into
the new just as soon as you realize that God is for you and not
against you champ.
See Romans 8:31.


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