You have been sitting back waiting long enough. What are you still waiting on? You
say "I'm waiting on the Lord". The Lord says "I am waiting on you. How long are
you going to sit on the shorelines and just watch the waves? Get into the waters.
Step into the waters, says the Lord! Get into the flow. Step out into your destiny,
says God! It is time to get your feet wet, declares the Lord! How long are you going
to halt between two opinions? You have been trying to play it safe and waiting on
everything to be totally perfect before you move in the things that I ordained for
your life. You thought you had it all figured out, but I came in, changed, and
rearranged your destiny. I shifted some things around. Now do I have your
attention? You have been in the birthing stage for far too long, and you have been
long overdue for delivery of destiny, and now I will induce labor and get you to
bring forth, says the Lord! I am calling forth that thing that is in you that won't let
you sleep at night, because it keeps on calling your name. I am calling forth that
Holy Seed that I planted in you several years and months ago that you have been
just sitting on, says the Lord! Do you think that I gave you all those ideas for
nothing? Do you think that I empowered you with all that wisdom and knowledge
for nothing? Do you honestly think that I was even preparing you for all this time
for you to still be sitting still and silent, says the Lord? Did you even think for one
minute that I had forgotten about you, says the Lord? I, the Lord, forgets nothing,
and I do nothing in vain, but everything that I do is on purpose, through purpose,
and for a purpose. I deposited all of that knowledge inside of you and I downloaded
my Spirit within you to empower you to get up and step out. It is time for you to
bring forth now, says the Lord! Up and come forth into my delivery room, so that I
can operate on you and help you to get that Holy Thing called destiny out of you. If I
left you alone for another season, you would make up another excuse and another
reason as to why you cannot obey me, so now I am commanding and demanding
that you bring forth the man-child of destiny within you. Bring forth that ministry
that is within you, says the Lord! Bring forth you child of destiny. Bring forth that
new business that I have placed in your heart. Open that new store that I put in you.
Bring forth that clothing line and write those books that I have placed within you.
Yeah, I told you to create an eBook on the first one. Yes, I told you to stay up all
night to finish the last one. I am calling forth the destiny that I have put within you,
says the Lord! Sleep only comes when you fulfill my will, but that thing called
destiny will not let you sleep until you obey me, says the Lord! Your destiny awaits
you. I have been awaking you and picking on you, and bothering you lately. That is
not the devil messing with you. It has been my agent of destiny within you. Your
destiny awaits you. I need a servant that is tender to my will and will fulfill
everything that I have mandated over their lives, and I am now calling for the fruits
within you called destiny. Your destiny awaits you, says the Lord! Will you answer
the call? Will you answer the call of destiny as its voice cries out to you, says the
Lord? Will you obey my voice, says the Lord? Will you answer me now, or will you
continue to make destiny wait, says the Spirit of the Lord! Know that your destiny is
calling you forth now, and your destiny awaits you right now, says the Lord!


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